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Forgiveness is not an option - the pain is too fresh.

He stood up and she sat up and took his softening penis into her mouth, cleaning their mixed juices off of his cock and balls.

"That was good, baby." he said. "You should take a job with my staff, personal assistant, you know?"

"I make more money now." Racquel said as she began dressing. Russell was getting dressed, also. She knew she had to stay in the room until he left, and that one of his Security people would escort her out.
Moments later, the Security man was carefully checking her small purse for any cameras, recorders, or transmitters. There were none, and her cell phone was shut off, as it was expected to be. Once it was determined that her clothes, jewelry, and high heel pumps were also not serving as transmitters, she was allowed to leave.

Fools, she thought to herself as she headed to the rendezvous point to meet her contact. The technology in her purse, that fed a cellphone that looked to be shut off but wasn't, was the very best the Central Intelligence Agency had to offer... and like Marie and Cherie Ward were sisters, Racquel was the older sister of Professor Laura Fredricson's gorgeous blonde assistant Laurie...

Part 27 - Left Bleeding on the Battlefield

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!" shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Wednesday, September 13th, from in front of City Hall. "Fox Two News has learned that Police Deputy Chief Della Harlow has opted for early retirement instead of disciplinary charges that would've seen her demoted and possibly transferred!"

Bettina: "Chief Sean Moynahan has announced that he is restructuring the leadership of his Police Force. Commander Don Troy remains Police Commander and overall second-in-command of the Force, and most of the Captains will remain at their current positions for the time being. Chief Moynahan stated that the Deputy Chief position will not be filled until next year at the earliest, and that he, the Chief, will personally oversee Administrative operations for the time being."

Bettina: "In other news, Fox Two News has learned that State Attorney Jenna Stiles is considering another run for District Attorney against Gil Krasney, and Solicitor Miriam Walters is likewise considering a run at D.A. Both Loran T. Michaels and Della Harlow are considering campaigns for Sheriff against Daniel Allgood, who has yet to comment on his plans to run again. And Mayor Larry Vaughan, the People's Choice, has announced that he will not run again for Mayor, but is being courted as a Republican challenger to U.S. Congressman Gerald A. Condor of our 1st District, who is a Democrat."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"The American system versus the Canadian and British parliamentary system." said Cindy in MCD as we watched Bettina's broadcast. "The Election Day for Parliament is not set in stone nor the Constitution..."

"The British don't even have a written Constitution." I said. "They are the only country in the world that can get away with that and remain a Free People."

"God save the Queen." said Cindy. "Anyway, the American system is great... but we have set dates for Elections... and because of that, it seems that the political cycle never ends."

"And as long as we have people throwing money at the politicians," said Teresa with considerable cynicism, "we will have political cycles."

"That's true on the national level." said Joanne. "And the State. But on the local level?"

"Just wait until you see the Mayor's race start up." I said.

"What are you running for, Commander?" Theo Washington asked me, flashing his 'movie star handsome' grin. He was trying to start 'trouble' for the ol' Police Commander.

"The potty." I said as I headed for the back door. "I gotta get this coffee out of me before I leave for Midtown... Ross, Croyle, try to keep the Police Force out of trouble while I'm gone, okay? Send Rudistan to his room if you have to." Rudistan rolled with it, grinning as everyone laughed...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chief Griswold was riding shotgun in my Police SUV as we drove towar

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