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Sometimes one's own playful exploration can be exciting.

.. I reached deeper and took my secret toy box in my hands. Could she... I opened it and there it was. The huge black rubber dick was cleaned and put in his place as nothing has happened. I looked at the gray envelope and took it out. I looked at the printed-out pictures I made of myself. On each one I was clearly to see in a very degrading position. The first of the pictures, lying on the top of the pile, illustrated me in a mirror reflection, with an undoubtedly face expression and few letters I wrote on my forehead using a lipstick - 'whore'. "Did she see it? Did she? Did she see all the pictures? And the movies on my secret digital camera? Oh my god... What does she think of me...? She must think I am a pathetic slut... Will she keep it secret, or let everyone know what a kind of girl I am?" I couldn't say.

However, fear and all those uncomfortable feelings mixed more and more with embarrassment. The more I thought about the more the fear was gone and the desire of being caught like this came to reveal. A new wave of humiliating excitement flushed my whirled mind. I reached under my skirt and pulled my thong out of my juicy hole... Actually I really wanted was to satisfy myself with one of my toys having this imagination in my head... But something held me back. I had to find out what Sandra knew.

I rushed downstairs again to find her. She sat with my mother on the table with coffee and an apple pie. I felt my cheeks instantly blushing as I saw Sandra. She looked directly in my eyes. It was the first time I looked back.

"Jenny darling, are you OK?" asked my mother. "Have you got fever or something?"

"Uhm... no, I..., I don't know..." I couldn't find an answer to this simple question.

"Did you know Darling, Sandra used to teach dance in Rio?"

"Oh... no, not really." I poured orange juice in my glass pretending to be thirsty.

"It is difficult to learn those fabulous dances what we see in TV, Sandra?" my mother seemed to be fascinated by her.

"It requires a lot of discipline from a girl," answered Sandra accenting the word 'discipline' while looking directly in my eyes. That was it. It was this little wink in my direction. I knew it.

"I think you could teach Jenny few lessons because she was a cheerleader at high school and wanted to continue with that at college..." my mother suggested, completely unexpected.

Sandra smiled without appearing to be surprised or something, and looked first to my mother then to me again, directly into my eyes.

"I guess I could teach her some basics, what could be useful in her cheerleading practice... But as I already explained it requires discipline and willingness to follow teachers advices and rules."

My mother laughed amused.

"Sandra, I think that our little Jenny could need some discipline, and learn some obedience as well..." she made my blushing, she even humiliated me in front of this Brazilian beauty, and I felt like a little girl. We were the almost the same age but I felt as I were a little spoiled girl.

Sandra looked into my eyes.

"Do you want me to teach you few lessons...?" she made me smile nervously.

"Oh, yes, sure... It would be great..."

"OK, girls, I have to go! My yoga training waits for me I don't want to be too late..." said my mother, collected the sport bag from the floor and left the house...

There I was, standing in front of beautiful Sandra, without panties under my skirt, with my pussy oozing juices and the unbelievable desire for being sexually degraded. I didn't know what to expect, though, I knew this thrill is exactly what I ever wanted. For the first time I found someone who wanted to join my kinky little game. It wasn't an imagination anymore it was real.

"Please, come closer!" I heard her say and I heard a throb in my ears. "Where is the self-confident bitch I have ever been?" I thought myself. I was ready to submit myself to a cleaning girl... God, it doubled my humiliation...

"Please, lift your skirt, Jenny," I felt my face reddening I as burned with shame.

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