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Wife loves to show me off to her friends.

Valerie made it a point to rub me every few minutes in front of Joann. That is until Joann suggested to Valerie that is was about time she help me get rid of my problem. Val surprised me my sucking me off right there in front of her friend. After that we all ended up naked the rest of the day. I ended up eating Val's pussy and fucking her in front of her friend as Joann masturbated in front of us. All I wanted and got to do to Joann was to feel-up those nice titties she had.

Valerie enjoyed grabbing my crotch in front of her and my friends whenever she had the chance to, because she knew I liked it when she did it. We always had a fun time doing it and I don't recall anybody complaining about it.

She has also pulled down my pants, shorts, or swimsuit, depending on our location, dozens of times. Since neither Val nor I wear underwear often, this usually means my dick is exposed instantly! Many times though, instead of pulling up my bottoms, I quickly turn and pull down whatever Val has on. Which many times I think is what Val wanted to happen anyway.

Val likes for me to wear thin white swim trucks when we go to the beach. She has of course has removed the lining from inside them; she did the same for her white bikini. Making them both see-thru when wet.

We have both enjoyed going to adult movie theaters. Since our hometown doesn't have any, we have to enjoy doing this whenever we get to a town that has one. Our procedure is usually about the same, Val in a short button up dress with a few buttons already undone before we get inside and me in some loose baggy pants and t-shirt and no underwear on either of us. Val likes to try and find another woman inside and sit a few seats away from her with me between the two of them. Val immediately opens my pants and takes out my rapidly hardening cock and begins to stroke me in plain sight of this unknown woman. I of course start unbuttoning Val's dress letting all who want to look upon my gal get their eyes full while I finger her pussy. I always let Val know when I am about to cum and she will quickly bend over and take my cock into her mouth, swallowing my cum like the cum loving slut she is. She will them usually stand up and remove her dress and sits on my lap impaling herself on my cock. She loves having people watch her as she rides me to her on orgasm. She then will normally get off me and lick my dick and balls clean and then pick up her dress as I stuff myself back into my pants. She will walk naked between the seats to the aisle before she begins to put her dress back on, only buttoning a few buttons before we walk outside to get to the car. Where she will usually unbutton the dress again for the ride back to the hotel or motel we are staying in. Val has only had sex with four men in her life and will not allow any of the men in the theater to have sex with her in anyway, but does not mind having a few hands touch her ass or tits as she walks out.

Another thing we like to do is something that Val came up with after we had been married a couple years. She would tie a scarf I could just see-thru over my eyes and loosely ties my hands together. She would also put a headset on my head over my ears making it look like I was listening to music but in fact, it was off. I would sit in our car in the passenger seat with the seat reclined back. I would be nude except for a small dishcloth towel covering my dick and balls. Val always bring along a pair of my shorts stuffed under her drivers seat just incase I needed them in an emergency. Valerie would then drive me around town and around parking lots, but our biggest thrill came from going through restaurant drive-thru windows.

We would usually go though 3 or 4 a night usually getting just a drink.

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