A train is run on Mary.

She never wanted it to stop! She wanted every one of these men in her, on her however she could get them!

Her nipples ached wanting attention again and as if they could read her mind instantly there was a mouth on each tit. Sucking, biting, pulling just as she had desired! The dick in her mouth exploded and filled her throat once again. Mary swallowed as fast as she could refusing to lose any of the warm nutrients this time.

It was time, she didn't care anymore about her pride, she need to be fucked and fucked hard and thoroughly. As the dick fell from her mouth she screamed out "Fuck me! Fuck me now, all of you! I need to be fucked like the dirty whore I am!" A cheer went up from the room and she was instantly lifted off the bed and impelled onto an engorged dick. As she sat atop the cock she felt herself being pushed forward until her body lay flat on top of her fucker. Someone spit on her asshole and she felt another cock pushing to enter her ass. She had never been fucked in the ass before but her body was so horny that she didn't try to resist. She allowed herself to relax and invite the thick pole to invade. It burned and hurt as he pushed past her sphincter but as he pushed though and buried the huge cock deep into her bowel her body shook in instant orgasm.

Mary screamed in pleasure "Oh my God. Yes fuck my ass, harder, fill me up with that dick." The two dicks moved in unison filling her pussy and ass. Mary could feel the two dicks rubbing against each other with just the thin membrane between them. The sensation was exhilarating and she felt wave after wave of orgasm running though her body.

"Yes tear that ass and pussy up! Harder! Deeper!" Her words drove the men to fuck her hard and fast. Soon their bodies shook as they filled her with hot cum. "No!" Mary cried out "Not already!" She was insatiable she needed more! Quickly both dicks were replaced by new hard ones and Mary reveled in the assault.

"Yes that's it, fuck my holes good!" She trust hard against their thrusts and worked her vaginal and anus muscles on the hard dicks milking the cum from them. She loved the feel of the dicks deep in her guts and the feel of the hot fluid as it shot inside of her! Soon the cock in her ass was spasming and filling her ass and the feel of one dick spasming against his caused the dick in her pussy to erupt also.

"More! I want more!" Mary demanded and was soon feeling two more cocks sliding inside her sloppy holes. "That's right just keep fucking me.....fill me with cum!"

"Shut up and suck this dick!" A voice from the dark said as she felt a dick against her face. Once again she was sucking and craving a mouth full of cum.

"That's just how I like it, a cum slut taking two dicks and sucking on mine! You are quite the slut. Someone put on a lite I want to see this whore taking all this dick!" With the request a lamp is turned on and she twists about to see all of her men. The man under her is white and in his 30's, the man she is sucking is also white but older, maybe 40. She turns her head and sees a muscular black man fucking her ass. She looks around the room and sees maybe 20 men in all; White, black, Hispanic all waiting with hard dicks to have a turn at her.

As she watched them stroking their dicks in anticipation she enjoyed putting on a show for them and fucked the three men even harder. The black guy pulled out of her ass and spread her ass cheeks wide. "Look at that gap." She could feel her ass was wide open and smiled as many of the guys moved to get a closer look.

"Fuck her ass is full of cum! Look at it!" He pushed his dick back in and pulled it out again over and over looking deep into her anus. "Oh yeah and I am about to add more!" He slammed back into her and gripped her hips as he fucked her hard. Every stroke he pulled all the way out and slammed back in to his balls;the force of his thrusts shoving the dick in her mouth deeper down her throat and the dick in her pussy deeper into her womb.

Mary loved being brutalized by this hug

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