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Ada Verraine finally gets to see her husband's true face.

He nixed the breakfast, but did say he'd accept a cup of coffee. I had just ended the call in time. I could see that Jennie was getting impatient.

"You were right, Doug-it was a long day. I enjoyed being with your mother, but the ride back was really boring."

"The Long Island Railroad is strictly a commuter line. There are people who do that very trip five days a week-the price of living in that area, I guess."

"Where did you live when you were working?"

"Closer in...much closer in-I lived and worked in Hicksville which is on another line. There are three-North, Central, and South."

"Interesting, but not now; I have my mind on something else." She almost tore the clothes from my body and a minute later hers followed. "Now, don't forget who's doing the doing." I just laughed as she gently lowered me to the bed. I lay in the center of the big king bed with my right arm out to the side, exactly as instructed while Jenny showed me just how much she loved me. She rubbed her swimsuit model's body over mine, her nipples moving into my mouth and hand as we kissed and kissed and groped each other unashamedly.

I had two fingers in her, my thumb on her hard swollen clit as she stroked me furiously. There was a time in the not so distant past when that was my only means of relief. A lot had changed since Jennie had come into my life. I'd hoped to marry, but never imagined it would be to a goddess like Jennie. It was all I could do to resist pulling her onto my rod, that's how hot I was for her. She must have been clairvoyant because just seconds later she moved up onto my body and rubbed me into her dripping slit. I had closed my eyes, but heard her moan as she slid down until our bodies met.

I couldn't help myself-I began to move with her, driving my cock as deeply into her as humanly possible. Jennie was right-it was a very long day and my arm didn't make it any easier. It felt as though I was being stabbed over and over as the day progressed. However, what I was feeling now with my wonderful wife was worth everything I had endured.

Let's face it-there are only so many variations for sex. Sure there're oral and anal, although I didn't find the thought of that terribly appealing, and there's genital sex. I'd had plenty of manual sex over the twenty-plus years before meeting Jennie. In spite of the obvious limitations, sex with Jennie was never dull. She had such energy and so much love to share that I was never bored. Tonight was as exciting as ever even though I was exhausted. The pain in my arm had given me a miserable night's sleep. I'd slept through the night, but Jennie had told me I was tossing and turning the entire time.

Jennie tried something new on me tonight, flexing her vaginal muscles and squeezing my cock like never before. "Oh God!" I was practically screaming as I came and came again until Jennie covered my mouth with hers. She covered my face with kisses once I had settled down. I could barely speak, but somehow I managed to croak, "You didn't."

"That's not important. You'll get me tomorrow. I know how tired you are. Why don't we get room service? That's something I always wanted to do."

"What about Lady? She has to eat and we have to put her out."

"I can do both. I know it's dark, but I won't go into the park and I'll have Lady with me." I thought about it for a minute before struggling to get out of bed. "I'll come with you then a quick shower and we can call down for food. How does that sound?" Jennie gave me a sour look, but helped me to get up and dress. I fed Lady and ten minutes later we stood together in the park. Several young toughs walked nearby, but continued past us when Lady growled. One group even recognized Lady from the TV news as they shouted, "Nice going, man," and other congratulatory remarks. All the same I was pleased when we were safely inside the Plaza's lobby.

We ordered steaks, probably the best choice for room service, baked potatoes, and a pitcher of iced tea.

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