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A wife stood up is a wife who analyzes her options.

My tastes lean to the large cock when choosing a lover, but you shouldn't take that as being anything more than my personal taste. Just like my friend whose tastes lie with having a Bull as a lover, her preference is not necessarily commonplace. While the porn industry almost exclusively caters to the Dom/sub genre when it comes to the cuckold lifestyle, this isn't the only way the lifestyle is lived out, not by a long shot.

For many women, the whole idea of a Bull is intoxicating. Think about it from her perspective, here is this lovely, exciting and desirable woman, married to a man who may be submissive or an average male, and she is being 'taken' by a man who is not her husband. The Bull 'takes' her according to his own whims and desires and the wife is allowing herself to be 'taken.' Such can be very erotic to both the wife and the husband. Can you see the enticement? But don't make the mistake in thinking that if there is a Bull then there must also be a submissive, this is not true. There will be a problem if the lover is a Bull and so is the husband. This is true in the animal kingdom as well, there can be only one Bull in a relationship like this, but while the lover is the Bull that does not force the husband into being a submissive.

This can be a problem, especially so when you consider the expectations of the Bull. Many Bulls have an expectancy that the husband will be submissive. It is my opinion that this expectation comes from the porn industry. A Bull will watch porn like any man, and attempt to extrapolate what he sees and think that this is what is expected of him in a cuckolding relationship. An excellent way to handle something like this is through discussing with the Bull what the couple is looking for in the relationship, and if the Bull agrees then everybody involved can have a wonderful time.

The same is true in reverse, if you have a husband that is submissive in the bedroom, this does not necessarily mean that the lover must be a Bull. The lover could easily be just an average male, enjoying sexual relations with another man's wife. Since I have little experience dealing with the psychology of a submissive man, I will let others handle the subject. But suffice it to say having two submissive males, the lover and the husband, seems to me to be a bit of problem, unless it is the wife that enjoys taking on the role of the Alpha male. I suppose I can see the interest in that (evil grin).

While I gave the subject of the submissive male short shrift, please allow me a little more room to talk about those situations that I am much more familiar with, that of two men of average demeanor, one husband and one lover. For me, being man-handled isn't very enticing, so a Bull is not for me. However, there are times that I enjoy being submissive to my lover or husband. I suppose I am like most women in this regard, sometimes I am in the mood to be submissive and sometimes I am in the mood to take control. But most of the time I just want to have fun in the bedroom, frolic around and mess up the sheets. Sometimes I want my hair pulled, other times to have my toes or fingers sucked on. Most of the time I just want to have an orgasm and am perfectly satisfied with that. If my husband or lover seems to be being more aggressive than usual I will go with the flow and see what fun might arise from the encounter. This is the beauty of the average male, he can be all three, in the same night and in the same encounter. Dominant, submissive, pleasing and being pleased, all within 30 minutes of steamy, sweaty pleasure. Fun!

Where I seem to differ a bit from my sisters in the cuckold lifestyle is in my need to have my lover's cock being larger than my husbands.

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