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Gift Combo of 5 Chapters. Werewolf Romance.

Crazy - and funny.

"Don't you think they're gonna wonder if you show up with me on your shoulder?"

"Not if you giggle like that. They'll just think I've brought a date who's a real bimbo."

"And they won't be suspicious when you bring a WOMAN as your date?"

"Of course they will. But they will think that I'm trying to distract them with your beauty in order to get a better deal. They won't expect a bimbo to be a linguistic genius. We're talking double-cross and triple-cross, honey!"

"What do you want me to wear?"

Ellenor has already accepted his proposal.

"Something strict yet sexy. A short skirt. A buttoned-up blouse. And... yes! BRAIDS!"

Sam's eyes have a mock-mad glimpse in them, and his voice is a deep base that sends chills down Ellenor's spine. She laughs. Now, THIS will be a challenge!

Friday night, they meet up with Eduardo Lobito, owner of `__D__game!__, and possibly Sam's future boss. Lobito has brought with him his chief editor, Enrico Navarra. They are having dinner at a Mexican restaurant called `El Gordo__, The Fat Guy, a name that must originate from the owner himself, Ellenor concludes, as the fat man greets them heartily before waddling out into the kitchen. She can only hope that his food won't have the same effect on his customers as it has had on him. Lobito and Navarra are two handsome Latin men in their late 40's. They are polite to Ellenor, but it's also clear that they don't understand why Sam has brought her along as his date. Especially Navarra, whose voice and manners are even more feminine than Sam's, seem confused. Has he been dragged along to be a temptation for Sam? She wonders. `__D__game!__ must be really desperate to get him. But is that the best they could do? A 40+ man in a buttoned-up silk shirt, with his curly hair glittering of gel, and a thick gold chain hanging around his neck, disappearing in the fur on his chest. Who does he think he is, Julio Iglesisas? She throws a glance at Sam, and finds to her surprise that Sam's paying very close attention to Navarra, who's trying to persuade him to try out a plate of Ropa Vieja, which is `El Gordo__'s specialty. Seriously, Sam can't be attracted to that man, can he? It occurs to her that she really doesn't know what type of men Sam prefers. But she just can't imagine that he would actually fall for a sleazeball like Navarra...!

"Se__orita, may I recommend the bean casserole?"

Lobito is focusing as much attention on her as Navarra is on Sam. Like they were on a double date, she thinks to herself.

"It's not too spicy, is it?" she asks, putting on her squeaky voice." My tummy doesn't like spicy food!"

"Well, let's see what we can find for a sensitive tummy, then," he says, and turns the page over to the children's menu. "What do you think of paella?"

"I don't think I've ever thought of that," says Ellenor.

Hey, if she's going to play the part, she might as well do it well! Lobito gives her a weak smile.

"It's rice and chicken and vegetables," he explains. "Not too spicy."

"OK," says Ellenor. "That sounds yummy!"

The waiter takes their orders and disappears out into the kitchen.

"Well..." says Lobito, and manages to take his eyes off Ellenor's deep cleavage. "Business..."

That wonderbra is every bit as good as Alicia told her. Sam discusses salary figures and benefits with Lobito, while Navarra tries to keep up a conversation with Ellenor. She's rather interested in hearing what Lobito has to say, but Navarra's constant yapping is drowning out most of the other men's conversation. She listens with only one ear to Navarra, and her little squeaks of "oh?", "uh-huh?", and "no way!" are even more lofty than usual. There's an alarm bell ringing in the back of her head. There's something fishy going on with this deal, she can feel it. Lobito's hiding something, she's sure of it. They get through dinner, and the waiter asks if they want some coffee and dessert.

"Not for me, thanks!" she says. "I gotta watch my weight!"

An utter lie, as her metabolism can digest a freight train, but she wants to get out of there.

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