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Back together forever.

I needed a man. I really began to think of Jenna's suggestion. Should I make Kevin jealous? I didn't really want to hurt him, but I knew I had to do something. I was a woman with a fire burning within. I had to make a move - and quickly.

The opportunity was not long in coming. The next week, Kevin told me that they Steve Martin was having a beach party on his private beach on Del Mar avenue. They were having dancing, followed by dinner and a private screening of "Un-satiable Desires"which happens to be one of my favorite romance novels.

If we are lucky, Josh Stewart the leading Male actor would be there at the private viewing. I was excited. Not only did I like Steve, but Josh Stewart was my favorite actor. Watching Josh in a romantic movie always made me weak at the knees. In the movie Un-satiable desires, Josh was playing a love scene with Erin Spears. It was only an "R" rated movie but I knew there would be plenty of steamy love scenes.

As usual Kevin would be busy with the sound system, lighting and the movie projector in Steve's private viewing room.

The house was large and set out on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I rummaged through my closet to find something appropriate for the beach. I finally came up with a pair of jean shorts that I had bought 7 years ago. I knew I had put on a few pounds since then, but I shoe horned myself into them anyway. I had trouble doing the top button and the zipper. Looking at myself in the mirror, the jeans were tight on my butt and they appeared to be much shorter than I remembered. I completed the outfit with a tank top and a push up bra inside.

I really looked like a slut, but then I was supposed to be teasing. Nothing serious, Just teasing was all I had in mind. That evening , I saw very little of Kevin. We stood outside on the balcony drinking cocktails, and giggling. I realized I was getting quite tipsy. Steve was a very pleasant guy, and did he look handsome?

I had never noticed his chocolate smooth complexion and today he was wearing a nice sleeveless tee. His broad shoulders and rippling muscles made him look spectacular.

He was standing very close. As the sun began to set, he asked me to dance. As I looked around, I did not see Kevin anywhere, but was sure he would not mind. So we moved very close over the floor sliding effortlessly between the couples in the fading light. He was a good dancer and held me tenderly. I felt warm and the alcohol was getting to me.

I did not know what I was thinking but I had both arms wrapped around Steve's neck and he had his around my waist.

Why don't you spend the night here Sarah he said, his lips close to mine. I will have the guest room prepared. Besides you can join us for dinner. After that you can join us at the private screening.

I mumbled something about not having any change of clothes. I'll have something delivered to your room Steve said.

Steve kept to his word. When I went up to my room the outfit was neatly laid out. There was a brief lace bra in white with a white sleeveless blouse. He knew my size as the bra and blouse fit perfectly. Over the blouse there was a bolero style jacket with a row of buttons in the front. The jacket was obviously not meant to be buttoned up. The skirt was ankle length and in black. There was a row of buttons all down the front closely spaced from the waist down.

On the side table was a bouquet of flowers. A card said, Enjoy the clothes. "Wear the G-String"

I had not noticed the G-string till then. It did not much look like a g-string. The waist was broad elastic but there was no triangular piece in front. The thong material was made out of a silver bead string. The beads were arranged along the it's length. They were in various sizes and colors. Some were large pearls and others large cut emeralds and diamonds with sharp facets.

I placed my feet through the thong and pulled the g-string up to my waist The feeling was in-credible.

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