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Shannon takes a shower, and Drake uncovers the truth.

Mark, Steve and I all felt protective of our young co-worker, and I told her that she would be free to leave out some of the more revealing outfits from the show. Lisa laughed and said she would give us a show to remember.

Lisa said, that she would be happy to help out the company, but that She needed my help with shaving her pussy. She had not shaved for the last week, and she wanted to look her best in front of the distributors and her co-workers. She knew from her experience as a model in Milan, that because the runway is elevated, the audience would be able to look right up at her pussy and ass, when she would wear the revealing items. She explained that she could shave the upper part of her pussy herself, but that she needed help with the lower part, and the region around her ass. We therefore both removed our clothes, which was a lot more for me than for her, and jumped into the Jacuzzi bathtub, the bottom of which she had filled with hot water. I had brought my shaving cream and my Gillette razor, and we soon had her smooth as a newborn baby.

She then asked me to massage some moisturizing cr__me into her newly shaved area, because she did not want her pussy and ass to look red from the shaving. With all the cream on her pussy and on my fingers, I could not avoid my fingers slipping into her pussy and Lisa became noticeably aroused, while I myself developed a raging Hardon. Lisa said that it would be better, if her sexual tension was released, as she did not want to appear wet in front of the distributors. Did I think my wife would lend her my penis for the purpose of releasing her. Under the circumstances, I had no doubt my wife would be happy to lend her the aforementioned body part. I carried her to my bed, and she eagerly spread her legs wide and took the full length of my erect penis into her pussy. We were both very aroused, so it only took 15 minutes until we both came. Then we were both spent, and had less than an hour before the show stated.

I took Lisa to the room behind the runway in her bath robe, where Mark waited with the collection. He was relieved that I had arranged for Lisa to model, and looked more than a little pleased when Lisa dropped her bathrobe and walked naked over to the rack that held the collection.. The items Mark had brought were intended for a less endowed model, but Lisa said that this would only make her large breasts stand out more. Mark went to turn on all the lights on the runway, and to set up a video camera to record the show. I went to welcome our guests sitting beside the runway. I promised them a great show, and I could hardly contain my own anticipation, because I knew the collection and could not wait to see Lisa wear the tiny pieces of mostly see through materials.

The first ensemble Lisa showed, was our most conservative item, consisting of a tube top of somewhat elastic material and a skirt. The top ended just under her breasts and looked like it was painted on. When she pranced down the runway, her large breasts bounced all over. Next, she wore a small sun ensemble consisting of a backless top and a very short skirt. The top was cut to the waist both in front and on the sides, effectively consisting of two long, narrow triangles of cloth that met behind her neck. From the front, there were some coverage of her breasts, but from the sides they were almost entirely exposed. Her large breasts moved freely when she walked, and the very short flayed skirt barely covered her ass. Because the runway was elevated, the audience got a good view of her ass and the small G-string she was wearing. She got a healthy round of applause and walked back with a big smile, obviously pleased with the reaction.

Next came several pieces of swimwear, with G-string bottoms and tops of semi-transparent material.

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