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Revealing the past...

"Jill, I bet you and I could do it, especially if you want to get me in bed." Dawn said seductively.

Jill turned and looked at Dawn looking to see if she was serious.

"You could do that in front of a crowd?" Jill asked Dawn.

"I could do pretty much anything in front of a crowd for James. James would you like to see me and Jill perform?"

"I think it would be pretty hot, but don't enter unless you think you can win."

Dawn looked over at Jill.

"Lieke, what are the rules for the two women?"

"Almost anything goes, you just can't expose yourself."

"What can't we do?"

"You can't get down on the floor and act like you are having sex, but pretty much anything else goes."

"I think we could do that Jill."

"It might be fun!"

"And if we win, I'll let Mike watch us make love...if you want to do that."

Jill looked at Dawn with a big seductive smile.

"What if we don't win?" Jill asked.

"I don't guess you get to."

"You better win Jill!" Mike said with a big grin.

"Yes, you two better win, I want to watch you too," I added.

"If that is the only way I can get you in bed then let's do it!" Jill exclaimed.

"Alright!" Mike said.

Jill started laughing and then we were all laughing.

"Maybe you two should practice," Lieke added.

"We don't need to practice, Dawn you bring your best seduction game and I'll bring mine," Jill said.

"You got it!" Dawn exclaimed. "I hope you brought a hot bikini!"

Jill stood up and pulled off her shirt revealing a very skimpy red bikini top. She had a nice set of breasts and the top was real small, straining to hold in her C tits. Jill had a light tan on her body but was still fair skinned. Jill then shoved her shorts down and showed us a matching thong.

"That should do," Dawn said.

"Let see your bikini," Jill asked.

Dawn pulled her top off exposing her breasts.

"This is not the one I will be wearing, I have another one that is pretty revealing."

"I like that one!" Mike said.

"You two are crazy!" Lieke added.

"Let's go out and get some sun Jill and plan," Dawn said as she stood.

Mike took notice of how good Dawn looked as she grabbed Jill's hand and the two of them headed out the door.

"This should be good James!" Mike said.

"I know Dawn likes to show off for anyone that will watch, it should be interesting."

"You don't mind her showing off for other men?"

"Dawn has a hot body and she really knows it turns me on when she lets other people see it."

"Jill likes to show off sometimes too."

"I hope they win, I better start working on dinner," Lieke said as she got up.

"You get to watch Jill with other women very often Mike?"

"Not as often as I would like, what about your wife?"

"Pretty much as often as I want."

"Really, wow."

Mike sat with a look of envy for a minute before he said anything else. He then asked me if we were looking forward to the bike ride Monday. We discussed that and talked for about an hour before deciding to join the girls outside. We went out and found them sunbathing with their tops off while they laughed and carried on.

"You two have a plan worked out for tonight?" I asked.

"Yes we do, we are going to win tonight!" Jill said enthusiastically.

"Too bad you two can't perform naked," I said.

"Maybe later," Jill replied.

Mike and I sat and watched our ladies sun, Lieke came out later bringing us more beer and wine. Lieke took her top off and we all sat around outside the rest of the afternoon until Lieke told us dinner was ready. Lieke had prepared some steaks and local vegetables for dinner. We had finished eating by about 6:00 when Jill and Dawn headed up to our bedroom to get ready. I helped Lieke cleanup so she could get ready.

By 6:45 all the ladies were gathered downstairs ready to go, they all were excited and talking and laughing.

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