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The rules have changed, plans are changed.

I was surprised how turned on I was and luckily, the song ended. I walked back to the bar, the same spot, and finish my cold water.

I was just about to turn to him and say something when he suddenly grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. This time, he wasn't tilting his head to whisper to my ear but instead, he drew his face closer to mine and whispered so closely to my mouth.

"My god, you are so sexy."

I was surprised. I was up for tease and flirts but I wasn't ready to make any contact. Not even a kiss. Hell, I've never even had someone saying I'm sexy, let alone someone whispering to my mouth ever so lustfully. I was aroused at the same time as I was taken aback. I stepped back and ordered another drink, obviously ignoring his remark on my last dance. I could see from the corner of my eyes that he was slightly puzzled but soon he regained control again. He waited for me to finish my drink and for my next move.

Sipping the beer, I couldn't help when my mind drifted back to James. I knew nothing about this guy, but I knew James. I knew how he spoke to me and how he'd react to some of my remarks. Suddenly, this guy didn't feel so much of a stranger anymore. The yearning to have the passionate kiss with James went back like an instant firework. I was panting a bit when I turned my head to him and leaned against him. I was not the same woman a second ago.

I shot him with a sharp look and a seductive grin. With subtle obviousness, I grazed my left hand against his groin in a quick motion before I put it on his shoulder. I tiptoed to whisper on his ear. He was taller than me and I was fully aware of it when I pressed my crotch to his with unmistakably tease.

"Want to dance?"

He shook his head in disbelief when he leaned over and whispered to me.

"You're making me hot. I don't want to dance. I want to..."

And with that, he pressed himself against me. The bulge was impossible to miss.

I could feel the intense arousal within me, so I inhaled deeply to calm myself down. I knew I couldn't let it go too far. It was a tease and nothing more could happen. My heart was beating fast, challenged to prove how I could stop the tease at the exact time to make him very worked up but not frustrated enough to piss him off. My mind once again flew to James, and the thought of being able to arouse James physically there almost made me jump with excitement.

"Dance." I repeated.

"But I don't really dance." He seemed really reluctant now that I wanted to dance with him.

I frowned. The thought of seducing him on the dance floor evaporated just like that. Determined to have the moment, I told him, "Just follow me."

He shook his head once again. Then an idea came to my mind. All I needed was a little bit of more encouragement.

In one swift motion, I raised my hands up and flipped my long black hair to my back. But instead of putting them down, I moved my arms and circled his neck. He wasn't expecting that, I could tell by his tensed body. Without breaking any eye contact, I moved closer and pressed my body against him. My god, he felt good. I inhaled deeply when I realized I was behaving unlike my usual self, but yet, so alike my real self.

The sensation that I felt from having my body pressed up to an aroused body left me a bit breathless. I rested my forehead against his chest and couldn't help to let out a soft moan. Feeling his bulge pressing up between my legs is something new to me. I've never been this far with a guy. But the excitement controlled me. And there was nothing I could do when he reacted back. In an instant second, he had his hands around my waist and his head hung down low above mine. I could feel his cheek pressed against the side of my head and his breathing on my ear. It was fast. Completely oblivious to his identity and intentionally mistaking him with James, I moved my hips slowly in circular motion and pushed forward simultaneously, rubbing my crotch at the exact spot of his bulge.

"Fuck. You are really hot. Let me touch you."

I gave no reply.

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