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An American divorcee heads to England to become his slut.

"Oh, well at least you'll still have fun, that's the main thing."

"Where is my bed?" Danielle asked. "Do you still have that blow up guest bed thingy?"

"No, that broke last year when your sister was up, I got this pullout bed in the couch when I updated the furniture earlier this year. You get to be the first to try it out."

"Hmm, yeah....O.K." was the only sarcastic answer Danielle supplied.

I just rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. "You guys want some munchies and something to drink?"

"Yeah it's been a long drive, an ice cold pop and some chips sounds good right now." Julie answered with her eyes all fluttery.

"Don't do that," I laughed, "I'm already getting some, no need for the "please do this for me" look."

I poured out some drinks and set a bowl of chips on the table. Danielle was already into looking for something to watch on T.V. along with intermittent texts to god knows who. Julie and I proceeded to talk about her day and stuff that I had been doing over the past few days. We wasted a couple of hours yapping to each other, when we noticed that that Danielle was starting to do the head bob in the corner of the couch.

"Hey, don't fall asleep yet, we need to make up the pullout." We kicked her out of her corner, moved the coffee table and proceeded to get everything made up.

"There ya go," I said, "all set just for you, me and your mum are off to bed too, so we'll see you in the morning."

"Night then." Danielle muttered.

Geez, is there no way to make this girl happy?

Julie and I made our way to the bedroom, did our usual bathroom and teethbrushing routine and climbed under the covers.

"Goodnight sweetie." I said.

"Goodnight" Julie replied, with a somewhat sensual kiss to go with it.

"That was nice, unexpected, but really nice. What's on your mind?"

"Well...I dunno...I was thinking maybe we could fool around a bit."

"Just like that huh?"

"Well...yeah" came the reply as I felt a hand move down over my cock.

Interesting, this was quite unusual. It had been quite a while since Julie had been this aggresive, and it was when one of the kids were around too. I sure wasn't going to waste this opportunity, especially since I didn't get to blow my load earlier. Bonus for me I guess, and I started to think that maybe she was horny since she wasn't able to get a quickie before she left the office. That really started to get me going...

"Well sure!" I managed to squeak out.

"Do you still have that cock ring?"

Huh? Was I hearing this right? Julie could be very kinky at times when she was in the mood. She has done some crazy stuff like pulling my cock out when I'm ready to cum and jerking me while I spray all over her, initiating anal sex and taking it very hard, sometimes using her vibe up her twat at the same time. She's had me tie her up, spank her, fuck her in some weird positions and then there's the dirty talk. She loves to talk dirty and she has always been extremely good at it. But, she has not done any of that, at least with me, in quite some time.

Fuckin right was all I could think as I turned on the night light and went over to the drawer to fish around for the ring. At thirty nine, I was average sized six inches but a thick five and a half inches around. I loved having a cock ring on just because it increased the sensitivity and largeness overall and damn did it ever feel good when I came. I wish I could have known at sixteen what I know now. I got laid a lot back then and I could really have put things to good use.

I finally found the ring and slid it on as far as I could, and climbed back into bed.

"There, all good to go!"

Julie kind of growled as she rolled into me and planted a firm wet kiss smack on the lips. I could feel her hand rubbing across my chest, slowly making it's way down to my now exposed and stiffening cock. She grabbed ahold of me and started the rythmic up and down motion, all the time french kissing me very passionately. Fuck sakes I was getting so hard.

"Oh my, That's such a big cock you've got there!".

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