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Completely and utterly hooked.

We would know nobody there after all.

The last step, after she packed, was sure to get me in trouble. I slipped her gel inserts and even her bras out of her luggage before I loaded the luggage into the car. She was gonna be mad, but I couldn't help it.

When we got there, she cut me some slack about the bras. The place was incredible, our cabin was big and hardly anybody was on the beach. The place doesn't allow kids and seemed to have a population of honeymooners and older folks. All seemed to keep to themselves.

Jessica, who would normally be mortified for people to see her in a tight shirt without her inserts, did loosen up as it was clear that we knew nobody here. She wore her linen dresses to dinner each day, most of them white, and I could eat, looking at the shape of her nipples pushing against the fabric as we ate out in the breeze.

The swimming was similar the suit she favored was a bikini with a tube top like top. Tight and, when she got wet her nipples and areola would be outlined against the cloth.

We spent days just keeping to ourselves, eating, drinking, swimming and having sex. Awesome vacation. On day four of our trip, we were getting ready to walk out to the beach, just outside of our cabin, when I brought up the idea of going topless. Lots of the British girls at the resort were going about this way, and we'd had a few drinks already. I was shocked when she went along with it.

In fact, she put on her bikini bottoms, left the top in the cabin and marched out to our waiting beach chairs. Her tiny A cups were shockingly white against her tan skin, so I grabbed the sunscreen and followed her out. Very few people were on the beach, and none paid us much attention, most of them being european.

She sat on our beach lounger, facing the water and the other resort goers while I rubbed sun screen first over her back. She then settled onto her back, her little boobs all but disappearing while I rubbed the sunscreen onto her tiny white tits.

I was so intent on rubbing the lotion in and watching the movement of her little quarter sized nipples, that I had failed to notice the approach of the man who spoke up from the foot of my wife's lounger.

"I was wondering if we would run into you two here!" He bellowed, obviously excited. I had been rubbing lotion onto my wife's tits for about 2 minutes, no telling how long this guy had been taking in the show. I looked up at was shocked. Not as shocked as my wife though.

My modest little topless wife looked over her bared, tiny white tits into the face of "Mr. Malone" the principle at the school where she taught, her boss. The two did not get along very well, having butted heads at work many times. He know stood over us, drinking in the sight of my topless wife in only tiny bikini bottoms. From his position below her bare feet, I knew that he couldn't help but notice her camel toe as well.

She sat bolt upright, reaching to cover her tiny boobs, up until now her secret inadequacy. She stammered a question about what he was doing here. He answered, his eyes at her chest that she had talked the place up so much at work that he and his wife decided to try it. Seems he just happened to come at the same time we did. At this point, his wife arrived at the foot of the lounge and, incredibly, offered her hand to my wife as she said hi. Jessica took and shook the hand, her uncovered little boob shaking as she did so.

They showed no sign of leaving, just talking about their vacation, and we had not brought a towel from the cabin. My wife tried to keep her composure as she cupped her little boobs and answered in short sentences. "Mr Malone" had more lounges brought and actually sat facing us. At this point, Jessica knew she had to go. She stood, excused her self and walked to the cabin with her boss watching her ass sway in the tiny bikini bottoms as she walked away.

I stayed for awhile as I was a little worried about how freaked out she would be.

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