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She becomes my private nurse.

I felt his hands stroking my hair...my tongue licking all around his shaft....to the tip. I gasped as I saw the precum glistening and quickly licked it...taking him into my mouth.

I felt him thrust into me. Gentle at first ... then more forceful. His hands held my head as he tilted my head slightly. I felt the head of his cock enter my throat and felt myself begin to gag. He pulled out slightly and stroked my face to calm me. Pushing inside my mouth again. Pushing into my throat slightly then pulling out. He did this a number of times, helping me work through the gag...and then I felt it. I felt his cock in my throat. I moaned as he thrust into me. I listened to his breathing. His moans. My hands moved to his balls and as I squeezed them slightly I heard his gasp.

I had never had a man this deep into my mouth before. He was so gentle with me. Yet he knew and felt what he could do to me. I felt him pull out a little...and his breathing quickened. My hands played with his balls as my mouth continued to work his cock. He pushed deep into me again and then pulled out slightly. We went back and forth this way a couple of times until I felt his spasms. I heard his moans. I heard him crying out as his hot cum shot down my throat. He pulled out a bit and I sucked hungrily, milking his cock. His cum continuing to fill my mouth. I swallowed his cum. I never thought about not swallowing him. I continued to hold him inside my mouth, then slowly pulled him out. Holding his cock, kissing it...I looked up at him and smiled. Tears flowing from my eyes...he pulled me up to him and kissed me deeply.

He pulled the sheet from the bed and we climbed in. I settled into his arm as his other hand began to stroke my body. My breasts fit in his hand and he was able to squeeze and tweak and pinch and do wonderful things to them. His fingers tickled my belly and I could feel his fingertip drawing pictures on my skin. I giggled a few times and he kissed me. We didn't speak...we didn't need to. I know we can read each other's minds. I knew it when I decided to come back. I knew it by the way we were together. I had never felt this way before. The one comment he had made to me in the elevator about his being old enough to be my father. I had laughed and said yeah so. He pinched my ass and told me I was a smart ass. I felt so comfortable with him. So natural.

I looked over at him and asked if he planned to touch me further. He smiled at me but didn't answer. Then he got up. Oh no what did I do? I'm a submissive I'm not supposed to be forward. I watched as he moved to the closet, coming out with a small duffel bag. He set it on the bed and I sat up. He looked at me quickly and I knew to lay back down. He opened it and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and made his way to me with them. Again no words were said...his eyes just looked at me. I held out my wrists as he put one cuff on me, then pulled my arms over my head, threading the cuffs through the rail on the headboard and cuffing the other wrist. I heard the click as it locked.

Watching him he returned to the duffel and removed chains and cuffs, which he attached to the foot of the bed, then he held out his hand for my left foot. I moved it toward him as he slipped the cuff around my ankle and tightening the chain so there was no play with my leg. He did the same to my right. Then he spoke to me and said that I had given him my trust. I answered that I had.

Again he disappeared into the bathroom this time. He came back with shaving cream, a wet cloth and a razor. I felt my eyes widen....I had waxed my bikini area but kept a little bit of pubic hair. I must have looked panicked because he walked to me and kissed my lips. He knows already that his kisses calm me.

He sat on the bed between my spread legs.

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