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A large family is brewing up a new life together.

I staggered back to my room to take care of my erection then to crash, stumbling roughly into Jim causing me to fall into the couch. Jim didn't move. I lay there a few minutes then realized that I could finally jerk off without fear of someone walking in on me while watching a porno in my apartment. I turned the movie back on and sat back to enjoy the show. I was really getting into a scene where two girls were blowing a he cock when Jim rolled over onto his back. I froze and waited. Jim just lay there snoring on the floor I saw his flaccid cock lying against his thigh. I found myself comparing him o the guy in the movie and decided tat Jim was much bigger. I was almost ready to cum when realized that I wasn't watching the movie any more but I was watching the cock in front of me. When it hit me what I was doing, I stopped and couldn't finish. I staggered to bed leaving Jim sleeping on te floor with his huge member stuck to his thigh.

The next morning, I woke Jim up for work. he mumbled some apology about passing out on the floor and didn't seem to remember anything else. I didn't say anything because how do you bring up the fact that he was drunk, jerked off and sprayed me with his cum? anyways, he told me about a couple of girls that he had met and made plans for us that night and I said I was cool with that.

We all went out that night and had a great sex that night but Julie, my girl, was a hot brunette. Full figured but not fat. She had a dazzling smile that caught my attention and her full rack kept it. The four of us dated casually for a while but Julie wouldn't let me do anything other feel her up. One night I went out solo, smoked a joint and drank a little bit and came home late. I staggered into the apartment and saw Jim asleep on the couch, porno playing and his hand was in his sweats. he didn't have a shirt on and I could see half dried puddles of sperm on his hairless chest.

I thought back to that night several weeks ago and thoughts of revenge filled my mind. I stripped off and began jerking for all I was worth. I thought about my hot cum spraying all over Jim's muscled chest and suddenly, my body went hot and my orgasm hit me and I came so hard that I almost went to my knees but I did manage to get a large amount of my cum on Jim's chest and pants but I missed his face. I was kind of pissed about that but I got over it when I realized 2 things, first, Jim was still asleep and had not moved a muscle when my cum hit him and secondly, I was still rock hard. I figured that since I missed his face the first time, I would be sure to hit it the second time. I stroked a little more slowly that time. I used my excess cum and spit to lube my shaft that, while not as thick as Jim's, is longer. I took my time moving my right hand up and down the shaft while my left hand squeezed and pulled my balls. I was just about to cum and had moved closer to Jim's face to be sure I hit it when I heard something behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Rachel, Jim's girlfriend, standing there naked. her short red hair was dripping wet, as was the rest of her body. One of her hands was massaging her almost non-existent breasts and the other was rubbing her crotch.

I stopped stroking stood there stunned and I went limp.

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