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Jack and Jennifer have an interesting flight back.


"Uh..." Jack had no idea how to respond to that loaded question. He knew how he wanted to respond, but...

Obviously reading his uncertainty, she continued. "Massage? Hand Job? Blow Job? Sex? Anal sex?..." Although she listed each offering as casually as she had his lunch entree choices, the eroticism in her smile was now unmistakable. Jack just stared at her in disbelief. She continued to smile at him expectantly for a moment, but then apparently figured she would have to take the initiative. "How about a blow job?" Her smile turned more whimsical. "They are very fresh today."


She slipped out of his lap and pushed his knees wide apart before slithering down to kneel between him and the seat in front of him It was a tight squeeze but she had just enough room, what with the first class seats being further apart than coach for more leg room, and the position placed her mouth in a very interesting location over his crotch. "May I suck your cock, Mr. Philips?"


She looked down at his bulge, then into his eyes. "As your cock seems to be straining to get free, I'll take that as a 'yes'." She lightly ran a fingertip along the outline of his shaft, causing him to grunt loudly, or what would have been loudly anywhere else. Against the background white noise of the engines and air conditioning, it was barely audible. Flight Attendant Jennifer heard it, though, and grinned smugly as she slowly lowered his zipper and reached inside to extract his hardness. She stroked it a couple of times as she continued to grin up at him, then licked her lips before lowering her head. She pursed to kiss his tip, and then kept her lips that way as his head began to invade between them, making for a very tight seal as her head inexorably descended. This groan made it several rows away, but there was still no one close enough to hear it.

Jack watched the lovely russet-tressed head bob and move slowly in his lap, disbelievingly, for awhile. This shit NEVER happens. It obviously was happening, though, and as he finally accepted it, he was able to fully appreciate the talented lips and tongue doing wonderful things to him. He wanted to close his eyes and lay his head back, surrendering to the pleasurable sensations, but he couldn't take his eyes off of the lovely red mane of hair that veiled what was going on beneath.

Her technique was exquisite, unhurried and yet ultimately undeniable. He slowly but inexorably built toward what was sure to be a massive explosion. As it approached, he said "I'm getting close," out of consideration. She didn't react, except perhaps to increase the intensity of her stimulation a bit. A few seconds later she was receiving from him every drop of cum he could pump and swallowing it eagerly. When he was completely spent she slowly withdrew, kissed the tip of his cock, and gently replaced it in his jeans. Extracting herself gracefully from between his legs and the seat in front, she straightened her uniform with unconscious grace and said, "You lunch should be ready in a few minutes, Mr. Phillips." She sauntered back up the isle, leaving Jack still only half-believing what had just happened.

Jack had barely recovered his wits when Jennifer returned with a tray. The aroma of the food came with her, and Jack realized that he was, indeed, getting a bit hungry. Instead of placing the tray on his table, though, she slipped in front of him, sat in the window seat, and placed the food on the fold down table in front of her. She uncovered what looked like a surprisingly good filet, a large baked potato, and a serving of broccoli florets. She cut open the potato. "Butter?"

Jack blinked at her for a moment, and nodded.

"Sour cream?"


"Salt and pepper?"


Finishing with the potato, Jennifer proceeded to feed Jack his lunch. It wasn't at all childish. It was erotic as hell. By the time the plate was clean, Jack was nearly satiated, and very hard once more. Now a little...

"Dessert time," Jennifer said, as if reading his mind.

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