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She lived the perfect life where is her dream.

She sucked in her breath and replied to Annie; "Wha, wha, what are you talking about Annie, I never!"

"Come on Cecilia, who do you think you're kidding? The first thing I noticed when I came into the bedroom were your panties. They were so tiny; I knew they couldn't be Lucy or Ruthie's. What really gave it away was the way you scooted around me and after that I looked back down and they were gone. Why would you kick them under the bed unless they were yours? So tell me now truthfully, who made you cum better Eric or me?"

She licked her swollen, wet lips and searched Annie's eyes with her own and when she saw the glint of amusement in them, she knew she wasn't going to have the shot kicked out of her; "Well Annie all I can say is apples and oranges!" A huge smile crossed her lips and she repeated; "Apples and oranges, do you know what I mean Annie? They were both fantastic and just knowing I was allowed to experience both of you, well all I can say is, when can we do it again?"

Annie giggled and spoke up; "I'm not exactly happy, but I understand. Eric is a very viral man and seeing he was without me all that time, he just couldn't help himself. I wasn't so saintly either. How do you think I paid for these titties to be enhanced? I took care of three doctors and two nurses and they took care of me in more ways than you can imagine."

Suddenly Annie rolled over and Cecilia was above her; "Okay Cecilia, let's see if you can put into practice what I just did to you!"

Cecilia leaned forward and slowly raked her silky light blonde hair across Annie's lush curves. Annie's nipples got even stiffer when Cecilia's hair was feathered across her nipples. Cecilia's open mouth closed over Annie's and their tongues whipped form one mouth to the other.

Cecilia moved to the nape of Annie's neck and sucked and nipped at the sensitive flesh. Moving lower she began to suck and lick at her newly stiff tits and as she did this, her hand drifted down to Annie's pussy. Her fingers wiggled through the folds and slid deep into her moist canal.

Annie wiggled her hips trying to make harder contact with Cecilia's fingers. At the same time she arched her back trying to shove more of her tit flesh into the glorious mouth attacking her tit!

Cecilia moved downward planting wet kisses along Annie's lush sensitive flesh. When she reached Annie's steamy pussy she took a deep breath inhaling the musky scent. Letting out a wild groan, she dropped down and began licking and sucking like a woman possessed on Annie's cunt.

Annie was shocked at the ravishing Cecilia was inflicting on her cunt. It seemed like Cecilia's lips and tongue had enveloped her entire pussy and when Cecilia found her clit and shoved three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, she shot off like a rocket. She covered Cecilia's lips and chin with her hot creamy mixture.

Cecilia drank down Annie's tasty cum and slowed her sucking; now only sliding her tongue up and down her slit in slow deliberate swipes. Planting a deep soul kiss on her bubbling hole she broke contact and slid up and planted her lips on Annie's.

The two of them hugged one another and Annie slowly combed her fingers through Cecilia's silky locks; "That was amazing Cecilia, you're a natural and once I recover from that intense orgasm, I'm going in for seconds!"

"Mmmmm Annie, that sounds great, I can't wait for seconds!" She smiled down at Annie and planted tiny kisses all over Annie's face.

Annie giggled and looked up at Cecilia' "Okay, okay you're worse than a child on Christmas morning!" She rolled Cecilia over and dispensed with the preliminaries quickly sliding down Cecilia's tight trim body and spreading open the tight pussy lips she clamped her lips over the tight hole and began to suck hard.
Cecilia thought her inner pussy was being torn from her body. She grunted and grasped hard on Annie's head, pulling her even tighter to her pussy.

Annie suddenly let out a loud groan and fell hard against Cecilia's body.

Behind her a naked Eric had just shoved his stiff cock deep into his wife's p

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