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A Man, Genies, war!

And then you can imagine what it was like watching her big boobs bounce as she ran on the treadmill. Her poor little sports bra just could not hold those puppies still. As her boobs bounced her taunt ass jiggled with every step.

By the end of her workout, her sports bra, cropped top and running shorts were completely soaked through with perspiration. My grandmother's clothes stuck to her like they were painted on. Every detail of her exquisite body was on display.

By now I needed to get in my car and go home so I could jack off. My poor dick had been hard for so long that I was getting blue balls. I needed relief.

That was pretty much our daily routine Monday through Friday throughout my senior year of high school. My grandmother teased me with her awesome body morning and afternoon, everyday. I jacked off at least twice a day, usually more, and still I was horny. And frustrated. I wanted to make love to my beautiful grandmother.

In early April before my graduation that was scheduled for the last week of May, my grandmother asked me a question that would change our relationship forever. She was going to rock my world.

It was a Thursday afternoon. I remember it as if it were yesterday. She had just finished her run on the treadmill and was sitting trying to get her breathing back to normal. She was wiping sweat from her forehead with a towel. She looked at me with a very serious face and asked, "Patrick, don't you like my body? I have been teasing you for the last seven months. I know that you are not gay because your dick gets hard as you look at me, but you never do anything about it. Do you not want my body?"

I just sat there with a dumb expression on my face. I was too stunned to answer. My grandmother was looking into my eyes waiting for my answer. I swallowed several times trying to moisten my suddenly dry mouth. When I thought I could answer, I began.

"I... I... I love your body. You are totally hot! I never tried to do anything because I did not want to risk that you would think I was a pervert and be upset with me. I did not want our relationship to be damaged."

"Patrick, I have wanted you to reach for me, touch me, make love to me since even before your birthday. But I have really tried to get you to react to me since you turned eighteen. You are now a man and looking at that bulge you leave here with every evening, you are a BIG man!"

"I can't believe this. If you only knew how many times I have fantasized about touching your fantastic titties. I want to suck your nipples until you have a nipple orgasm. I want to feel you shudder as I suck your nipples and finger fuck you. I want to make you CUM! I want to lick your hairy pussy and suck your clit. I want you to love my touch. I want you to want me to make love to you!"

"Oh Patrick. That is exactly what I want. Please... Please hold me. Take me in your arms and kiss me. I want to suck on your tongue. Please..."

By now my lips were locked on hers. Her tongue was chasing mine as we moved from her mouth and then into mine. My hands were on her bra-covered tits. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to have her huge soft tits in my hands. The electric shock went straight from my hands to my cock.

I pushed her sports bra up and over her breasts. Her long thick nipples called to me. I had no choice but to pinch those hard paps and roll them between my thumbs and index fingers. Then I took each of her nipples into my mouth sucking hard trying to give her that nipple orgasm.

Momo moaned as I moved from nipple to nipple. I held each of her heavy tits in my palms, squeezing and molding them into all sorts of shapes. She loved my rough attention to her breasts. She moaned loudly and said, "Squeeze my titties harder. I love to have my tits squeezed until I can't stand the pain. When I scream 'stop', grab my nipples and pull my breasts hard out and away from my chest. It will make me cum like geyser."

Being the obedient grandson that I am, I really squeezed her tits hard.

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