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'Ok, Slut, but give me a moment. Ok?'

'Sure but don't be too long or it will be my ass that will get it!' Slut pouted then smiled, 'But you know how much I like that!'

Molly laughed then called Joe. She was thinking of what excuse she could use, she really hated lying. He answered almost immediately.

'Hi, Joe. Molly here. Look I am really, really sorry but I am going to have to cancel tonight. I feel awful that it is such short notice but I have been asked to a neighbour in distress.' There was a bit of a silence.

'Oh, ok, Molly. That's ok. Will I phone you tomorrow?'

Molly could hear the disappointment in his voice and felt terrible.

'Yes, Joe. Give me a call tomorrow. I am really sorry about this.'

'No worries, Molly. Hope you can make your neighbour feel better.'

'I hope so too, Joe. Speak to you tomorrow. Bye.' Molly hung up. She sighed and looked at Slut who shrugged her shoulders in a "Yeah? So?" kind of way.

'You are a pretty convincing liar for a prissy pants!'

'Shut up, Slut!' but Molly couldn't help smiling. She had been summoned to see Mistress and that was all she cared about right now!

Slut and Molly made their way up to Mistress' apartment on the 10th floor. Molly was petrified that someone would see them. Slut would be arrested for indecency! The door was open and the two women walked in. Mistress was not in the living room but a voice called from the bedroom.

'Slut! Position!'

Slut immediately got down on all fours, resting her arms on the floor, legs wide apart, her ass in the air and pointing in the direction of the bedroom. Molly tried not to look at Slut's exposed pussy and ass but couldn't help it. She at once noticed the glint of something silver. So Slut had got that clit ring after all, she thought. Molly didn't see Mistress come into the room she was too engrossed in Slut's attractions.

'Ah, Molly! So glad you could make it! And don't you look just delightful!'

Molly gave a start at Mistress' voice.

'Thank you Mistress. I...'but Molly's voice trailed off as she took in the vision that was Mistress. She was dressed in a red, soft leather cat suit, unzipped to the navel, black high heels and her dark hair had been glossed back into smooth, severe bun. She was smoking, elegantly, from a long black cigarette holder. The open suit revealed that she wore no bra and the smooth curves of her gloriously full breasts were clearly visible. In her other hand she was holding what looked like a riding crop. Molly was completely entranced.

'No need to thank me, Molly my dear, I know you are happy to be here. Slut! Move closer to the balcony doors!'

Slut obeyed and crawled over to the open doors and positioned herself as before but side on to Molly and Mistress and whoever else was watching out there!

'Now, Molly, would you like to take the experience of your first night here a little further? Think carefully, you are free to go if you want!'

Mistress moved closer to Molly and moved the crop gently down one side of her face until it rested under her chin. Molly swallowed loudly.

'Yes, Mistress. I want to go further.'

Mistress smiled and the whole room seemed to light up.

'You are a good girl Molly and you are going to love it!'

Mistress moved over beside Slut and rested her heeled foot on Slut's back.

'Slut has been most trying today, Molly. She has been forgetful and disobedient. Haven't you Slut.' Mistress said between drags on her cigarette.

'Yes, Mistress. I am so sorry!' Slut whimpered.

'Come here, Molly dear, and take this.' Mistress held out the crop.

Molly moved over to the two women and took the crop from Mistress' hand. Mistress walked over to an armchair and sat down, crossing her long, shapely legs.

'I want you to give Slut four hard strokes of the crop, Molly. Two on each cheek. Do you think you can do that? You will need to take her panties off first'

Molly nodded.

'Good girl. On you go!'

Molly eased Sluts crotchless panties over her ass and down her legs and over her feet, she could smell Slut's scent as she did and her already swol

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