Flasher High Quality XXX

Debbie tells a story about flashing & more at work.

"Do you like what you feel?" he asks.

I look into his eyes and reply "yes."

"Do you want to set it free?" he asks.

"Yes, please" I whisper. I change positions on the couch to straddle Andre with my legs, facing him I reach across and squeeze muscular pecks. Moving my hands down his chest and stomach down to his waist I begin to undo his belt and then zipper. With the fly of his pants open I reach my hand into his underwear and begin to play with his cock and balls. I must say this is the biggest cock I have ever felt, it almost doesn't feel like a cock but more like a warm snake. I move my hand around searching for the head of his snake, eventually I can feel the moisture of his pre-cum and the head of his cock. With the head identified I look up into his eyes and begin to move my hand along the shaft of his cock as it begins to thicken as it begins to engorge. He has a slight grin on his face and I can see that he knows how excited I am about the prospects of releasing his cock. He leans over to me and kisses me deeply as I respond to his tongue with my own, our lips pressed together tongues exploring the others mouth.

With my hand around this cock it begins to take shape and as it does I can no longer wrap my hand around it fully, it is too thick. I decide to leave his lap and lower myself in front of him, between his legs and tug at his pants to pull them off. I pull one leg off and then the other and toss the pants on the floor beside my, leaving Andre in only his boxers with a massive tent before me. I reach up and grab the waist band of his boxers and pull them down over the his massive cock which seems to get bigger in its freedom. I pull the boxers down as he lifts his ass off the couch to assist me in my mission, I am able to work off his boxers leaving him naked on the couch before me - cock almost fully erect and a ball sack with huge balls hanging between his legs. I grab his beautiful this black cock at the base and lift it up so that I can lean in and suck on that beautiful sack. I press my face into his crotch smelling the musk of his sack then taking a ball into my mouth and using my tongue to play with it and move it around. I then pull back allowing the ball to tug on the sack as it stretches to its limit and the ball pops out of my mouth which allows me to take the other ball into my mouth. I lose myself in sucking on his balls and then running my tongue up his long shaft towards the head and back, my mouth is filling with saliva when I feel a pair of hands around my waist. This cannot be Andre so it must be Chuck, he is prompting me to lift my ass higher so I stand as best I can,, bent over with my hand and mouth on Andre's cock.

Once I am standing and bent over I feel Chucks hands between my legs asking me to spread them which I do until my feet are about shoulder wide. I then can feel lips kissing my cheeks with the intermittent love bite which sends chills again through my body. I can then feel Chucks tongue as it slowly makes its way from my right cheek into my crack and eventually reaches my ass hole where he begins to lick and circle my hole with his tongue. He is using his hands to keep my cheeks spread so that he can press his face into my ass.

While my cock is hardening and leaking pre-cum with Chuck eating my ass out I continue to engage Andre's cock with my hands and mouth, allowing it to part my lips and taking the head in, circling it with my tongue, tasting his salty pee hole as it leaks its wonderful precursor to his eventual cum load.

Andre takes his hand and places it on my head to help guide/force it down onto his cock further than I was comfortable, causing me to gag.

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