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Nicole discovers some things about a friend and herself.

"What's the matter?"

He peeked to the floor and then stared back.

Yes, something's wrong here. She leaned to him, putting a hand on his leg.

"Billy, you gotta talk to me. What's going on here?"

Her shift to him caused her robe to part, and at once she knew too much cleavage was exposed. His eyes went straight there, and even as her hand fixed it, he still gawked. When his eyes returned to hers, she flashed a goofy grin.


When he grinned back, it surprised her. More a knowing grin than an embarrassed one.

"I'll get changed and we can talk downstairs." She started up.

"Let's stay here." His words were unexpectedly quick and firm.

"Here?" Her tone was weak. What's going on here?

He leaned towards her this time, and his hand rested on her leg. Her robe was too high up, she now knew. And his hand half-sat atop the satin and half on her bare skin. She thought of her state that lingered, and she trembled.

In a half-whisper, she pleaded now. "Let's go downstairs."

With his one hand at her leg, he brought his other up to her face, and to her shock, he gently caressed her cheek.

Faintly, she got her words out. "It didn't go well with Frances, did it?"

He smiled broadly, and she managed to do the same.

Her mind raced. With any other male on earth, she'd take all this as some sort of pass. But, this was Billy. He was about to break something to her. She just knew it. He's going to tell me he's gay.

He gazed into her eyes and spoke carefully. "I want you to know... I love you. I love you very much."

Her eyes batted and her shoulders sagged a little. Here it comes, and it means everything that he knows I love him. He can be any way he wants to be. Maybe not in his father's eyes. But damn sure in mine.

She made sure her words were clear. "I love you too, Billy. I really do. No matter what. I want you to know that I will always love you. I'm here for you."

His eyes flickered back to her hearing this. Like some jolt of encouragement had entered him. He beamed to her, and she beamed right back.

He moved very close to her, and she relaxed, expecting his arms to take her into a gentle hug. Her eyes drifted to almost closed when she felt it. The soft press of his lips met hers and then kissed more. The sensual mesh moved her and jolted her. She gave a slight, quick squeal in her closed mouth.

When she pulled back, a small smack sounded from where his lips had pulled hers.


His hand at her face cupped her cheek, and he moved his mouth towards her again. His lips brushed hers as she pulled back again.

"What are you doing?" She sat straight and stared at his face close to hers.

"I'm kissing you." He looked confused.

She panted a bit. "But... why?"

His face tightened some with more confusion. "Well, I... I... . It's how I feel."

Her head slowly shook from side to side. "But, I thought you didn't want to be with Frances. That... ."

He tried to understand what she was asking. "I didn't want to be with Francis. I wanted... ."

She tried to comprehend his words, but she couldn't follow.

He gave her a long look that smoldered.

"Billy!" Startled, a big, awkward smile grew wide. Was it possible he... . "NO, you can't mean that. Huh?"

He similarly smiled big back. "Yeah, I do."

Her head shook back and forth, and she pulled to him to start getting them both up. "Uh no. That kind of thing can't happen."

"It can't?"

"Billy, of course not. You know that."

"You said you loved me. You said, like, no matter what."

"Well, I thought... . I thought you were going to say something else, and I--"

"You DID?" It was his turn to be stunned.

She struggled to explain. "I just didn't know. I mean, you haven't mentioned any girlfriends. Never talk about women. At all."

He swayed in place. "So, uh, are you kind of relieved then?"

"I told you. I would love you no matter who you cared about, who you wanted to be with."

He drew another deep breath.

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