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The gift of unrequited love.

"I'm OK, Mistress," I said. "Are you really mad at me?"

"No, Charlotte, I'm just playing along. If it's too much we can stop."

"I'm fine, Mistress, but I'm still not giving you the recipe. Not even if you spank me again."

"Do you think you need a spanking, Charlotte?" she grinned.


"Well far be it for me to deny you."


"Oh, Mistress. Thank you." These past few days I had really discovered just how turned on I can get from a good spanking.


"Mmm, Thank you, Mistress."


"That's it Charlotte, off to sleep. You're enjoying this too much."

"Yes, Mistress," I said as she tucked me in. "Good night, Mistress."

"Good night, baby."


I woke to Mistress peeling back the covers and sniffing the boxing gloves that were still on my hands. She had told me that the gloves were to keep me from pleasuring myself in the night, and that the sniff test was to check and see if I had tried to ride one of the gloves to an orgasm. I was getting pretty needy, but I wasn't that desperate yet.

"Go run through the shower and brush your teeth," she ordered. "I want you in my office in fifteen minutes."

I did as I was told and I knew exactly what she meant. This was not the first time we'd played like this, and Mistress had been the one who trained me after all. So after I was clean and oiled, I dressed myself in nothing but collar and cuffs, and made my way down to Mistress's office.

The blindfold was waiting for me on her desk. I tied the strip of cloth over my eyes and knelt on the floor just inside the door. I was trying to be patient, waiting as I had been taught, hands on my thighs with knees shoulder-width apart. As soon as I heard Mistress enter the room, I spread my knees wider, and placed my hands behind my head, thrusting my chest out.

"Very good, Charlotte," she complimented.

I felt something brushing under the curve of my breast. It was not the familiar feel of her fingernail and the new sensation had my curiosity piqued.

"I want you to come over and sit on my lap Charlotte," she said, taking my hand. "Let me help you."

I was thankful for the assistance, since I couldn't see a thing with the blindfold covering my eyes. Mistress helped me settle onto her lap. It was a really nice place to be. Mistress always had me sit here when she wanted to complement me or tell me something important. I had many fond memories of her lap and I felt myself relaxing a bit.

"Charlotte, honey, open your mouth. OK, now close."

"Mmm." I responded as I wrapped my lips around the spoon. "Oatmeal, Mistress?"

"Yes, darling, with fruit, nuts and brown sugar, just the way you like it."

"Thank you, Mistress," I said as she continued to feed me my breakfast.

"I just want you to know that I can be reasonable. All you have to do is give me the recipe for your grandmother's coffee cake and all of your suffering can come to an end."

"Sorry, Mistress. Family secret."

"I was afraid you might say that," she said and pressed what felt like the rim of a glass to my lips. "Here, drink some, and swish it around a little. You won't want to have any little oatmeal bits in there for this next part."

"What next part?" I wondered. Then I felt something forcing my jaw open. "Mmph." Mistress was pressing what felt and tasted like a rubber ball into my mouth -- and then what? -- tying it in the back? "Oh, a ball gag," my mind realized. "Wait! What?"

"I see from your expression that you've figured it out already. I'm not surprised, you are a clever girl, Charlotte. Not quite clever enough to give me the recipe yet, but soon -- I promise."

"Oh god," I thought in a bit of a panic, "we've talked about this, but we've never done it before. How was I supposed to tell Mistress if I needed a break? What if it was too intense? What would I do?"

Mistress must have sensed my trepidation, because she had started gently stroking my hair. "Shhh," she whispered, "I'm going to give you this. If you get uncomfortable, just drop it and we'll take a break."

I squeezed at the round object she had placed

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