Kaylee Meets Him - Becomes His. A fiction about adults.

He told Ray that this was their first date. She listened to every word, she heard the pride in His voice as he talked about her. As she sucked hard on the tip, popping it in and out of her tightly pursed lips, He told Ray her age. That got a chuckle from Ray. She was both embarrassed and proud of it all. Being talked about as she sucked His bull cock was degrading, but His praise of her was intoxicating. His hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit and pushing through the skinny jeans had her humping his hand like a bitch in heat. She heard the words good girl and knew it to be true. She was. Being good for Him. She knew she was getting him close to cumming. She felt the tightened grip of his hand on her head. She wanted the reward, to hear him grunt, to feel him pulse and to cream in her greedy mouth. She planned to pool it in her mouth, show him the pool of sweet cum around her tongue and with a smile, swallow that first gift. Then the cab bounced as the driver went into the parking lot driveway. She knew they were at her friend's house. He told Ray to keep the meter running as he stroked her hair and asked her if she enjoyed the date. She slipped his cock from her mouth and told Him that she had really enjoyed the date. He pulled her head up from his lap and kissed her lips and told her to put his cock away. She felt a knot in her stomach, she hadn't gotten him to cum, she hadn't fully pleased him. When he was zipped up, He got out of the cab, helped her exit the other door and walked her slowly to the apartment. He kissed her, telling her it was an amazing first date and that he wanted to see her tomorrow, for brunch. She beamed, excited at the prospect of being with him again in just a few hours. He handed her a hotel key and key folder that had the room number printed on it.

He told her to come to his room at 9:30 in the morning, to wear a nice brunch outfit with heels and that she should come hungry. She smiled, happy to know she would see him in the morning. She told him she was sorry, sorry she hadn't made him cum in her mouth when they were in the cab. He smiled and told her he was going to make sure that the first time he came with her would be more special than pumping cum into her mouth in the back of the cab and that if she was a good girl for Him, she would taste His cum a lot.

She smiled and promised she would be a very good girl and that she wanted His reward. It made her feel a bit better about not getting him to cum.

That was just two months ago. She was daydreaming about how much things had progressed when He came out of the bathroom and saw her waiting for Him on the bed. She thought about the cute little sports car he had leased for her. The shopping trips to the mall and the naughty things to wear they bought for her online. She was still the same sweet girl as always but she didn't wear cheap clothes from Target or Walmart anymore. All her shoes were now trendy and nearly every pair were platform style pumps, or strappy spike heel sandals or wedges that made her much taller and changed how she walked and stood.

He made her feel so special, so precious, so needed. And that made her ache to please Him more and make Him happy in every way she could.

She was doing just that now, wearing her slutty schoolgirl lingerie for him, toes, knees, elbows and hands on the bed, with her ass up high, pointing her pink, tight fuckhole right at the bathroom door and looking back at the door, waiting for Him.

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