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Will her mild pictures make their way to a porn site?

She placed her hands on his back. She felt like some child is sucking on her boobs for milk.

He stepped back. There was a little disappointment look in Julie's face. Jon removed his t-shirt. And continued his sucking on her body.

"Being a dwarf, he is having a good body" thought Julie.

She ran her hands on his back, shoulder and arms while he is sucking her. His body is rock hard against her hands.

Jon stopped sucking only to start kissing her again. This time she responded very quickly. He broke the kiss and stepped back.

"Remove!" Jon pointed to her lower body. "I want to see you completely." She turned against him and started removing her jean. She took off her panties also as she don't want to get orders from him.

Still her racist mind is saying her to stop all this. As there is no way like that she turned to face him.

One day back she insulted him like anything and now she is naked in front of him. And he is going to have sex with her. She cursed her fate again.

"Julie, you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. You are so fucking beautiful." Jon praising her with a happy tone as he know that he is going to have her.

"He called me by my name! Except that he is black, he seems to be a nice person. His behavior is normal even he has my fate in his hands. I shouldn't have done like that" She thought to herself.

Jon pulled her and started kissing again. This time all over her face and up to her boobs. She was just moaning and holding him in her hands.

"Don't you want to see what you are going to take?" Jon questioned.

Julie stood there with a puzzle look.

Jon pointed his hand towards his penis. Julie didn't notice that already a tent was formed at that place.

"Come on! Check it for yourself"

Julie hesitatingly reached his trouser. Undid the button and pulled it down. He stepped from it.

Looking at his boxers, Julie suspected something wrong.

"Go on!" whispered Jon.

Julie pulled his boxers only to get shock of her life.

His cock fell on her hands. Even in semi-hard state it is easily 8 inches and it took her entire hand to hold It was like he is having a third leg.

She was still in the shock and thought how wrongly she expected. It was now in her hand.

"I think you know how to play with it" Jon whispered in her ears.

"Get on to your knees!"

Julie did as she was told. His cock is getting hard in her hand. She can feel it.

She started with a kiss and took the head into her mouth.

Jon placed took hold of her head as she slowly started sucking his tool.

Initially she sucked till half length and stroked the rest. With one hand she took care of his balls. Those were as big as table tennis balls.

When she felt it was completely hard she took her mouth from it. She couldn't believe her eyes. It is the biggest cock she had ever seen. 10 inch rock hard length and 2-3 inches width.

She stroked it and kissing as she has to do it for living.

Jon was just moaning and moving her head with his hands.

Julie forgot all her surroundings. She loved that cock. She kept sucking it with mouth while stroking it with hands.

Jon applied force on her head. She understood that he is going to cum. She continued her strokes harder.

"Ahh, Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I am cumminggggggggggg" Jon came very hard in Julie's mouth.

First jet hits her throat. Her mouth was filled with second jet which she swallowed. She removed his cock from her mouth. Next jets hit her face from forehead all over to her breasts.

"My GOD! He came so much" Julie thought licking his dick. His sperm was warm and tasted salty.

Jon lifted her and started kissing her face. He tasted his own sperm from her lips. He cleaned her face and gave all the cum to her lips. She sucked all from his mouth. She is still stroking his cock down with her hands.

"That was wonderful, right?" Jon asked between his kisses.

Julie just moaned as response. She is forcing his head to hers with one hand and stroking his cock with another.

She completely forgot for what she came.

"Lay here on your back!" s

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