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The B-Word - Efrain and Cory try to patch things up.

.. I'm coming... Oh, God!" She grunted and cried out with a spectacular orgasm.

"I feel it. I feel you coming," Dale moaned as he held still, pushed deeply into her, feeling her vagina pulse. He held them there for some time to let her slowly ease back to reality before carefully slipping out of her. No, he was not yet ready to come. But he was very sexed up, rock-hard, a bit sensitive.

"Nice. Very nice," Bev complimented as she wrapped an oversized warm towel around Karen as she carefully stepped out of the shower, almost falling. "Isn't he good?" she finally addressed to Karen. Karen could only nod, still breathless. "I think you have your work cut out for you tonight," Bev added with a giggle.

They made their way to the bed. Bev pulled back the covers and led Karen to lie in the middle of the bed. Dale laid next to her. They watched Bev light candles all around the room before shutting off the lights. Karen was a little intimidated when Bev laid on the pillow next to her head a pair of vibrators and a bottle of warming massage oil, especially when Bev told her, "Dale and I are going to give you more orgasms than you ever thought possible.

Dale and Bev knelt on either side of Karen, turned her onto her belly and poured oil all over her back, buttocks and down the length of each leg. It tickled her to feel the fluid running over the sides of her thighs and buttocks. She was surprised at just how immediately wonderful it felt to feel four hands spreading the oil and rubbing it into her skin. They proceeded to give her a gentle kneading massage, working as a team from her neck down her back, lingering over her buttocks, then down the entire length of her legs.

She allowed herself to moan without any inhibitions, even as they made their way back up her thighs to focus on her bottom. She surprised herself as she spread her legs for them as hand began to slip down her bottom and under her crotch. Fingers and hands began to probe and explore her intimately. She moaned as someone slipped a hand under her from one side, soon finding her clitoris as another slipped fingers into her vagina from behind. They freely spread her juices, making her slippery wet everywhere. Her head spun and nearly fainted as she felt someone fucking her with all four fingers as someone else skillfully roller her clit with their fingers. A powerful orgasm quickly overtook her.

She moaned with disappointment when the hands retreated. She then gasped when she heard a vibrator begin to hum. She had never played with one of these, but was very curious, just too shy to acquire one. She welcomed this initiation. She kept her eyes closed to allow her lover to remain anonymous as they slid the buzzing toy slowly and erotically down the cleft of her buttocks. She gasped as its tip lingered over her anus, shocking her at how naughty but nice it felt there. She caught herself lifting her hips to it. She hoped they didn't notice that reaction. It soon made its was further down, slipping just a bit into her vagina, making her gasp again. She lifted her hips up to it. The vibrations were intense. She moaned loudly as it slid into her further. It began to slowly ease in and out, working deeper with each stroke. Soon it was buried all the way in.

Her lovers were knelt on either side of her. Hands stroked her back and buttocks. Mouths kissed her. Both of them were sharing their sex with her. She savored these intense new sensations, the vibrator humming sweetly deep in her pelvis. They fucked her nicely for some time like this, before finally easing it out and very slowly, teasingly easing it down toward her clitoris. She knew this would be intense, as she is very orgasmic from her clitoris, as she realized her lovers had by now discovered. It did not take long after it found its mark for her to explode with a thunderous climax.

They showed her little mercy, not easing back when she climaxed and, instead, continued to pursue her for multiple orgasms.

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