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A New York feminist sees a moment through another girl's eyes.

No wonder she was moaning, like father like son, is all I can think of as my eyes feast on his cock.

"See, I told you she wouldn't be able to take her eyes off your robe. After all, she's the one who bought it for you to wear...she knew what she really wanted." I hear her say as though she's standing far away from me, and not sitting right next to me.

I'm paralyzed, absolutely paralyzed sitting on the couch staring at my son's erect penis. How many other women have had to deal with a situation like this? It's as though all my senses have shut down, except for my eyes, the long thick dick just keeps me in a trance like a bird staring at a snake. I'm at their mercy, what's happening to me, why am I so powerless?

"I'm going downstairs." Amy says as she gets up walks over to Matthew.

The two of them look just like the young models in the movies that Jimmy and I watch before we fuck each others brains out. The truth is, I get off looking at them as much as he does, so Amy standing there next to her brother is just like what I like to see anyway.

"She'll finish you off, she can't resist not too." She says as her hand works Matthew's cock up and down.

She's right, I can't resist the thought of tasting his cum, that's the truth. You know you're going to do it, admit it, you want to suck his cock, you've always wanted to suck him off. That's the secret you've always kept locked away, the short robe was a hint that you wanted to suck him. A blowjob isn't really cheating, is it?

"Go fuck you're father." I hear the words come out of my mouth.

I want that dick for myself, you little slut, fuck Jimmy's cock...he's been waiting for you to do it for along time. That's the truth too, I always knew how he looked at her at times was more than just how a father looks at his daughter. Go a head baby, she'll finally give you that fucking you've been dreaming of, with my permission too.

"I know I'm not as good as you, but you'll teach me all those nasty tricks you know." She says as she walks out of the room.

How can she be so dominant in how she just manipulated me. They both planned this to happen, they knew exactly what and how to do it. Poor Jimmy, he's going to have a heart attack when he see's her. That tight little pussy is going to suck him dry, I wish I could watch, I really do.

That's it baby, come closer and let me see you up close, let me see that dick that fucked your sister's ass last night. I bet that skinny little ass had to be lubed, didn't it. You're just like her, no shame in what you want either, clones in so many ways.
"I want to cum in your mouth." He says as he drops his robe and sits next to me.

He's gorgeous too, thin but toned and with a big dick, every woman's fantasy. All the girls at work would suck him just like I'm going to do right now. I wonder how many times he can cum in a day? Relax Helen, just focus on what's in front of you.

The sound of the weights dropping on the floor startles me for a second, instinctively looking in the direction Amy walked out, I notice the black thong laying on the floor. That little slut, she's not even going to give him a chance, I bet he's fucking her right now.

"Dad finally gets to look at her pussy." He says to me as he leans back against the arm of the couch.

He thinks he's in charge too, but he's not going to do to me what that little slut just did. He's in for a surprise, now I'm aware of what's going on and the rules are changed. You think you can tease me and I'm not going to do anything about it? I'll suck your dick, but you're going to be my sex toy and not the other way around.

"You like pussy?" I say starting my assault on him.

With my fingers moving up his thighs, I let them stop just before reaching his balls, let's see how he likes being teased. My finger nails gently play their cat and mouse game just an inch away from those gorgeous swollen eggs. Don't worry baby, I've done this to your father a hundred times and he'll tell you how great it is to be teased by me.

His thighs are quivering as my fingers finally star

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