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Toni threw herself down on Wendy's bed and looked up at him seductively. She slid her hands over her tits, squeezing and fondling them while her eyes were locked on his. One hand slid down across her stomach and disappeared under the waistband of her jeans.

"I've been thinking about your big cock, Mr. Rogers, and how it feels in my mouth and pussy and ass. It makes my pussy so wet that I just have to touch himself."

Toni squirmed against her fingers as she licked her lips. Jim didn't waste any more time. He climbed onto the bed and peeled her jeans and panties over her ass and pussy and down her legs. He crawled up between her legs pushing her thighs apart and buried his face between them.

Jim breathed in her female essence, then parted the moist lips of her pussy with his thumbs. His tongue flicked out and licked up and down her gash and over her clit. He clamped his mouth over her pussy mound and pushed his tongue into her steamy cunt.

Toni lifted her ass up off the bed and humped his face. He sucked and slurped her female nectar with his lips and tongue. She squeezed her tits and pinched her swollen nipples as she continued to squirm against his mouth.

Jim licked up to her clit, then back down across her pussy to the tight nub of her ass. He lathered her butt hole, flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth across it. He moved his lips and tongue back to her pussy and pressed a finger against her tight anus until it pushed inside.

Toni was moaning and gasping as she squirmed against his probing finger and tongue. Jim sucked hard on her clit and flicked his tongue over her swollen nub. With his other hand he shoved two fingers into her gushing pussy, swirling them around against the walls of her cunt.

Jim could tell Toni was close. Her gasps and moans were getting louder and louder. He twisted his finger around inside her ass and fucked her pussy fast and hard with his other hand. He sucked on her clit while his tongue continued to swirl around it.

Her entire body tensed and jerked hard as she thrust her pussy violently up against his mouth. Juices gushed from her fuck hole coating his fingers and lips. Jim clamped his mouth back over her pussy and began sucking her sweet nectar into his mouth. His other finger pumped in and out of her ass.

Toni's orgasm continued until he finally pulled away. She collapsed onto the bed breathing hard. Jim slid up her body and kissed her lightly on the lips, tracing his tongue over them. She slowly kissed him back and sucked his tongue into her mouth to taste her own juices.

Since no one was home they hadn't bothered to close the door. They were still kissing as Toni enjoyed the taste of her juices when they were startled by a voice behind them.

"That is soooo hot. My panties are soaked just from watching you two. Daddy, I never saw anyone eat pussy like that."

They turned and watched Wendy peel off her top, quickly stepping out of her jeans and panties until she was completely naked. Jim looked at the door as if he expected Beth to walk in any second. Wendy picked up on his concern.

"Don't worry, daddy. Mom dropped me off early and said she had some errands to run, but if you ask me, I think she's fucking someone from the office. I find her cum stained panties in the laundry sometimes."

So that explained Beth's sexual coolness with him. Oh well, if she could play then so could he. Wendy climbed onto the bed and unbuckled his trousers. Her pussy was right in Toni's face. Toni wasted no time in pulling Wendy's legs over her head and burying her face between them.

Wendy gobbled her father's cock into her mouth and quickly took him down her throat. She sucked him until he was good and hard, and then guided his cock into Toni's waiting cunt. Jim mounted her from the top, pushing deep into her steamy chamber. Wendy, who was straddling Toni's face, leaned forward and sucked on her clit while he was fucking her.

Occasionally Jim pulled his cock from Toni's cunt and shoved it into his dau

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