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Bellydancer treats her boyfriend to sex for Valentines Day.

She kept the snake's head in her mouth as she stood, then popped it out and took a quick bow to her boyfriend once again. The snake remained wrapped around her shoulders.

Diego sat up on the bed, still shocked by her new routine. His jaw-nearly dropped in awe. And, needless to say, he was as hard as a rock by this point.

"That," said struggling for words, "was oddly erotic."

Carolina bent down as she returned the snake to its bag, tying the knot so that it couldn't escape while they got intimate.

"Glad you appreciated it," she said as she looked at her partner's erect member, which noticeably bulged out of his underwear, "I'd been working on that routine with some of the girls at the studio."

She slowly made her way toward the bed, suggestively swaying her hips from side to side with each word. She then crawled up onto the bed beside her boyfriend.

"You know," she said as she rubbed her hands over his chest, "It looks like you have a snake of your own in your pants for me to charm."

She rubbed her hands across his belly, gently sliding them down to his crotch, which she then grabbed in her hand.

"How about I put that snake in my mouth," she asked, "You want me to suck on your snake now?"

Diego didn't even bother saying anything. He simply moaned and ran his fingers through her hair. Almost without warning, she pulled down his underwear and started to suck furiously on his cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she frantically tried to get as much of his engorged member into her mouth as she possibly could. After a little while of this, he tapped her on the head and got up to readjust himself. As he stood up, Carolina got down on her knees and continued to suck his cock.

"You know," he chuckled, "you look pretty good down on your knees."

Another song had come on the CD player, but neither of them noticed, or cared for that matter. Diego was lost in ecstasy as he rubbed his hands through Carolina's short red hair. She just kept sucking on his member, every once in a while working her snake-like tongue across the sensitive tip of his shaft. The metal ornaments she was still wearing shook and jingled as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. She kept going until Diego felt like he couldn't hold it back any longer. He threw back his head and shot first one, then two, loads of cum down her throat.

Then they both stood still for a moment, as if time itself had frozen. Slowly, trying to regain balance, Carolina rose to her feet and looked at Diego. A light sheen of sweat coated her body. She smiled and swallowed the rest of his cum, enjoying the salty aftertaste of her lover's jizz.

"Now that was hot," he said, as he tried to catch his breath.

"Very hot," she replied, "And it's about to get even hotter."

She walked over to the dresser and skipped forward a couple of tracks on her CD player. This time, to a Hawaiian or Polynesian sounding dance number. Diego listened to the chanting and drums as Carolina went back over to where she had set her props down and took a drink of something. She picked up some sort of torch, and lit it from one of the red candles that filled the room. As it lit up, Carolina began to dance to the island sounds, moving her hips from side to side like a hula girl as she swirled the torch.

Then, very cautiously, she brought the torch to her mouth and sprayed, shooting the flame like a volcano. Diego had never seen any woman do a stunt like that before, but like the snake dance, he found it highly erotic! She did it again, then let the fire burn out and extinguish itself.

"Oh my," she said sheepishly, "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

Reaching behind her back, she unfastened her coin bra and let it fall to the ground, revealing her pert, moderate-sized breasts in all their glory.

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