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Two men try to come to terms with the end of their romance.

Then I licked his cock cream. I moved back to his friend and likewise cleaned his cock and balls of all the cream and bits of cake. Finally, with a feeling of a job well done I sat back.

"Would you like to kneel on the floor on all fours please?" one asked.

"If you don't mind." The other one said.

I did as I was told.

One stood in front of me and then slid headfirst under me. Straight away he started to suckle at my hanging breasts. Bouncing them around with his tongue, and watching them shake around. Sometimes he sucked at them but mostly he teased them, flicking the nipples and lapping at them. Nice.

The other knelt behind me and started to rub his cock against my pussy...once or twice he pushed just the head in but with his hand moved it around before taking it out. It was driving me mad. What with my first event this morning and now this, I wanted to get some hard action, not all this teasing stuff...still it's nice, I wasn't complaining.

Then the one behind me put his hands to the sides of my breasts and squeezed them together, the one underneath started to flick his tongue back and forth across both nipples now,....mmmmmh, delight!

I heard him ask me to suck him. His cock, hard and proud was lying on his tummy before my face. I only had to lean forward a little and with my tongue I drew it into my mouth. I kept the head there, swirling my tongue around it before starting to bop my head up and down on it. He began to raise his hips up and down. His friend behind me now gently pushed his cock into me and started to screw me, slow and hard,....sometimes short strokes, just a little way in, then a long stroke all the way in, then a short one,....wow,....death by fucking!

They kept this up for several minutes,....and it was lovely. So slow and firm. Every move appeared thought out. They were a good team. Finally one asked simply, "ready?"

The other said, "Oh yes, I think so."

From under me he then told me to lift my head off his cock and close my mouth and stay still. I pulled back. He took hold of his cock and started to wank it hard. The other pulled out of me and did like wise. Within seconds I felt that warm sticky feeling as cum started shooting out all over my bottom and back, landing in strings across my back, splashing all over my bottom. Then the other one started to come. His spunk jetted out and hit my face, over my cheek and nose, strings of it, hanging off me, dripping on to his chest,....long streams of it flying out and splashing my face and neck. Talk about a cum bath.

He pulled out from under me, the other moved to my face.

"Would you be so kind as to lick these clean please."

They were both kneeling there, their cocks half way between soft and hard. I held them in my hands and then started to lick them clean, some cum dripping from one, the other seamed with cum. I sucked them into my mouth and washed them. They just stayed there, looking down, almost like it wasn't happening to them. I washed them both clean,...it would be a lie to say dry,....they gave me a good tip and then I returned downstairs with the empty tray.

The rest of the day was just routine after that.

And so ended my second day.


The following day I didn't need to start work until the evening. So most of the day I spent with one of my close friends, not actually letting on what was happening at the hotel, but hinting to her. She seemed shocked. I didn't let on that I had taken an active role in any of the goings-on.

When I arrived I was waiting at the dinner tables for the first couple of hours. Apart from one of the guests, who put his hand up the back of my short dress everytime I served him, the dinner was uneventful.

At 8pm I was summoned to a room.

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