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Ghosts, cyborgs, and sibcest.

"Just fuck me! Make me cum! Fuck my motherfucking ass! Make my ass cum! Please!" she begged.

I roughly pushed her head down, so her ass was the only part of her raised off the bed. I moved forward so part of my upper half was over her ass. Grabbing her hips and gaining leverage, I pulled back and began to drive my cock into her, pistoning my thick shaft into her as hard as I could.

"AHHHHHHHH YES!!!!" she squealed. As I drove into her, I looked down to admire the way her tight asshole wrapped around my cock, stretched so taut, yet so eager to swallow every inch of my shaft. Straightening my back, I drove into her, my hips and ass flexing as I pummeled her. Her moaning turned into a babbling mess as I hit the sweet spot in her ass.

"UHHH! FUCK! FUCK! I LOVE IT! FUCK! SHIT! YES! YES! YES! AHHH! UGHHH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YES! YES! YES! AHHHHHH! YYYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Ms. Graham screamed as she came. Juices squirted out from her cunt, and her asshole tightened around my driving shaft. The sensation of her asshole tightening and squeezing my cock was enough to send me over the edge.

"Ahhh! Fuck yeah! Oh, shit! Her it comes! FUCK YEAH!" I groaned out. I drove into her, burying my shaft into her completely just as the first rocket of cum burst from my dick. I ground my dick into her, as shot after shot of cum burst from my balls deep into her ass. "Your ass is so good!" I groaned.

"I feel it! I feel the cum inside me! I feel it in my ass!" Casey babbled, flexing her ass into me as I ground into her, my cock pulsing as I pumped her ass full of cum.

My body tightened up as I fired the final few streams of cum into her asshole. She kept her ass planted against me, eagerly accepting each and every drop of my cum inside of her. Finally, my body relaxed and I pulled back, removing my shaft from her stretched asshole. I fell back onto my bed, admiring my work, looking at Ms. Graham's gaping butthole. Casey collapsed onto her belly, panting for breath. We lied next to each other, facing opposite directions, as we both regained our strength.

I wasn't feeling much guilt at the moment. Too many times, these girls had fucked me over. They twisted me around their fingers, toyed with me and ultimately threw me aside and left me hanging. Well, no more. No more of me being fucked with. It felt good at this moment, to just demolish a woman in bed, make her my slut. It felt good to be the one in control after all the bullshit I went through.

I looked down at my softening shaft, lying on my belly. I felt relieved of all tension. Content in my actions. At peace for the moment.

It was probably about ten or fifteen minutes later when I felt Ms. Graham begin to stir. I was about to fall asleep until I felt her fingers curl around my shaft.

"Mmmmm, I hope you're not done." she purred, pointing my cock upward and kissing the tip. She squeezed my dick firmly, trying to breathe life back into it. She began stroking lightly and two soft fingers over my sack. "This dick has shown me a lot of raw talent every time we've been together. I hope that talent hasn't faded away in your old age." she said with a teasing smile.

"Keep playing with it like that and you'll be filled with that raw talent very soon." I said with a chuckle.

"Mmmm, I can't wait." she said, kissing the tip of my hardening cock again. "I love being filled with raw, throbbing talent."

With that, she opened up her mouth and wrapped her lips around my thickening cock.

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