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You continue using me in your office.

She gave me a look, almost the opposite of her 'panic' look, and faced the TV screen again.

"I'm so..." I tried. "Come sit next to me" she suggested. I sat down. I couldn't really understand what was going on, both outside, and in our room, but being near Anna made me feel somewhat protected. Just when I was thinking I couldn't have picked better company for this moment she said: "I love you."

I started crying. She didn't even look at me, and just started petting my head and stroking my hair. I soon cried myself to sleep.

Being so emotionally charged, I couldn't help but dream. In my dream, I saw myself on top of the world trade center's northern tower, and my entire family was on the other tower. Although I couldn't really see them, I knew it was them. Then, their tower collapsed, and disappeared off the face of the earth. Instead, appeared a huge slide, which I suddenly noticed was connected to my tower. Running after my family, I ran to the slide, hoping to find them at the bottom. Just before starting to slide down, Anna grabbed my shoulder and said: "not this one. THAT one." She pointed out ANOTHER slide I hadn't seen before, only this one was going upward, into the sunny sky. Anna took my hand and we both sat on the slide and slid upwards, when Anna suddenly disappeared and I noticed the slide is really a spiral leading to the sun. Then, I woke up.

Anna was still holding me and stroking my hair when I woke up. "what time is it?" I asked, still a little dozed. "it's quarter to three" she said, still calmly staring at the frightening pictures on the television screen. "they still don't say much" she added. We watched TV for about 2 more hours, just like that, in the same position I woke up in.

Around five p.m. she closed the set. "I dreamt of you" I told her, looking up. "Oh, yeah? When was that?" she asked, with a little hidden smile on her face. She liked hearing things like that. "A few hours ago. When I fell asleep."

"Really? And what did I do in that dream of yours?" she seemed so pleased with her presence in my subconscious. "Ummm... kinda hard to explain... I don't really remember, actually." She let go of me, and lay on her side, facing me, just a feet or two away. "Was it anything.. sexy?" she asked, without a hint of blush on her face. I was shocked. "What? What do you mean? Were you having sex with someone in my dream?" I tried to avoid the obvious. "No... were you having sex with me in your dream?"

"NO! What is with you today? You're acting so unlike yourself all day long!" I got a little angry with her, but regretted my words the second they left my mouth. "Relax, Jennifer. I was just asking about your dream. You know it's a hobby of mine. The whole dream psychology stuff. Even if you did dream of having sex with me, it doesn't necessarily mean that you WANT to have sex with me. Don't be so nervous. Besides, I don't think I'm that bad." Her confidence was overwhelming sometimes. "No, no, that's not what I meant at all! I think you're a great person and I love you and.."

"I love you too.

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