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Believe me; there wouldn't be any of that, not for a long time, maybe not ever again.

Up until the day I got home from the hospital I'd been kept pretty well doped up. I knew I had a problem, a very serious problem, but so far the thing hadn't really sunk in. Now that I was home I knew I had to face some cold hard facts. First my brother, my own brother, had made a fool of me, and second, my wife had gone right along with it. Third, was this an aberration, some one-time thing, or were Nancy and Frank planning some kid of getaway? Fourth, what about my girls, and last, did I even care. I mean who knew what? Did the kids know? Did my mom and dad?

As those first days at home slipped by I kept wavering. The thought of what I saw sent shivers up and down my spine. I kept swinging from anger to tears. I wanted to kill a couple people, but all I did was cry. Fortunately I was able to hide the tears. I felt so weak and helpless. My wife hovered around me day and night. I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking. My guess was she was mostly wondering what I would do, but the only thing that kept running around through my head were the lines to an old Toby Keith song, 'I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then. I wish I could start this whole thing over again.'

I knew I had to face my wife, I knew my brother was out there, but I knew I just wasn't ready not yet. After about a week I knew I had the mental tools, just not the physical aplomb.

I'd decided to wait. It was a week after the spring dance when my wife finally got up the courage to face me. I'd stayed home from the dance. Hell I wasn't going anywhere like that just yet. I'd gotten some of the low down on my wife's and my brother's behavior at the dance. I thought I pretty much had things worked out.

Ava called me. She was worried. She told me she thought something was up; she just didn't know what. She told me at the dance Nancy and Frank avoided each other like the plague. She told me Frank spent all his time hiding in their garage. She told me even though he and Nancy avoided each other in front of others she knew Nancy and her husband were back and forth on the phone all the time.

I told Ava not to worry. I told her I had things pretty much figured out and she needn't worry. I don't think I was much help, but it was the best I could do at the time.

++++++++++ A Little Sparring ++++++++++

Nancy approached me on a Sunday morning. I was in the kitchen. The kids had gone to mass, and Nancy had hung back to be with me. She asked, "Can we talk?"

I had her. I was following the Dick Cheney playbook; don't say anything, just wait and watch them sweat. I answered, "I don't want to talk to you yet. I need to talk to my ever loving brother Frank."

She looked really scared. She asked me, "Why? Why can't we get back where we belong? You know I love you. I..."

I cut her off, "Before I say anything or do anything about you I need to speak with Frank."

She started again, but I cut her off again, "Frank first, then maybe you." I could see the 'maybe' really got her.

Nancy slumped a little; then she nodded, "I love you Court. I'm so sorry."

I smiled, "Sure you do. Sure you are. I need to speak with Frank."

Nancy left the kitchen crying.

++++++++++ Rattling my brother's chain ++++++++++

The very next morning, that next Monday morning Frank was in my kitchen when I got up. As I walked in he got up, "Court I..."

I had my FBI face on, "Frank I want you to do me a favor."

He slouched back into the chair he'd been sitting in. He looked like I'd just punched him in the nose. He knew me. He knew I was in my 'take no prisoners' mood. He replied, "Anything. You're my bro..."

I wasn't listening to any of his or my wife's silly bullshit just yet.

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