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A prize at the lottery.

She gave a naughty smirk. "I mean... you guys get naked and I put on a blind fold... then I try to guess who's who."

Ben grinned at this. "Sounds good to me." He looked over at his 'twin'. "What about you, Pete?"

Peter was a bit unsure about it. It was seeming like making the tapes were causing MJ's libido to come fully to life, which was kind of exciting, but at the same time it was making her want to try new things. He shrugged it off. Ben was essentially himself, only with slight differences, so it wouldn't be anything totally wrong. He nodded. "Yea, sounds like it could be a lot of fun."

They went back into the bedroom and found a piece of fabric to use as a blindfold, tying it firmly around Mary Jane's head, blocking her eyesight. Then Pete and Ben stripped down and spun MJ around in circles for a little bit, to get her thoroughly disoriented. They stopped her facing them and let her go. Mary Jane smiled and stepped forward, reaching out to touch the both of them. She felt their muscular chests and ran her hands over the muscles. Her hands moved downwards, through two identical patches of pubic hair before she reached a familiar hardness.

Mary Jane wrapped her fingers around the cocks she found and felt every inch of them, gently. She could feel their breathing grow a bit heavier and she gave each of them a jerk. She moved lower still and cupped their balls in her hands, playing with them a bit and tickling them. MJ dropped to her knees and went to the prick on the left first, taking the head into her mouth and sucking a little. She tasted some precum coming from the tiny slit and licked it up, taking some more of the rod into her mouth. She inched more and more of it into her until her nose was buried in the pubic hair and the head was pushing into her throat.

MJ sucked hard on the dick in her mouth, reaching over to the other and jerking on it. Her throat muscles contracted and squeezed and she was greeted with a burst of cum being pumped straight down her throat. She kept sucking until the load was fully in her stomach and then she stood back up, face to blindfolded face. She leaned forward and brought her lips to meet the other pair of lips in front of her and kissed him deeply. Her tongue moved into his mouth and wrestled with the other tongue she found there. Then she broke away and moved to the second body standing there.

Mary Jane reached down and took hold of this new cock, making sure it was nice and hard. She pushed the body back onto the bed and climbed up onto him, straddling his waist. She lowered herself down onto the hard on, feeling it slide into her and she smiled. "Now comes the real fun," she said, and started grinding her hips down into her new lover. As she moved up and down, she felt hands being placed on her tits and squeezing, fingers pinching at her nipples. MJ moaned as she felt her nipples tighten under the caresses. It wasn't long before a mouth followed the hands and started sucking on her breasts, one of his hands moving down to her ass. She let out a cry of pleasure as she felt her nipple being pinched between his teeth and her ass being grabbed hard.

Suddenly, Mary Jane was being pushed around, laying her back on the bed, her lover now positioned over her. He started to thrust into her hard, kissing along her neck and squeezing her boobs. Her moans grew in pitch as she felt an orgasm approaching, but before she got there, her lover's load shot into her. She felt the warm seed flowing into her and her lover's head drop to her chest, breathing heavily. She lifted his face back up and kissed him full on the lips, much like she had the other man. After a little while of kissing, she broke off and grinned. "Hello, Tiger," she said.

Peter was a bit surprised. "How'd you know it was me?"

"The kiss," she replied, pushing the blindfold off of her. "You're physically identical, but you kiss totally differently." She gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Dammit, Pete," Ben said, standing at the end of the bed watching them.

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