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Passions flare.

Gwen smiled at the baby and then gently placed her on her mother's chest. The new mother smiled her thanks and clutched the infant lovingly.

Suddenly an almost hysterical woman rushed up to Steve with her arms out. The child in Steve's arms released her grip around his neck and extended her hands toward the frantic woman. Gwen listened as Steve spoke to the woman briefly in Russian. The young woman gave Steve a quick kiss on the cheek. Then she took the child and disappeared into the crowd that had formed.

Emergency personnel spread throughout the makeshift field hospital, replacing those that had been giving aid to the injured. The mother and baby were loaded into a waiting ambulance and driven away.

Gwen stepped up to Steve and wrapped her arms around him. He could feel her tremble in his arms and pushed her back slightly to look at her eyes. Then Steve saw what Gwen was focused on. Behind him and off to the side were four little bodies and two larger ones, all placed on blankets.

Steve took Gwen's hand and moved closer to the unfortunate victims. He dropped to his knees and Gwen quickly followed suit. As they mourned the victims, the rest of the American entourage knelt down on either side of them and bowed their heads. Seemingly from nowhere, and old man with a beard stepped in front of them and began what was obviously a Russian prayer. As he spoke, Steve softly translated it for his group. By the time the old man finished the prayer, dozens of people were kneeling alongside the Americans.

Everyone remained on their knees for another minute or so. Then Steve stood and the rest followed his lead. With his head bowed, he placed an arm over Gwen's shoulders and started back down the street to the bus they had so recently abandoned.

It was a somber group that climbed back onto the bus. Then they sat quietly as police directed the bus to a place it could turn around and backtrack a block. Then they resumed their journey to the Olympic Village. Gwen leaned her face into Steve's neck and remained silent as he once again curled one arm around her shoulders.

It was late afternoon by the time the group arrived at the hotel. They checked in and then gathered at the hotel restaurant for dinner and quiet conversation. Amber Stahl joined them twenty minutes later.

"I sent my video report back to the studio when I got to my room. As you can guess, the station was eager to air my report on the events of today. One of the reasons for the intense interest is the photograph that's on, or will be on, the front page of almost every newspaper around the world. I saw it on a copy of The New York Times online. It's just incredible.

"It seems that a couple from Nebraska was traveling here on a bus that was right behind ours. The wife snapped some pictures of the events today and sent them to her local TV station. They were shown on air, and then placed on the station's web page and social media links.

"The photo that's so remarkable shows Gwen holding the newborn baby. It's wrapped in her red blouse, with Gwen, Steve, and that adorable little girl that was clinging to him, looking down at it in Gwen's arms. Get this part. The sun was reflecting off a broken window behind Gwen and it looks like a halo around her head! Remember that she had removed her blouse to cover the baby, and her bra was strapless? In the photo, you see the baby, the top of Gwen's breasts with no visible clothing, and Steve standing bare chested next to her, clutching that cute little girl in his arms. The effect is breath taking! It's like a modern day nativity scene. No one's suggesting any divine intervention, but the viewers can make their own determination. The legend of the Lady in Red will continue to grow. That's for sure!"
"Oh, wow!" managed Paula as the rest of the group sat silently, recalling the events of the day, and how Gwen looked as she held the baby.

"At least she's not a virgin, so she won't have to worry about that embarrassing comparison," opined Kate between bites of chicken.

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