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Naughty nurse needs cock after dream leaves her unfulfilled

He was only able to watch for a moment before he was ready to join in on the action. He moved himself between Tiffany's legs. Since Stephanie was straddling her face backwards, Brad was able to see her tits bouncing up and down as she ground her wet juices into Tiffany's face. She wasn't sure how Tiffany was able to breathe but she seemed to be managing. When he went to move the dildo that had been used, he noticed the massive size of it. Instead of feeling intimidated like some men would, he realized that it would have stretched Tiffany more than usual.

Grinning to himself he got between her legs; which wasn't difficult since she was still spread eagle. He inserted a few fingers into her and took it as encouragement as she pressed herself harder against his hand. He slid all five fingers into her, taking his time feeling her tightness. When she didn't seem to object and was still very much into Stephanie, Brad figured there was no time like the present. If it didn't happen now -- it was never going to. He made a fist and shoved it in her wet pussy. Not as hard as he saw done in the porn videos, but there was no easing it in her. He felt her body tighten as Stephanie leaned over to watch him and remove her wet pussy from Tiffany's face. For a second Brad wasn't sure if everyone else had left the room or he just didn't notice them any longer. Then he realized he didn't care, he was enjoying himself too much and if there were others in the room, he hoped they were enjoying the show.

Tiffany moaned out loud. Brad should have been worried about hurting her, but honestly he wasn't. e was selfish like that. Stephanie's long hair hung down and caught his attention for a minute. He looked up at her and kissed her while his fist was in Tiffany's pussy. When they stopped kissing, Stephanie continued watching him. He saw Mark walk up to him and stop to watch the fisting. Tiffany cried out a few times but never told him to stop. When she backed her body away, Stephanie and Brad would both stop her from moving. Soon, Mark decided to help them keep her still.

He went to the same bedside table that the dildo had been in and got out what looked like scarves. Tiffany was so caught up in her pussy being assaulted that she didn't notice Mark pulling her hands to the bedposts at first. When the first arm was tied up though she noticed. "What are you doing?" she cried out. She looked scared.

"Helping out my wife and new friend her of course. You seemed to be trying to get away and we can't have that happening now can we? You came here knowing what could happen. Now it's time we give you what you came for. How does that sound?"

"What? No." Tiffany cried out. Though Brad's pace in taking his fist in and out of her pussy had slowed, it hadn't completely stopped. It was obviously an effort for her to get out even those two words. Unable to resist him, Mark was able to grab her other wrist and tie it to the other bed post easily.

Mark went to the end of the bed and watched Brad fisting her. He had seen it before, but watching a woman's pussy stretch that far was something he wouldn't get tired of watching. After a few minutes, Tiffany seemed to realize she wasn't getting loose. It really didn't seem like she wanted to anyway. Though her body was tense, there were moans of pleasure in there as well.

"May I?" Brad looked up to Mark who was standing there. He was the only one who hadn't had any fun yet so Brad moved aside for him. He sat in a chair that leaned way back and pulled Stephanie on top of him. She had been sucking on Tiffany's tits, but now she was sitting in his lap with his dick buried inside her pussy again. She was riding him backwards and at this angle, he could feel himself deep inside her every time she would grind on him.

As she rode him hard and fast he watched Tiffany and Mark too. "Do you want me to teach you a lesson?"

He was asking her? "No" was all Tiffany was able to say.

"That's too bad now isn't it? I do what I want and take what I want -- and tonight tha

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