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A gastronomic delight can be very satisfying, if made right.

It was still pretty hot outside so Lilia took off her halter top and put it in the car--now she was wearing just her denim shorts and a pink and white bikini top.

My mouth was watering and had to struggle to keep my tongue in my mouth. She looked really good! I wanted to look for a secluded place so that we could be alone. Fortunately, the park was not busy and there were not a lot of people around to begin with. We started to walk through the woods. After about ten minutes of walking, we found a nice spot about a hundred feet from the lake. Lilia helped me to put up the tent.

This involved her to bend over and stretch a lot-very exciting! Once we got the tent up. We grabbed the food, found a grill and table, and had dinner by the lake. After we ate, we took a walk along the lake. We strolled out onto a pier and sat out there for nearly 2 hours. I put my arm around Lilia and pulled her closer to me. A minute later, I leaned over and gave her a little kiss on her lips. As I continued to kiss her, I started rubbing her tummy and her thighs. She is very ticklish so she started to push me away. This was going to be a very nice trip.

It was dark now and I was ready to have fun with my girlfriend. We walked back to the tent, lit a lantern and then started to make out with her. I started kissing her again and again. Then I moved down to her chest and started to slowly kiss her on her chest. Once I kissed every inch of her chest, I then laid her down on the ground and started kissing her tummy. I sucked and kissed a while, then I rolled her over. I turned the lantern down to a very low setting-to mood light level. I then ran my fingers down and kissed her back. Then I started to tickle her ribs-she fought back. Then, I decided to make this more exciting. I reached into the camping bag and pulled out the tie straps from the tents. I took Lilia's right hand and brought it behind her back, then proceeded to tie the strap around her wrist nice and tight.

Lilia asked what I was doing but I just replied, "Just wait." Now, I took her left hand and brought it around behind her back and tied it on top of her right hand nice and tight. I took yet another strap and tied both of her feet together. She could now move very little and I could now take advantage of my girlfriend and she'd have no choice but to let me. I then started to kiss right where I left off.

I ran my fingers down the sides of her ribs, up and down while I wiggled my fingers. Lilia was beginning to giggle and squirm violently. I rolled Lilia over and sat her up then started to lightly tickle her tummy. I started to tickle a little bit more and she laughed harder and tried to move away, however, I reached around her and held her close to me so she could not. Now I was tickling her on her tummy, ribs, thighs, and feet and there was absolutely nothing she could do but to take it. I was having so much fun!!!

Now I wanted to fondle her boobs, but her bikini top was in the way. I reached around her and started to untie her bikini top very slowly. Then I let it fall off onto the ground. Now I was able to view, fondle, and play with her boobs.

When I got done, I untied her feet so that she could walk but I kept her hands tied so that I could still "dominate" her. With Lilia as my slave, we took a walk along the lake once again.

We walked with my arm around her and periodically, I would kiss her and tickle her to make her laugh. She struggled and squirmed, but she was never successful in breaking out of the straps. Once again, we walked out onto the pier where we sat before and made out with her for about another half an hour. The moon was just bright enough so that I could see Lilia's beauty. I then escorted Lilia back to our tent and played with her some more.

I lied her down and pulled her shorts and bikini bottom off.

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