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The stunning conclusion; a ceremony is performed.

That felt so sexy! It may made me want him more." she gushed with enthusiasm.

"Then he tells me that he loves my butt. I mean most guys just go for the boobs and that's it, but he told me he loves my little butt! I loved it!" she exclaimed. "I moved around so he could grab more of my tiny ass. Then he moved and squeezed and fondled all of it." she shared dreamily. "When he grabbed my ass, I moaned in his mouth. It was so sexy."

"After Frenching a while, he slid his hand under my dress and started caressing my leg. It felt so good. I wanted him to lift up my dress and pull my panties off, but he just caressed and massaged my leg." she told her enthralled listener.

"So, what did you do?" Maria pressed excitedly.

"So, I move my ass closer to him, hoping he would take the hint." Ann Marie declared.

"Did he?" asked her Latina confidant.

"Not initially. He started massaging both legs, slowly inching closer to where I wanted his hand to be. We kept Frenching. First his tongue was in my mouth then mine was in his. I was moaning pretty loudly at this point. When he hadn't touched my panties yet, I decided to take matters into my own hands." she declared and paused.

When her friend didn't immediately continue, she prompted her to continue, "What did you do?" she asked breathily.

"I lift my dress up over my panties." she declared proudly.

"No way!" declared the incredulous friend.

"Totally!" affirmed the storyteller. "With my panties showing, he decided it must be okay to touch them, so he caressed my ass!"

"Oh, my God!" declared her closest friend since childhood. "I can only imagine what it would feel like for a boy to touch my ass, let alone French him in his van!" she declared with envy.

"It was so sexy! I wanted him to just rip my panties off, but we just kept kissing while he caressed my butt. After a while, I just stopped kissing him and put my butt near his face." she declared.

"No way!" contradicted the patient listener. "What did he do?" she encouraged.

"Well, nothing at first. I thought I blew it, but then I felt his hot breath on my ass. It was so exciting! No guy has ever been back therefore!" she shared excitedly. "He was sniffing my totally soaked panties and caressing my butt and thighs. It was so exciting. I thought I might climax without him ever touching my pussy, but..." she trailed off.

"But what?!" demanded the impatient listener. "What'd he do?"

"He told me I had the sexiest ass he had ever seen. It was so sexy. If I hadn't wanted him before, I did then." she shared honestly.

"Guys have told you that you have a nice butt before." countered her demure friend.

"Not that I remembered. Usually, they just LOVE my boobs and nobody even knows that I have an ass. Here was this awesome guy telling me that he LOVES my ass. That was the sexiest compliment ever!" she exclaimed honestly.

"I got it. He's a smooth talker. But that's not what you are excited about. What did he do?" her mocha skinned friend demanded, now impatient for the story to finish.

"It's not what he did, it's what I did." she clarified with emphasis, then paused. "Then I pulled down my own panties, just a little."

Her friend gasped loudly in disbelief, "You did not!" she blurted.

"I did! I thought he was never going to, so I did!" she reaffirmed emphatically. "I guess he took the hint 'cause he pulled them down to my knees." she squealed excitedly. "Now I could feel his breath and the whiskers of his mustache on my bare skin. It was so exciting! I could feel me leaking down my legs without my panties soaking it up." she shared.

"Then what happened?" breathed the clearly aroused friend.

"He really surprised me when he kissed me down there!" she squealed.

"No way!"

"Yes way!" asserted the storyteller. "He kissed me where I've never been kissed before. I was so surprised that I jumped a little, but I pushed right back so he would know I liked it.".

She drew closer to her rapt audience.

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