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Guy makes his move, and gets more than expected.

"Yes, I have started sleeping with the quarterback of the football team, he is my boyfriend."

Nicole patted her knee.

"I have to give you a pelvic exam, make sure everything in there is ok."

Anita nodded slightly nervous.

"Have you had one before?" Nicole asked her.

"No, I haven't yet."

"Ok, well slip your skirt and panties off scoot down so your bottom is on the edge and rest your feet here." Nicole said before closing the curtain to give her privacy.

Anita stood up taking off her clingy skirt and sliding her lacy panties down her legs then got up on the table sliding down resting her high heels in the stirrups.

Nicole peeked in.


"Yes Nurse Reed."

"Oh, just call me Nicole, you know me." She said sitting on a stool and scooting forward.

"Ok Anita, I need you to be wet, it makes it easier for me to go inside for the examination."

'Oh, um what do I do?" Anita asked lifting her head to see Nicole. She felt a strange flutter in her belly seeing Nicole sitting between her legs.

It took her back to a memory she had freshman year. She had been changing before junior varsity cheerleading and had gone around the corner and had seen Nicole standing in all of her full naked glory. She remembered being in awe of Nicole's round breasts and hairless pussy. That was when Anita had begun to wax her pussy and hadn't stopped since.

"Do you mind if I help you?" Nicole asked innocently. She reached and began to massage Anita's clit.

Anita gasped arching her back up a little.

"Look at that. Look at what a beautiful pink cunt you have." Nicole mused softly stroking it.

Anita couldn't help it. She let out a groan of pleasure. Nicole slipped the gloves off and continued to stroke the pink cunt and clit that was spread open for her. Anita moaned breathless wiggling around loving how she was being touched.

"I bet Nick doesn't make you feel like this does he?" Nicole whispered spreading the juice that was slipping out of the younger cunt.

"N no, he d doesn't" Anita sighed out lifting her hips.

"I have to do the oral examination." Nicole said before lowering her face into the warm center.

Anita reached down with a sigh of pleasure grabbing Nicole's hair. Nicole moaned into the cunt as she licked up and down the slit slowly tasting the juice on her thick tongue. She stiffened her tongue, using the tip to massage and circle the clit.

Anita cried out tugging harder on the brown hair in her hands. Nicole spread her lips around the love button and began to suck on it. By now, Anita was soaking wet and crying for more.

Nicole inserted a finger into the tight, warm hole Anita had, angling up and thrusting into her as she sucked and assaulted the clit.

"Please Nicole, please get me off!" Anita groaned breathless her back arching up, her eyes shut.

Giving the sweet clit a soft kiss Nicole stood up and began to yank her skirt up around her waist. She crawled onto of the exam bed and on top of Anita.

The two girls began to kiss feverishly. They clung desperately as their tongued duked it out in each others mouths. Moans filled the air as well as the sound of slurping and sucking. Letting her legs fall open, Anita took Nicole between them and they began to grind into each others cunts.

Nicole moved up and down, her brown eyes on Anita's brown eyes. She bit her full lip as she pressed, her clit meeting Anita's.

"Oh Nicole! Oh mmmm please press harder!" Anita begged.

She grabbed Nicole's bobbing ass squeezing into her hands feeling up the plump flesh. Nicole ground harder into Anita making both girls continue to cry out each others names.

Kissing Anita's neck, Nicole got off of her running to her cabinet. She came out with a glass, double headed dildo and taking Anita's hand led Anita to the desk.

Panting, her face flushed, Anita got naked fully and lay on her back on the desk. Nicole took her clothes off and rubbing one end of the long dildo, worked it up into herself. She walked forward and spread open Anita's legs. Leaning over, Nicole entered Anita easily due to the wetness.

"Oh this is gonna be so good!

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