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Mom says no to a new puppy, so daughter makes mommy the pup.

When she opened her eyes that next morning however, Helen found herself fidgety and far from rested. The fantasy she'd allowed herself to have (twice) during the night had somehow hit uncomfortably close to home.

Not only did Helen have to get her still groggy body out of bed and ready to head to school, she also had the weight of her guilty conscience, knowing she would have to face the object of her sickly perverted late night dream when she got there.

The fact that a 28 year old man had somehow become the centerpiece of one of Helen Conway's fantasies frightened the 65 year old widow to no end. The more she tried to convince herself in the shower that it was only a dream and that it meant absolutely nothing, the more she found it difficult to hold the slick bar of soap in her trembling hands.

Shame was a trait Helen possessed in spades, thus she felt herself starting to blush each and every time she tried to make eye contact with Jess that day in class. Why she felt the depth of guilt over her decadent and devious fantasies of the night before would take a little more soul searching to put her finger on. Jess had overtly done nothing to set those feelings in motion, yet there he was at the center of the breach of her emotional dam.

Thankfully there had been enough obstacles with the kids' behavior that day to divert Helen's focus from her inner demons. With at least one discipline issue with a kid each class, Helen and Jess had their hands full just keeping everyone on task.

"No way either one of us could do this on our own," Helen found herself commenting to Jess between one of the class changes.

"I know I couldn't with classes this size," he sighed. "They don't have any fear these days...none at home ..and naturally none here either."

"Makes me wish I was around teaching when corporal punishment was OK," Jess offhandedly laughed. "If you could make an example out of the biggest problem, most of the little ones would go away as well."

"Yeah..I was around for awhile back then," Helen nodded, feeling herself drawn to her much younger partner yet again.

"Uh...speaking of which...I did want to apologize once again for the way Jacob acted at your use a few Sundays back," Jess said with sober softness a few seconds later after the topic of spanking misbehaving children came up.

"No apology necessary Jess," Helen smiled reaffirmingly. "We didn't hear a negative peep out of the boy for the rest of the day, did we?"

Jess shook his head in agreement.

"That sort of thing could do wonders in the classroom," Helen added. "Its a shame we've churned out so many lawyers to keep it from happening."

The two shared a quick laugh as the next class trickled in. Once again those strange butterflies had returned to Helen's stomach, and each step she took for the rest of the day was seemingly on numb and itchy feet.


Not the type for psycho-analysis, Helen Conway would have never found herself on a shrink's sofa. If she had however, several interesting things may have been divined.

As stated earlier, she was raised in a very strict family. Physical discipline was commonplace in the household for Helen and her five siblings. Of the six, she was probably the most well behaved, but Helen did get her fair share of visits on her Father's lap for backtalk or not following through with her chores.

The worst of those whippings by far came when Helen was 15. Having lied about what she'd planned on doing when she went into town with friends one afternoon, young Helen knew she was in deep trouble when she got caught by the local cops in a parked car with an 18 year old boy. All Hell seemed to rain down on Helen after she was dropped off at her house by the local Sheriff. She never saw that boy again, but she did see stars each time she attempted to sit down for the next couple of days.

In hindsight, Helen looked back with great admiration for her Fathe

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