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General's daughter enjoys herself with captive babe.

"We have done this before, I think." She said, as she looked down between her legs.

"See, your memory is not as bad as you think."

Seeing her stand, Sean hurried to retrieve a towel and pat his mother's bush and pussy dry, squatting to get her legs.

Irene, looking down, studied her son as he poked his nose into her bush. She felt his tongue lick at her pussy. Everything seemed so strange to her. Suppressed sexual feelings maybe, feelings she would never admit to having, began to simmer inside of her.

Rising up, Sean placed his hands on her buttocks to pull her close, his erection pushing between her legs. Sean kissed her passionately. She seemed to return the kiss. Keeping his lips glued to her, he maneuvered her slowly backwards across the short distance across the bedroom to the bed. As her legs contacted the edge of the bed, they involuntarily buckled dropping her to the bed. He then maneuvered her length-ways on the bed.

In the very small bedroom, the bed sat next to two very tall windows that looked out upon the roof of the complex. They were without curtains as there was no fear of anyone seeing in and his mother said she liked to look at the stars and moon. He had always fantasized about fucking her next to those windows, daring but safe. His fantasy was about to become real.

"Now, mom, just shut your eyes. I'm going to place your feet on my shoulders."

Sean hoped that his mother had never experienced oral sex, male to female anyway.

Having just cleansed her pussy, Irene vagina was still quite dry. Still a bit confused, but still willing to allow her son to have his way with her, she felt a little embarrassed as he took position between her legs and placed her feet on his shoulders. Unused for many years, her clit proved to be a bit numb to the sensations caused by her son's tongue as he began probing.

Sean had been licking his mother's clit for many long minutes without any moan or positive reaction from her at all. He was in no big hurry and was enjoying his mother's pussy, but he was beginning to wonder if a woman her age had any feelings left between her legs. He did not want her to think he was uncaring, but regardless of her satisfaction or participation he was going to fuck her this day.

"That's good, son." She finally moaned. "That's real good!"

Sean breathed a sigh of relief as he heard the lustful tone of his mother's voice and felt her hands toying with his ears and head.

"I had no idea anything could be this good!" She moaned. "You're not going to stop, are you? I want to try and come! I always had such a hard time! Please be patient and don't stop!"

Sean had no intentions of stopping. He reached around his mother's legs, taking his fingers and pulling her labia open to fully expose her clit. Her pussy was beginning to liquefy in his mouth as her ass began to hump against his face.

Many long minutes pasted as Irene's mind and body sought the release they craved.

To Sean, it seemed as if it was going to take forever to bring his mother to orgasm. His eyes strained upwards as he watched her.

"Sean! Oh! Oh! Oh! AAAgggggggggg!"

Sean held her legs apart against her desire to slam them shut on his head. She beat the back of her head against the pillow, Moaning deliriously. She pulled at his hair. Eventually her body stopped convulsing and she lay breathing heavily.

Sean continued to lick and caress her clit content in the knowledge that he now had sexually satisfied his mother. She had come so strongly that he wanted to make her come again.

"That was so damn good!" She exalted. "If you do that for Ann, why isn't she screwing you more often?"

She remembered his complaining about his sex life, but he had been doing that for eight years.

Sean did not feel compelled to answer her question. She seemed quite content to let him tease her clit as long as he wanted.

The minutes ticked by and she was soon moaning and humping his face as before. His hands slipped under her ass and he lifted her ass, sticking his tongue into her pussy.

"YES! YES! Damn you yes!" She squealed, as

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