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Kelly successfully passes as a sexy freshman.

He really out did himself with dinner. Cooking was one of his favorite things to do and we actually fought over who was cooking on a regular basis.

After a wonderful dinner, we went into the family room to enjoy the wine and relax and talk and just cuddle by the fire. I rested my head against his broad chest and the sound of his heart beating soothed me to no end. He was my world. He made me feel safe and protected for the first time in my life.

After an hour of drinking wine and making plans for the future, he kissed me. I kissed him back and turned to face him. He touched my face and kissed me more. The wine relaxed both of us and I was in a much better mood.

He asked me if I wanted to exchange gifts since it was close to midnight. We had been talking for hours without realizing it. He got up and got my stocking from the fireplace. I told him to get his stack of gifts from under the tree.

"Everything I got you fits in your stocking. I hope you don't mind." He said. I took the stocking from him and started to take small boxes out. The first one I opened contained the prettiest pair of silk floral panties. When I took them out of the tiny box, something fell out onto my lap. I picked up the prettiest diamond ring I had ever seen and read the card: "This is all I want you to wear for me tonight. I love you." I kissed him and told him I loved it then asked him to open up his gifts. I had gotten him a leather bound first edition of "Aristotle's Rhetoric" to add to his collection of rare books. I had sold a couple of articles to pay for it without him knowing I spent so much on a single book. The excitement in his eyes when he opened it was enough redemption for me being sneaky behind his back. I also bought him a pair of Lakers tickets and the practical things one gets for Christmas, like clothes and computer games. He was like a small child opening gifts and it was more fun on Christmas to watch him open presents than to get them myself.

I kept twisting my hand so that my ring caught the light from the fire and the tree and sparkled on the wall. He made me open up the envelope that was in my stocking. It contained 2 tickets for my dream vacation to Ireland. I teased him about who I'd take with me and he tackled me on the couch. He kissed me hard as he held me down. I kissed him back as he slid his hand up my t-shirt to fondle my breasts.

His chilled hand felt good against my warm breast. I arched my back in response to his touch. Each stroke he made on my nipple made me ache with desire and want him more. He slid my t-shirt up and began to kiss my breasts and stomach. Electric shocks ferried between my breasts and my wet box. The more he touched the more I wanted him inside me. He sucked on my nipple like a nursing baby as his hand slid down to find my button. The combination of his sucking and rubbing of my clit started me up the hill towards climax. All he had to do is touch me and I was jelly in his hands.

I sighed as his warm tongue separated my pussy lips and he lapped at my soaking wet slit. I pressed against his face and tried to make him go deeper inside my hole. I wanted him inside me and didn't care how he did it. No matter how many times we performed the act, I could never get enough of him. He was my version of alcohol and I was his drunk.

He slid two large fingers inside my heat and I instantly moved closer to cumming in his hand. The rhythm of his fingers working against his thumb on my clit brought me over the edge of orgasm and I began to beg him to fuck me and put me out of my misery. He laughed at me and told me to deal with it.

He had this rule that I had to cum three times to his once when we made love. For the most part I did not mind this rule but I was beyond horny and I just wanted him to fuck my brains out.

He saw I was getting upset with him so he undid his pants and let me play with his raging hard on.

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