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y name as the other students filed out of the room, "Are you having any difficulties with any parts of the review?"

He cleared his throat and shifted his weight from foot to foot. I could tell the conversation was making him uneasy and I instantly knew his brother had told him of our 'study' session. Even though his body language made it seem like he didn't want anything to do with me, the swell in the crotch of his pants told another story. My eyes found his as a sly smile appeared on my face, "Now that you mention it..." I slinked towards him as he bumped into his desk, "I am having some trouble with a few things," by now he was almost sitting on his desk. I forced his legs apart and wiggled myself between them. My hands adjusted his tie as my eyes met his. After a brief second, I moved my cheek to his and whispered in his ear, "and I'd love for you to help me out." I felt him shiver before I pulled away, turned and walked out of the room, a triumphant smile exposed across my lips.

I spent the rest of the day distracted by dirty thoughts. Even in 7th hour, my mind was more focused on Mr. Jacobs than his brother, whose eyes hardly left my body the entire hour. When the bell rang, I practically ran to my locker to grab my things. I thought about stopping by the bathroom to dispose of my panties, but remembered that I never even bothered to put any on this morning. Instead, I headed straight to my English classroom.

Mr. Jacobs was at his desk rummaging through papers when I walked in. I could tell that he was nervous, his hands were shaking and his attention seemed short. When the door shut behind me, he eyes rose and looked me over from head to stiletto, "Thank you for coming Courtney," his voice shook as he greeted me.

I smiled at the idea of his nervousness and slowly strolled his direction. When I reached him, he pushed himself back in his chair. I sat on the edge of his desk and crossed my legs. He fidgeted with the end of his tie, "Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm doing. My brother told me what happened between you two."

"Do you want me Mr. Jacobs?" I took his tie from him and pulled him and his chair closer.

"Yyyesss..." he stuttered.

My lips found his ear, "Than take me."

It was like my words unconstrained him. In an instant he stood, lifted me from the desk, turned and pressed me up against the dry erase board. My body quivered with pure passion the second my back hit it. He pressed his mouth against mine and my legs enclosed around his back. From my lips, his kisses trailed feverishly down my neck. My fingers wound themselves in his dark, wavy hair as my head tilted back to allow better access to my collarbone. After minutes of intense kissing and wondering hands, he set me down long enough for my hands to release him of his clothes and his hands to take off my bra and shirt. His cock stood at attention as he grabbed my head and forced it downward.

"Suck my dick you filthy little slut," the command in his voice surprised me but only fueled my hunger. I fell to my knees and engulfed him whole. He grunted as he began to fuck my eager mouth, rocking his hips back and forth. I continued to suck and swallow while he kept rhythm, only interrupted when he allowed me to play with the tip. He tensed up and I knew he was close to release. His hands held my head still when the base of his cock reached my lips, "Swallow it," he demanded and I sucked hard as his warm load filled my throat.

"Good girl," he praised, but only after I had finished every drop.

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