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She's very pregnant.

why do you ask?"

"Well I have been nothing but a distraction since I arrived today. And now it seems I am creating other problems for you." He looked at her in a confused way. "well it seems your test is not the only thing in this office that is hard." and with that she moved her hand and began caressing his cock through his trousers. "Maybe I can make it up to you." she cooed.

Rachel continued to stroke his hard cock through his trousers as she lowered herself in front of him so that the zipper of his trousers was right in front of her. She leaned in and took the zipper with her teeth and began to tug, slowly lowering his zipper all the while caressing and striking him. Once she had gained full access to inside his trousers she slid one hand inside. She looked up at him and her mouth opened and she let out a little gasp as hear hand found his stiff member and realized there were no more layers of clothes between her hand and his hard manhood.

"Professor! Your not wearing anything under here! I never would have guess you go commando."

She then pulled his hard cock out of the fly she had just opened and began stroking his as she stared at it. There was a little drop of precum leaking from the head of his cock. Rachel leaned in and gently licked the precum. As she pulled away she made sure a string remained to connect her tongue to him all the while she looked him deeply in the eyes. He moaned as she did this. She then reached up and undid the buckle of his belt and quickly followed by undoing the button of his trousers. As she did this she let the trousers fall to his ankles. With his cock now fully free Rachel leaned in and begin to flick her tongue over the tip as she continued to stroke his shaft. With her other hand she began to fondle his balls as she lifted his cock slightly and let her tongue trace down the underside of his shaft. Rachel looked up and saw him looking down at her. With her eyes locked on his she began taking him into her mouth. She heard him moan. She continued to work her mouth up and down his cock as the stroked him with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. She moved further down his shaft with each motion and had his cock well lubricated with a mixture of her saliva and his precum. Rachel pulled away from him just to catch her breath a little and she looked up at him.

"Am I making up for the distraction?" she teased, but he did not answer he simply reached behind her head and pulled her mouth back to his cock. That was all the confirmation Rachel needed and immediately began working him even harder than before. As she pushed further down his cock she felt the tip press against the back of her throat. She held there just a bit longer and withdrew to catch her breath again. She then opened her mouth a little wider and pushed down, this time as she felt his cock press the back of her throat she continued to push. She felt his cock begin to slide down her throat and as it did Rachel reached under her skirt and began to play with her wet pussy. As she rubbed her clit she moved her head up and down sliding his cock in and out of her throat. She heard him moan deeply and he reached behind her head and began to push her further down.

She was so turned on it felt as though her pussy was leaking. She began to rub herself harder and faster. Soon she was so focused on rubbing herself that she had all but stopped working on the professor. Not prepared to let that ruin his time he began to slide his cock in and out of her on his own. He completely withdrew for just a second and Rachel was thankful as she needed a breather from the throat penetration, but the reprieve was short lived. Just as she had caught her breath and began sliding two fingers inside her dripping pussy he pushed his cock back into her mouth. He wasted little time and within a couple of strokes he had his cock back down her throat pushing deeper down.

His pace was picking up as he fucked her throat with both hands behind her her.

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