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Samantha increases her domination of Jessica further.

She started flipping through the cases, past titles which she thought meant "Crime Ass Punishment," "Penis Goodenov," "Three Sorority Sisters," and "The Master in Margarita" to find the one she thought looked the most interesting and held the least potential for permanent mental and emotional damage: "A Month in the Cuntry."

She went back to the living room, stopping off at her own room to grab her dildo. Tonight was the night. She was going to have an orgasm. Bethany had only ever had sex once. It was not an enjoyable experience, and she did not cum then, nor ever since. She rarely masturbated, but her curiosity had been piqued lately after hearing Sasha talk on and on about sex and orgasms. This was the right time. She wanted to make herself cum, rather than leave it in the hands or mouths of the ignorant, idiotic fraternity guys who populated the campus.

She stripped off her clothes, but I won't tell you what she was wearing. It was nothing kinky, nothing that interesting, so don't think you've missed anything. It was not very hot. Just normal taking off of clothes. She had nothing to prove. Least of all to you. On with the story.

She popped in the dvd and eventually found the "play" option on the Russian menu. The movie was a good choice as it skipped any story and went straight to the sex, unlike this story, which is pretty much all story and little sex. Sorry to disappoint you. Anyway, Bethany started to press the dildo against her clit and then ease it into her pussy. She had been getting wet ever since the door shut.

The scene depicted a petite blonde getting fucked from behind by a muscular ex-KGB officer, Bethany assumed. There had been little foreplay, but Bethany was warmed up enough. She had purchased the dildo last month but had never achieved orgasm. Tonight would be different.

She started to feel a tingle in her nether-regions that she had never felt before. She could feel what she assumed to be an orgasm building inside of her. The blonde on the tv was getting fucked harder and harder, and she suddenly turned around and got on her knees to receive the man's cumshot.

As the drops of semen hit her lips, Bethany felt an explosion inside her body. Waves of pleasure hit her over and over again. She had never felt such an amazing feeling. That's when everything went dark.

Bethany awoke and slowly opened her eyes. She heard a beeping noise and saw white walls. She tried to sit up and then felt a strange jab in her arm and looked down to find an I-V. She was in a hospital. Sitting beside her bed was her mother. Sasha stood next to the surrounding curtain, looking irritated.

"Mom? What are you doing here? What am I doing here? What the hell-"

Bethany's mother got up and walked out of the room, looking disgusted. Sasha walked off as well. A doctor walking by noticed that Bethany was awake and made his way over to her bed, looking embarrassed.

"Bethany Morris? His, I'm Doctor Reed. What do you remember?"

"Um, I don't know. Well, I do, but-"

"Your roommate filled me in, so I think I know what you remember. That was last night. It's been about twelve hours since then. Your mother tells me you've never had a seizure before, is that correct?"

"I had a seizure?"

"I thought you'd be surprised. We did some tests, and I'm afraid I have some potentially bad news."

"What? Am I doing to die?"

The doctor looked embarrassed again. "We did some neurological tests. It seems that the seizure you had was brought on by an orgasm."

"My orgasm? My orga---I had an orgasm? I had an orgasm!"

"That's where the bad news comes in. It seems your epilepsy is tied to the pleasure center of your brain, Bethany."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm afraid, Bethany, that every time you have an orgasm, you'll have a seizure."

"So? I should be happy to have orgasms so good that they knock

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