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Writing quickly succumbs to fucking and sucking.

"Sorry Josh, it just has to wait. I promise I'll give it to you in detail; it will be worth the wait don't you think?" Tammy said as she pushed her brother out the door and closed the door.

Joan was leaning on the wall, her eyes closed, listening and taking in all the words she hears. Images of her daughter and Harry filled her thoughts; she should be angry but instead she was thinking her own first time experience with Harry. She could attest to what Tammy told her brother. The thoughts fed her excitement she was unaware of all this time, perhaps since the meeting with Ben back in the gym. Every thought gave her chills and felt that tingle sensation in her cunt once more.

Josh turned around to convince his sister but saw the door close and was surprised to see his mother with the same surprise look on her face. He was about to say something when Joan placed her right point finger against her lips, telling him to be quiet.

Joan turned and proceeded down the hall and went in his son's room and closing it behind her as Josh entered the room.

"How long have you been listening?" Josh asked as soon as she closed the door.

"I heard it all, I could hear you two yelling from down stairs. So what do you think about all this?"

"I think I'm ready to bust my nuts, but seriously, mom? I've been imagining you having sex with a black man since we found out about Harry and now Tam? This is too much and I want to know!"

Joan blushed when she heard her son's comment, "Know what?"

"Mom, we already had sex; I could picture you and sis, but not Harry? Damn, this is driving me nuts!" Josh said as he rubbed his cock through his pants.

Seeing her son the way he act in front of her, Joan couldn't help but control her laugh, "Will you calm down and take off your clothes. What's up with you boys with this interracial thing anyway?"

Josh didn't waste time and starts to take off his clothes and at the same time watches his mother undress but didn't answer her question.

Joan took the skirt off that she uses to cover up her lower part when she goes to and from the gym. She then slid the strap of her one-piece workout suit off her left shoulder first and off her arm and did the same on the other.

Josh saw her breast pop up off the cup of her suit as she lowered the rest of it down her body, pass her hips and bent down to slid it off both her leg. He couldn't believe that it just seems only yesterday when he last saw her naked. She looked great and if not for her being his mom? She could pass as another teenager. He stood there in aw seeing her mother only with her rubber shoes and panty on.

Joan reached up behind her head and fixed the ponytail of her hair. She gave her son a smile and hooked her thumbs by the garter of her panty as she squat down taking her panty down and off her leg.

Josh just slid his boxer off his right leg when his mother stepped in front of him and took hold of his hard cock as she look up to him.

Joan starts to stroke his cock sliding her hand up and down its entire length and then pushing him backward towards the bed. Looking up at him, "So what do you want to know?" she asked.

Josh felt the edge of his bed behind his leg, embracing Joan as he sat down, taking her on top of him as he lay down on the bed.

Joan sat straddling Josh's thighs between her legs, her knees on both side of his hips, as she continues to stroke Josh's cock, "Is he big?" she heard him asked.

Joan smiled and nodded, "Just a little compared to this and your father's, if that what you meant?"

"Come on mom, who are you kidding? You know what I saw in our guest room that day, I could piece things together." Josh argued.

Joan felt her face turn red; she thought Josh wouldn't catch her if she changes the facts a little. "Ok, it's really big," she said finally, "I couldn't even get my fingers completely around it, maybe a good inch or so," she added. Then she thought she felt his cock got bigger while she strokes it.

Josh's cock got harder as he pictured Joan w

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