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He makes friends in the steam room.

" Why didn't you?" Miranda asked.

"I guess I was- I dunno- scared. It made me feel- kinda like- dirty. Did you ever--?" Lizzie looked back at her best friend.

"Yeah," Miranda let out a laugh. " Many times, actually. I'm not a pervert or anything, it just feels good."

"What do you think about when you do it?" Lizzie felt curious. It was weird how they were sitting beside each other naked and talking about really private things that they wouldn't want anyone else to know.

"Sex, what else?... Well, a lot of things turn me on." Miranda glanced away from Lizzie, cuz her best friend being one of them.

"Me, too, I guess... Sometimes I think I should try it... but..." Lizzie felt embarrassed, but still smiled.

"Did you ever think... about doing it with a girl?" Miranda blurted, thinking of all her wild sexual fantasies. Suddenly, she felt really turned on. At a time like this, she would already be sticking fingers up her tight wet hole. But she didn't want to masturbate in front of Lizzie...

"Wellll... A few times, I have... Not that I'm gay, but never say never, you know? It's always good to experiment... Isn't it?" Lizzie wondered where her friend was leading this convo.

"Seems like you'd be interested if the offer came up... Are you- horny, right now, Lizzie?" Miranda moved her naked body closer to Lizzie, breathing hot air on her neck.

"Um... I guess, talking about all this- this- sex stuff...Yeah, I think I am..." Lizzie inched a little away from Miranda's advancements.

"So, go ahead, do what you wanted to try- I dare you." She winked at Lizzie, insisting on seeing her masturbate.

"Uh... I've never done it before. Um, Miranda, I wouldn't really know what to do." Lizzie looked into Miranda's eyes, almost asking her for guidance. Lizzie decided it'd be ok to be close to her best friend, even in that close a way, becuz she did love her. And it seemed that Miranda loved her, too- in that way.

Miranda leaned over and laid Lizzie down, spreading her friend's legs. Lizzie's lower lips were very swollen, waiting in impatience for the pleasure Lizzie had only imagined before.

"Ok, you start with one finger. Put it into your vagina slowly. It might hurt at first." Lizzie did as she was told. At first she felt pain, as her finger went inside of her, but then- then she experienced tremendous amounts of pleasure shudder through her body.

"Is it wet? Good, now take the finger out and put two in." Miranda told her, and Lizzie repeated the action, stretching her skin as the fingers went in. She plunged them in harder and harder each time, feeling sticky fluids splatter every time she went at it.

"Oooooooohhhhh..." With her eyes closed, she kept fingering herself and moaning with pleasure. Lizzie felt her inner walls tighten each time until she moaned loudly and reached a point of ecstasy. An orgasm.

"How was it?" Miranda asked, seeing Lizzie's eyes roll back with pleasure. Watching Lizzie masturbate made her even more horny than she had gotten before, and she wanted to get on Lizzie as soon as she had begun. Lizze was now breathless.

"It was- oh, it was amazing...! I can't- imagine how good it would feel to get a blow job. Or to have real sex." Lizzie spread her arms and sighed of pleasure again, as it was wearing away.

"Glad you liked it. Now you see what all the big deal is about!" Miranda giggled.

"Ok, Miranda." Lizzie was now completely horny.

"I pick truth." Miranda winked and stared at Lizzie's breasts.

"Are you a... virgin?" Lizzie asked. She always wondered...

"Yeah, I am.

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