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Carol and Mercy and Jimmy, makes three in a bed.

I always look back in disappointment at myself at the fact I finally had the courage and confidence to ask her out after we graduated.

It was towards then end of the night of our graduation party, I was just about sober to start to drive people back to their homes and I had noticed Karen sitting in a chair by one of the dinner tables. Although she seemed fine from afar, other than the obvious alcohol intoxication, something seemed wrong. I asked a few of her closest friends and they said she was fine. Out of doubt, I approached her to see if she was ok. Instantly i knew she had classic alcohol poisoning. (6 years of pharmacy school and befriending a few doctors, some things become obvious) I got a few guys to help me put Karen in the back of my car and I sped off to the hospital. (Would have been a waste to call 911, since we were just a 10-minute drive away) I called ahead to the ER, and luckily I knew the triage doctor on duty, and they had the stomach pump equipment ready when I arrived)

Two days after her painful ordeal with the stomach pump, I visited karen to see if she felt better. After some hesitation, Karen was convinced to come to New York City with me for a few days, I had to move some stuff home, and I convinced her that she needed some fresh, open road air since she still felt hung-over, and promised I'd take her to the beaches on Long Island for a change in environment. She had visited the City during college, but she didn't know about some of the good spots frequented by us 'natives'.

We went out everyday as two friends would go out for fun. But the day before we had to head back to Albany, she didn't feel like going out. Instead, she just wanted to slow down and snuggle up on the couch with a good drink and watch a movie. This was fine for me, since I myself was the stay-at-home type. It was coincidence, luck, or fate, but most of they movies we watched that day were the heart-warmer types. The very last movie we were watching was "Love Actually", but our attention was focused on each other after the first half.

Throughout that day when we watched the movies, she'd snuggle up against me sometimes, but during this movie her snuggling seemed different. We spent the last half of the movie and well into the night talking, our life stories, and our separate stories from the 6 years (even in a small college, groups and cliques form like anywhere else), anything and everything. We eventually talked ourselves tired and wanted to head to bed. It was then that I had noticed, not that we didn't like it, we had somehow gotten into a spooning position. We were both pretty comfortable as it were and didn't feel like moving, so we just slept on the couch for the night.

The next day when we got back to Albany, as I dropped Karen off at her place, she said "Michael, I had a lot of fun this past week. Thanks for convincing me to come to the City with you."

"I had a lot of fun too Karen. I was wondering if you would like to that stuff again sometime, I mean, we don't have to go out, we can just hang out indoors" (oh, stupid, stupid, that didn't sound right. and that just totally lacked subtlety.)

"Maybe," she said as she gave me one of those mind-blowing smiles.

That "Maybe" 6 years ago led to where we are right now. We've been married for 3 years now, after living together for 1, and steadily dating for 1 year before that. And here I am seeing my beautiful wife slipping on a pair of nylon sweatpants.

"Ok, ready."

"Where's your bags?"

"Right next to you."

"Right" as I picked up her luggage and headed downstairs.



"You're forgetting something."


"You said you'd carry me to the car."

"I guess I did," I said as I walked back into the bedroom.

As crude as it was, I decided to carry Karen over my right shoulder like you would sling a knapsack, since i had a fairly large piece of luggage in my left hand.

"Not what I had in mind," as she playfully smacked my butt.

"This can be fun," I said as I slipped my right hand, still cold from outside, under her pants and thong and st

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