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Each of my senses was flooded with the knowledge of his longing. I could feel the energy pulsing from his body into mine with each heartbeat. I could hear his breath coming in rough gasps. In each kiss, I tasted his passion. That odd subconscious olfactory sense was awash in the carnal pheromones he exuded. In his eyes, I saw a promise. I had no idea what that promise was, but I wanted it just as I wanted every part of him.

"Get in the car," I whispered softly.

He stood behind me and I felt his hands on my shoulders. I forgot that I was not this kind of girl. I ignored the complaining of my conscious and turned the music up. His hands were on my hips and in unison we swayed to the soft Latin rhythm. Those beautiful lips placed whispered kisses on my neck and ear. Chills feathered over my pale flesh as his fingers passed lightly.

I turned in his arms, this time I could not tear my eyes away from his. My hands rested on his chest. There was no room for even a breath of air between us.

"Give me five minutes. I want to get the stink of the bar off of me," I said stepping back.

I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it in his direction as I headed for the bathroom.

The water was a welcome reprieve from the fire of his touch. My hands guided the softly fragranced soap over my shoulders and breasts. As I moved it to my more delicate and heated areas, I felt his hand cover mine. Our hands slid together between my thighs. The soap slipped from my hand, but our hands remained on my smoldering sex. I took the shampoo and began massaging it into my hair. I turned in his arms; his hands were in my hair, holding it beneath the water's jets. His lips descended on my throat and breasts.

His kisses moved down my stomach to my bare mound. He never broke eye contact as he parted my nether lips and circled my clit with his tongue. Water beaded on my eyelashes as I watched, mesmerized by his intensity and skill. I placed one foot on the side of the tub to give him better access. I felt first one then two fingers slide into me. From far away I heard a pleasured moan. Whether it was issued from my mouth or his, I do not know. My hips bucked against his eager mouth as my first orgasm radiated through me in smooth waves.

I slid down the tile wall and into his arms. The water rained down on us, his sopping hair hung around both of our faces as he returned to the beginning, my lips. I could taste my honey on his tongue as I reached between us to grasp his smooth cock. I was delighted to find it that perfect size between hung like a horse and great personality. It responded quickly to my grasp. I wanted to experience that primitive power that a woman can wield over any man; the pure pleasure control. Holding his gaze, I pushed him back until he stood on his knees. I slid between his knees and grasped his ass pulling his ridged tool to my mouth. He bent forward feeding it deeper into my mouth. I felt him tremble as I began to suck and knead with my tongue. My hand tugged his shaved sack gently as my tongue snaked up and down the underside of his cock. He began to pump his hips and I regulated his strokes with one hand so that I could open my throat to accommodate his thrusts.

He withdrew his cock from my mouth and sat back pushing his dripping hair back. His smile was beautiful as he pulled me up to meet him. I reached behind him and turned off the water. It was time to move this to a less restrictive environment.

He followed me back into the bedroom snatching the small towel out of my grasp.

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