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A woman's heated response to her lover's email.

His back was to the door as she entered quietly and came over to sit on the bed.

"Abuelo, are you OK?" She whispered meekly.

"Yes Mija I am fine." He said turning around to face her.

"Are you angry with me Abuelo?"

"No Mija, we both did it, and we both enjoyed it, no?" He winked.

" Le diste a un Viejo un noche de felicidad "

(you gave an old man a night of happiness)

Maricel was relieved. His easy going nature was what made her love him so much.

"I hope you don't think I'm a puta but I am so lonely for my husband. Carlos hasn't touched me for weeks. We used to have sex all the time now he avoids me. What did I do Papi, Why is he like that? I miss him so much."

"Sometimes things change after the babies come but they will come together again, give it time I promise." He said.

"But what could I do Abuelo? I don't want to go to some strange man in the street and have to worry about disease or being disrespected or maybe even killed. I'm lonely Abuelo I know you understand. You and Abuela were so close."

Javier was no fool he knew the sound of horny desperation when he heard it; but he appreciated that she at least made an effort to ease his mind and speak the thing that was on his heart and not just selfishly plead her own case.

Yes! That was it. That is what he would tell himself, or Carlos or the family. It was loneliness he needed companionship, a warm body, the love of a woman, he missed his wife. After all he was a sad old man on the brink. Perfect. It was so obvious he was ashamed not to have thought of it himself.

The truth was Rosa had NEVER rocked his world the way Maricel had that night. Rosa had been very receptive to him and occasionally, even inviting; but she had never lusted for, and stalked him the way that Maricel had. It made him feel desired and more virile than he had ever felt before. He was 72 years old, and he and Rosa had done their share of fucking, but he didn't think his dick had ever been as hard as it had been inside Maricel. He had never had a woman claim his cock and ride him to ecstasy. He had never tasted tits so sweet, nor had a pussy suck his cock so violently. His wife had never let him drink from her breast, the milk she lovingly hoarded for their babies. Nor had he ever seen her spray her sweet milk as her pussy sucked him to satisfaction. And he actually felt foolish to realize than in over fifty years of marriage he had never even thought about fucking his own wife's beautiful breast, and spilling his seed between them.

Javier Moreno felt brand new. If his grandson wanted to be a fool, so be it. It was his loss. He was going to live until he died and he decided then that Maricel's pussy was the key to life.

She seemed to read his mind as she reached for his hand. Javier thought it was just to console him. Instead she gently parted her pussy lips and pressed the edge of his index finger into her already moist slit. She had on only a long thin robe that wrapped tightly around her curves. She opened it so that he could see she was nude then very slowly she moved his finger up and down her warm pussy. Then just as slowly she lifted his finger to her mouth and sucked off her juices. His cock grew hard as she moved his hand back to her mound. He felt more and more wetness as she continued to slide his finger against her clit. Then she held his wrist and squeezed her thighs together tightly around his hand. She closed her eyes in ecstasy and fucked his palm until he practically felt steam escape from her cunt. Then She removed the tie from her robe. Her beautiful tits with the swollen mocha tips came into view. She put his other hand on her breast and leaned over to let him suck. He gladly obliged. Soon Carlito's milk dripped from his grandfather's chin.

Maricel moaned and begged him to suck the other too, as she continued to rub herself against him.

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