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Crazy thoughts. So he wasn't alone in his mind fucked situation after all.

'Here, I'll help you,' he said, helping Jake as he hunted for anything useful. They found one small saucepan, two spoons, one fork and a plastic butterknife, three glasses, a bowl, a cracked plate and a baking dish.

'Real fucking great hotel this shithole is Ethan, well fucking done,' Jake spat and Ethan looked miserably at the floor.

'Hey, don't take it out on Ethan mate,' Aaron said defensively, but Ethan shook his head.

'It's fine, he's been mad at me all morning, I've obviously pissed him off somehow, so just leave it, he'll calm down eventually.'

'Oh fuck you Ethan with you're optimistic pretty boy attitude. You're pathetic, alright? You can't book a decent hotel, you can't play football, you can't even fuck a girl.'

'Hey now,' George said, standing between Jake and Ethan, the latter of whom had stood up now, his face reddening and his fists balling. 'Calm down Jake, this isn't like you.'

'Isn't like me? Fuck you. Fuck all of you!' he spat, his eyes angry and bloodshot as he stormed out of the suite.

'What the actual...' Aaron whispered and George looked round at his two friends in equal bemusement.

'Should one of us go after him?'

'No,' Ethan said bitterly, 'he needs the time to calm down. He's freaking out because he can't remember anything, he thinks he's being drugged, he's paranoid.'

'Maybe he's not,' George said quietly and Ethan looked at him and then Aaron in surprise.

'You guys don't remember either?'

'No, do you?'

'No...' he said quietly, 'but drugged food really? Maybe we had too many drinks out last night, or... or...'

'Ethan come on man, we've all gotten fucked before. This is some next level shit,' Aaron said and Ethan nodded.

'I'd be lying if I didn't admit it's strange. But Jake, he's gone off the rails crazy,' he ran a hand through his hair. 'Shit, no I should go after him, he could be in trouble...'

'I think you're right about him needing the time to calm down,' Aaron said quietly. 'He's a natural hothead, we all know that. We just need to work out what to do to make it better by the time he's back.'

'I just wish I knew why he's mad at me in particular,' Ethan said sadly. Neither Aaron nor George had an answer.

It was an hour later before their stomachs started gurgling, and George found himself fantasising about the buffet downstairs. It couldn't be drugged, it just tasted so good. Maybe if he just ate a little it would be fine? No. He stopped his thoughts midway, rocking backwards and forwards where he sat trying to drive the image of the tantalising spread from his mind.

'George?' Ethan asked warily, 'you're er- looking a little strange there buddy...'

'I'm fine,' he snapped back. Why was Ethan such a know-it-all? A handsome know-it-all, always butting his nose in where it wasn't wanted.

'You sure?' Aaron asked, George's temper flared further still.

'Leave off will you?!' he snapped.

He heard Ethan whisper to Aaron quietly, 'this is just how Jake started this morning, the rocking and the eyes...'

'I can hear you you know,' he said flatly and Ethan and Aaron both turned their heads to look at him, a mixture of fear and intrigue in their expressions. He closed his eyes, trying to control his breathing, he was calm. He wasn't angry. 'I'm... I'm just hungry.'

'Yeah me too,' Aaron admitted, 'look lets see if there's anything Jake bought that we can eat.'

They rustled through the bags of shopping and pulled out some fruit and biscuits. George looked at the apple in his hand, slightly discoloured and lumpy. He took a bite and spat it out immediately, the bitter rotten taste lingering in his mouth.

'That, is disgusting,' he said spitting out the remnants of the apple.

'Um...' Aaron said shifting through the bags, 'here have this. You like these.'

Aaron handed him a chocolate bar, and he ripped it open eagerly.

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