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A submissive man and his dominant female partner.

He held up 2 padded mitts, and slipped them over Sarah's hands, before closing them, and finally, he turned her in the cage, and slipped a tail plug up her ass.

Sarah squirmed and wiggled her ass, as she felt her tail move. The man then closed the kennel cage door, and locked it. Then he slammed the outer door closed, and Sarah was left with just the light from the air vents to illuminate her surroundings. Sarah felt the van shake as the man got in, then she felt the engine start, and her world began to move as the truck made its way along roads to her future home.

Sarah awoke to the sounds of the van stopping, and a door opening. She could hear 2 people talking, then to her shock the back door opened, and the kennel next to her opened, and in scotted a bitch suited puppy. Sarah looked at the helpless girl, who was looking back at her. Both girls moved towards the dividing fence, and tried to nuzzle each other's face. Then Sarah heard laughing, and the man spoke to someone else.

"See? I told you she was a natural puppy. How soon before she is fully adjusted to the suit?"

"If you give her to me now, I can have her done in 2 weeks. Do you want her as a Dalmatian?"

"Yes, a Dalmatian for her. Oh, and one more thing. This one needs to have her hair made into 2 large ponytails. Can you thread it thru the hood this time? I hate to loose all that lovely hair."

"Of course. And do you want her sealed and belted?"

"Yes. No escape for her."

Sarah squirmed as she heard her fate being so coldly discussed. She felt her cage door being opened, and felt a smack on her ass, as the man coaxed her to come out. Sarah crawled out, and felt hands under her belly lifting her out of the van, and placing her into a dog cage on wheels. Sarah heard the door to her cage lock closed, and then watched as the van door was closed, and her owner drove away.

Sarah was wheeled into a kind of operating room, and was taken out of her cage, and placed on a table. Her arms and legs, as well as her neck, were locked down using some padded collars and stocks, all to keep her immobilized. Sarah then felt a jab in her ass, and her world turned black.

Sarah awoke feeling tired, but she also felt like she had kept her mouth open for a while. She tried closing he rmouth, but she couldn't. Her eyes opened slowly, but the image she saw was not what she had gone to sleep with. In front of her, she thought she saw another girl in a dalmation puppy suit. But the girl seemed different. Every time Sarah moved, the girl in front of her moved as well. Then Sarah looked harder, and saw it was a mirror. She was looking at herself.

Sarah saw that her skin was covered in a white with black spot skin tight rubber suit. Her face was covered with a strange looking muzzle, that made her have a longer mouth and nose. As Sarah looked some more, she could see her legs were shorter, but her arms seemed the same length. She also could not see any sign of a zipper or other release for the suit. Sarah slowly got up on her legs and hands, and then she saw in the mirror the tail. It wiggled as she moved, yet Sarah couldn't feel where it was connected. Sarah could feel that something felt weird, and as she spun slowly around, she saw that her breasts, pussy, and ass were exposed. Even these openings appeared seamless.

Her owner and the doctor watched Sarah thru some one way glass, watching her move, and explore her surroundings. They both knew if she fought her change, there would have to be more work done. However, after watching their new puppy slave explore her body a little, and not seeing her try to escape, the men decided she was ready.

Sarah heard the door to the room open, and there stood the man she had been talking to on the net for over a year. She quickly scampered over to him, and began rubbing her body on his leg, to which he smiled and rubbed her head.

Sarah found herself being picked up by the man, with one of his arms cradling her breasts, the other betwe

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