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Brad & Rebecca discover why women always go naked.

She straddled me and my hard cock easily disappeared up her wet, stretched puss. She bounced on me for a bit while she sucked Shiraz's massive cock. While she did a slow grind with her hips on me, she became a fuck-face for him. She bobbed her head quickly over his shaft. I had a fantastic view, watching from below as most of his cock repeatedly disappeared into her mouth and his balls slapped her chin. As his moans grew louder, she sucked his head and gripped his dick with her hand. She ground her thumb into the base of his shaft and made a circular motion that drove him crazy. I too was on the verge of cumming.

The two men in her underarms were screaming and moaning as their dicks swished in and out of her untrimmed armpits. I could se she was tiring and she started stroking the two men hard and furiously. I think she wanted them to cum quickly so that she could concentrate on the other five including me. Shiraz started saying "You horny slut why don't you try and suck two cocks together like your hairy sister. She's better than you she can take two cocks in her mouth and you cant even take my prick into your mouth"

Indeed Shakira was sucking two massive pricks simultaneously though neither of them were as big as Shiraz's monster dong. Rehana was being scorned at by Shiraz and she beckoned to one of the other men to come to her and she started to suck his dick alternately but she found it impossible as Shiraz's prick was too large to allow another prick in her mouth.

Her failure made her more determined as she started grinding my poor aching prick and I heard them men standing either side of her with their pricks in their hands spurting their cum all over the floor. She was waning them furiously even as the two men fucking her bushy armpits were not slowing down. Turning her head sideways, she gripped the side of Shiraz's cock with her lips like she would a flute. Then she moved her head up and down as his hands went to her hair, getting a good grip with each hand. She was an expert cocksucker and though her mouth could not take the other man's cock her skills were impressive considering that Shiraz' had a 13 inch prick. She sucked down a full six inches and her tongue flickered all over his cock, as she even lapped up the small amount of pre-cum.

Now that two of the men had slumped after cuming she motioned to the guy who had tried to dislodge the massive Shiraz from her mouth to put his dick between her tits. The brunette lifted her breasts up, and wrapped them around his cock as he moved his cock in her cleavage. I am sure his cock would have been touching the other two cocks, which were spearing her from either side through the forest of hair in her bushy armpits.

Shiraz closed his eyes and caressed Rehana's face with his big hands as she inhaled his fat cock, working her tongue all over his shaft. He held Rehana down on his cock as he stood up, and started ramming her mouth with his big dick, face fucking her. The ape man began fucking her a little harder, his fat cock buried all the way inside Rehana's tight wet hairy snatch. The other man buried his cock between her tits and snuggled his cock back and forth, making her scream, which was muffled by the large prick in her mouth. She was in the throes of multiple orgasms as I was a spectator who was having the ride of his life.

Rehana came again at once, lunging back against the my swollen rod and almost sobbing as Shiraz's cock slid in and out of her mouth. The ape-man was pounding her hard, slamming into her. Shiraz suddenly pushed his hips up hard into her face and I knew he was going to come. She deep throated him and then I could see the ape-man stiffen and thrust hard once, and suddenly her pussy was being flooded with hot jism. The two men fucking her hairy armpits to were straining to hold back and soon both men were cuming, almost at the same time, and I could see she loved it.

Now there were only two of us Shiraz fucking her mouth and me below her as I moved into her wet hairy pussy va

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