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Things get worse still for Anna.

Soon the sensitivity of my clit causes me to jerk away from your questing fingers and you chuckle, your hand coming to rest a tantalizing inch away from my throbbing center.

"But I thought you wanted to cum, kitten," you say as your fingers draw slow circles on my thigh much too close to my yoni for my peace of mind right then.

Words are hard right then, even figuring out what you are saying is taking a minute. The blaze of my ass and the throb of my nipples are distant to the continuing pulse of my yoni. That orgasm had nearly turned me inside out and I needed a moment to process and come back to earth.

Finally the words permeate my consciousness and I shake my head first yes, then no, unable to communicate due to the ball gag. A writer without access to words, is there anything more pathetic?

You stand up in front of me, your fingers finally away from my yoni. I feel you looking at me for a long moment, strange how sound and air movement have taken the place of sight. You reach behind me and undo the strap on the ball gag and it comes free.

I exercise my sore jaw and try to work saliva back into my dry mouth, and when I can get my tongue to work. "I did," I say breathlessly, "but that was too much," I want to bite my tongue the minute the last word was out.

Your hand slides into the back of my hair and you take a firm grip. You place your mouth next to my ear and say, "but you don't decide when it's enough, do you, kitten. That's my decision."

You release my hair with a final shake and I drop my head. I feel bad, how could I have forgotten such a fundamental part of our interactions?

You give a tsking sound with your mouth and I can imagine the disappointment on your face. You move from in front of me and I hear you go back to the table. I wonder what you have prepared for the next phase of our play, but bite my lips to keep the questions inside. Whatever is coming is what is coming and will be dealt with in turn.

I hear you pick something up and return to your position behind me. I force my legs to stiffen and straighten, determined not to let you down again. I draw my head up when nothing happens, I can feel you looking at me and speculate as usual what you see. The throb in my ass has died down to a manageable level for which I am glad and my nipples while still tender are controllable as well.

I feel the falls of a flogger drift over my shoulder too lightly for me to know which one it is. I instinctively grip my hands together, trying to get myself into the right headspace for this next part.

You come up behind me and wrap an arm around me, your pants a subtle irritation to my tender behind but I enjoy the feeling of closeness too much to mind. I lay my head back on your chest and tilt my head up hoping for kisses. You reward me with a deep kiss and I feel myself relax. The evening had been a bit odd and I need the connection. As usual you read me so well.

We kiss for long moments and when you finally pull away, I sigh feeling more centered than I had in a while. You run a hand down my back ending at my butt and when you reach it you give it a light pat. Even that feels sharp and I flinch. I hear you give a grunt of satisfaction. I am glad you are pleased with your work. The words done to a turn float across my mind.

The next thing I feel shocks me. Soft, smooth, and cool, the rabbit fur flows against my heated skin a welcome respite from all the harshness of before. I had forgotten that was in the bag and was glad I had brought it today. I feel an almost childish giggle form in my chest. This is wonderful.

You rub me down with the bunny fur, the fur gradually heating and my flesh slowly cooling. The softness feels blissful even on the hot orbs of my ass and the tender flesh of my breasts. I flow with your movements grateful for the care you are showing and the break in our 'festivities'. Again, I feel giggles form as I imagine how all this must look, your thoroughness reminds me of a man polishing a car.

I hear you toss the fur onto the ta

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