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After looking around for a moment, she spotted Penny lying in her hut, asleep. She checked the rabbit's food and water bowls, and, finding both full, sat down in the grass and pulled Penny out of her hut.

Twenty minutes and much play later, Hannah sat Penny back in her hut and stood up, brushing off her skirt. But as she ran her hand over her stomach and brushed off the dirt that had transferred from Penny's paws to her dress, Hannah felt a familiar pang in her bladder.

She had had to pee only a little when she left her house, but now she really had to go. Realizing that she had no key and couldn't get inside, Hannah sighed and looked around.

Through the thin trees, Hannah could see to the next house. Her neighbor was working in her garden, turned away from Mandy's house. Hannah thought for a moment about going over and asking to use Mrs. Cooper's restroom. But then she realized.

This was the perfect time to be bad. No one was at Mandy's house, and Mrs. Cooper wasn't paying attention.

Hannah looked around. Where is the worst place to do this, she asked herself. She wanted to be bad. She wanted to be sooo bad. She wanted to get that release she felt when she did this; the release from her good girl exterior, the release of being bad.

Suddenly, she saw it. Across the backyard, right in front of the tree line, was a grouping of outdoor chairs with cushions on them.

I am so naughty, she thought. SO naughty. She knew it was nasty, gross, depraved. But she wanted it more than anything at that moment.

Walking slowly towards the chairs, Hannah thought about what she was about to do. She was about to deface her friend's parent's property. But they would never know it was her. No one would know that it was she, Hannah, that had pissed right on their chair.

Hannah stood in front of the chair and looked down at it. The light tan material was sure to stain, badly. She felt a tiny pang of guilt for ruining Mandy's parent's chair. But the guilt dissipated quickly. It gave way to excitement.

Hannah had peed places she shouldn't have before. Outside, in sinks, in showers. But she had never done something this bad. And she was excited to be bad.

Lifting her skirt, she grabbed the top of her panties, bringing them down. But when they were halfway down her legs, she stopped. Hannah wanted to make the most of this feeling. She wanted to get the thrill of pissing in her panties, in addition to the feeling of peeing right on a cushioned chair, outside. So she pulled her panties back up her legs, shivering when they hit her wet sex.

Hannah's heart pounded and her bladder throbbed. She was almost bursting now; her bladder was full to the brim.

Trembling with excitement, Hannah turned around and lifted her skirt, pulling it out of the way. She sat down, felt her panties and the cushion pressing into her pussy. She felt the wetness between her lips; she was extraordinarily excited by what she was doing.

Looking up and around one last time, Hannah realized that she was in full view of the driveway. It doesn't matter, Hannah, don't be silly, she told herself. If anyone sees you, you'll just look like you're sitting on the chair, watching the birds. And besides. No one will come.

Hannah took a deep breath and pushed. She felt a small trickle of golden liquid escape her lips and wet her panties, but she realized that she was too nervous to allow her bladder to fully open.

Calm yourself, Hannah scolded her mind. You like this, remember? And no one is going to come.

Taking another cleansing breath, Hannah started peeing again. This time, her piss gushed from her full bladder. In an instant, Hannah felt a million different things. The breeze on her skin and the realization of how depraved she was being combined to give her raging goose bumps.

The grass on her toes made her feel close to nature, but the feel of the chair reminded her that she wasn't just pissing outside like any other animal, she was being bad

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