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Nurse Sue receives his *special* oral care.

Now I stood completely nude, before this very beautiful man while five couples stared at me.

He told me to pirouette for him and I obeyed. The audience softly clapped and then Genie came over and taking my hand, led me in a slow walk around the room as if showing off a prize to those assembled spectators. Then she began to lead me away. The heels on my shoes made a sort of clicking noise on the floor as I left, and was escorted into another room

In the center of the room was a raised round bed or platform covered by a thick mattress. To one side was an end table on which rested a phone similar to the one I had at home.

I was seated and she removed my shoes. Now I watched as the other couples entered the room from another doorway and took their places on small couches lined around two sides of the room. They had discarded their clothes and sat on the loveseats and quietly waited.

Now only the subdued light from above lit the room and they became invisible spectators. Suddenly there was a gasp from the women in the room. My Rex had entered and as I turned to gaze at him I saw a vision.

He was nude, and his shaft swayed with each step he took. My god but he seemed larger then the dildo he had sent me.

His body was glistening in the subtle light and I was entranced, as were the others, by his cock. He approached me and stood perhaps two feet away. His shaft seemed to waver in front of me, enticingly close, and then I heard the phone ring. It was midnight.

My body shook as my pussy began to ooze droplets of clear viscose fluid. The flow slowly began to run down the insides of my thighs. My clit tingled and began to swell and my nipples started to expand and stood erect in the centers of their areoles.

I stood and turned towards him. He simply smiled and whispered. "Suck me!" I immediately knelt before him and reached out. Cupping his balls in my left hand and directing his shaft to my lips with my right hand.

My mouth opened and my head moved forward. My saliva began to drip in a stream from between my partially parted lips and then they encircled and drew his shaft into the warm wet recess of my mouth.

The audience gasped as I hungrily began to suck his cock. I was amazed that I could do this in front of strangers.

Within moments his shaft began to expand. I began to move my head fore ward then back repeatedly. He was holding perfectly still as if entranced by the sensation of my tongue as it swirled around the rim of his expanding cock.

Softly muttered words drifted thru the room. "Look at her go," "God he's getting long," "Watch her, she's hungry for it."

Now he had expanded immensely. It was almost as if a balloon were inflating in my mouth. I held my breath as I drove his now inflated cock deep to the back of my throat. Again and again his shaft stabbed the back of my palate and slid down my throat. I was more sucking and licking then anything else and the slurping sounds were mostly from the saliva filling my mouth.

Suddenly Genie took a firm grip on my shoulders and pulled me off his rigid shaft. I felt its head slip from between my lips, and as it was freed it sprang upwards. It was blurred to my vision and all I could see this close to him were his balls, but as she helped me stand I could suddenly see the results of my efforts.

His rod stood proudly upward, almost parallel to his abdomen. The audience gasped and one phrase, uttered by some woman echoed in my ears. "Marvelous, he's absolutely marvelous, and she is really good."

Genie stood behind me, and suddenly I felt her place a blindfold over my eyes. She turned me and led me to the platform and turned me so I could sit on it. Then she helped me move to the center and softly whispered, "Lie back, you'll be just fine, just lay back and I'll take care of you."

Than I heard the rustling of clothing being removed and I knew that she too, was now nude.

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