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Weekend of alone time becomes a torrid incestuous trio.

He pinned me against the rough brick wall of the bathroom; I was facing away from him, my nipples brushing against the harsh surface, his body pressed firmly against mine, kissing the back of my neck while his hands traveled along my legs, slowly pulling up the skirt of my dress. When the blue silk was bunched up around my waist, he backed away slightly, pulling my ass toward him. His hands started to explore the globes of my ass, fingers traveling along the crevice dividing my buttocks, massaging my asshole roughly. Reaching further forward, he discovered my pussy, which was, by now, awash with my juices. Placing the thumb and forefinger of one hand on either side of my clit, he masturbated me, rubbing my little pleasure button back and forth while he finger-fucked my asshole with his other hand.

My knees buckled as the waves of an orgasm swept over me, I caught myself against the wall with my arms, pushing myself against the stranger's hands as they continued to manipulate me. As my climax subsided, my captor bent me over; I heard the sound of a zipper and in the next instant my pussy was filled with a hard cock. He fucked me roughly and insistently, never saying a word. The only sound was that of his massive cock churning in and out of my drenched pussy. When he came, his ejaculate filled me and streamed down my thighs. I came with him, my muscles contracting around him, squeezing his erection as if to milk the last possible drop of his semen.

After a moment, he stood me upright and removed the handkerchief from my mouth. He kissed me tenderly, sweetly, in sharp contrast to the manner in which he had so ruthlessly coupled with me just moments before. He then pushed down on my shoulders, forcing me to kneel before him. He stood with his feet planted wide, pelvis thrust forward, his arms folded over his chest. I knew full well what he wanted, but I paused for just a moment to admire for the first time the instrument of my subjugation, the instrument of my pleasure. It was breathtaking, Sir. Long, thick, crowned with a plum colored head, veins standing out in sharp relief, it pointed toward the ceiling.

I dallied too long in my admiration and I jumped in shock at the stinging slap that he delivered to the side of my face. He then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me toward his rigid shaft, ordering me to lick his cock, his balls and his thighs clean. As I did so, I tasted the pre-come which was oozing from the head of his cock as it spread over my tongue.

When I was finished, he pulled me to my feet and bent me over again. Taking my breasts in his hands, he roughly massaged them and pinched my nipples as he buried his cock in my pussy a second time. I quickly realized that he was only using my pussy as a means to lubricate his throbbing member. Seconds later, I felt the head of his massive erection poised at my asshole. He rammed himself into me, invading me, seemingly tearing me apart as he savagely fucked my tender anus while he twisted and pinched my nipples.

I could feel his cock swell within me as he rammed his cock in and out, his hands still grasping my breasts. As I felt a third orgasm rising within me, I heard him give a voice to his own release. His creamy ejaculate filled my nether hole, trickling toward the opening of my pussy, and . . . I came again, my rectum squeezing him far more firmly and more tightly than my pussy had the first time he fucked me.

Once again, I leaned against the rough brick as he rested against me, both of us panting to catch our breath. He turned me to face him, kissing me again, his tongue tenderly exploring my mouth.

"What shall I do with you?" he asked, jerking the end of the belt, still binding my hands, between my legs and over the lips of my pussy. I moaned aloud at the further stimulation of my swollen clit.

"Maybe I'll just leave you here tied to the toilet.

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