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I open the door, and...

We had finished eating and were sipping on our third glass of tea when the short Italian guy from the beach walked up to us.

"Mind if I join you for a minute?" he said with a friendly smile.

"No, please join us."

"Thanks. Marc Marcello," he said thrusting his hand out in greetings.

He was Italian. I wondered if he was any relationship to that Mafia guy in New Orleans. "David Allen, and this is my wife Vanessa."

"Pleased to meet you Vanessa," he said while ogling her bare body. "Say, I don't want to take up your time, but Candy and I are having an open house this afternoon in the Village."


"Yeah, the thatched roofed bungalows. We would love to have you come over. Room 12."

"What time?" I asked. I was interested in seeing what those units looked like. The next time we came, maybe we might stay in one.

"Any time after two until about dinner time."

"Okay, we might stop by Marc."

"Great! Well, nice meeting you." He was off as suddenly as he had appeared, going over to another table, presumably to invite them over too.

I paid the check. "Well babe, what's your pleasure, the beach or the pool?"

She leaned forward and said in a sultry voice, "Let's go upstairs. I want to suck your cock."

Why did she have to say it like that? My growing cock got caught under the lip of the table as I stood up. Springing free it bobbed up and down, waving at all the people, going to full attention. I felt my face burn as it flushed red. I grabbed my towel and tried to be nonchalant about hiding my stiff pecker. Truth is, I really don't think anyone noticed or if they did, gave a damn.

We got back upstairs to our room. There in a neat pile on the pub table were our swimsuits and lotions. I guess the staff didn't have much problem figuring out to whom they belonged, as I hadn't seen anyone else all morning wearing so much as a thong.

We caught a quick shower to rinse off the chlorine. V didn't waste any time, immediately going down on me in the spray. Lucky me, she really wanted it bad! My cock grew quickly to full stature in her loving mouth. She sucked and orally caressed my appreciative cock. Grabbing her by the ears, I fucked her face, pulling her into me with each thrust into her willing mouth. I felt her gag a little as my cock head hit the back of her throat before sliding down her gullet. She was getting pretty good at this. Swallowing, her throat would contract around my cock. The sensation of a good deep throat was incredible as always.

I felt my orgasm rising in my groin. I pulled my cock from her marvelous throat so that just my glans was between her sweet lips. No need for me to hold back. I gave her what she really wanted, a mouthful of my manly emissions. It's hard to tell who likes me cumming in her mouth more, her or me. Ever since I shot off in V's mouth the first time, she had developed a taste, no, make that a craving, for the taste of my semen. It was really hard for me to believe that she hadn't let a guy cum in mouth before I started fucking her, but she insisted that it was true. She had always thought that it was disgusting or something, but once she tried it, she loved it.

She stood, letting my depleted cock slip from her mouth still dripping, and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips, sharing my own cum with her. She wasn't the only one who had developed a taste for my spunk, though I really preferred sucking it out of her pussy. Must be the additional flavorings of her cunt juices.

We finished our shower, making sure every nook and cranny was properly clean. We toweled off. I wandered off to the bed while she primped her hair. I must have dozed off for several minutes.

I woke to her squirming around, moaning gutturally.

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