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My lover and I have a passionate encounter in a fitting room.

I can't believe how excited you make me and every time is better than the last," she gasped. I took off my clothes and she proceeded to push me back on the bed and straddled my legs. She took the head of my cock and rubbed it on her clit ever so slowly. Her eyes were glassed over as she kept rocking back and forth with my cock tight between her pussy lips. She finally rose up and impaled my seven inches to my balls in one stroke. She stopped to catch her breath and then slowly worked my cock in and out of her cunt slowly and with short strokes. She gradually picked up her speed with the depth of her strokes and I could hear and feel my balls slapping against her ass. As I took her nipple in my mouth she started a low moan as I knew she was coming.

I pulled her head to mine and said to her, "Come on Grandmother milk me, make me cum."

With that we both exploded as she impaled me again and tightened her grip on my cock. She collapsed on my chest and laid there till she caught her breath and then rolled over.

She looked at me and said, "Wow, what a start to our vacation. This could be the trip of a lifetime if we don't kill each other." With that she laughed and rolled over. I pulled her tight against my body as we fell asleep to the rocking of the ship.

The next morning started out slowly as we awoke intertwined in the bed. Grandmother was lying on her stomach with her soft, enticing ass in the air as I slowly ran my hands over her cheeks. Her skin was so smooth and soft and felt so good. She awoke with a smile as I slowly squeezed her luscious cheeks and played with the crack of her ass. I love how soft she feels when I stroke her and also how responsive she can become. We played around for awhile and decided to get up before it went any further as we wanted to save our lovemaking for later when we had more time. We also needed to get to breakfast as we had a shore excursion planned for later.

We spent the day in port sightseeing and shopping. The day was warm with tropical breezes but we certainly worked up sweat exploring the shops. We sampled some local foods during lunch and drank some local beers which were refreshing. We decided to head back to the ship and take in some sun by the pool prior to dinner. We went to our room and changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool area for some much needed R & R. We found a couple of lounge chairs in the sun so we could work on our tans and enjoy some enticing tropical drinks. I had to be careful as smooth and tasty the drinks were they could also be somewhat potent. After a couple hours of sun we decided to go back to the room and get ready for dinner. One thing about cruising is you do have a tendency to eat quite frequently and the majority of the food is quite tasty.

Grandmother jumped in the shower first to freshen up after being out in the sun all day and we both worked up a pretty good sweat. She came out of the bathroom as I took my turn to shower. As I came out she was sitting on the bed naked brushing her hair. I walked over, dropped my towel and said, "How would you like an appetizer before dinner"? I gently pulled her head back and slid my semi erect penis in her mouth. As she was somewhat surprised at what I was doing it caught her off guard and she choked a little bit. She finally relaxed and start to slide her lips back and forth on my cock taking more and more down her throat. When she had my dick buried to the balls and it was fully erect she really started to pick up the speed. After a few minutes I could feel the cum building and a grabbed her head and exploded in her mouth shooting a warm load down her throat. She looked into my eyes as cum oozed down her chin and just smiled. She knows how good she is as a cocksucker and also knows how much I enjoy it. She slid my dick out of her mouth and said, "Now that's what I call an appetizer. We better hurry or we are going to miss dinner. More to come later, right."

I said, "Tonight I will return the favor. I think you will be my dessert."

We headed off to dinner and a relaxing evening.

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