What a hellishly hot day to get stuck in an elevator!


"Gotta stop," she gasped, "Feeling kinda funny."

"You need to sit down, but I don't see how we can..." It was a problem that had been waiting for them from the start. There was no way for Joe, with his bad leg, to sit. But if Laney sat he'd have to squeeze back as much as possible to make enough room on the floor. Even then, she'd be pressed against him somehow or other.

"No, it's, just..." she felt little trickling rivulets of sweat making their way down her back, down her face and she thought... No. She didn't think anything.

She unhooked her skirt at the side, started to unzip it.

"Hey, are you okay?" His hand still on her shoulder, squeezing a little... so hot. "You sure you want to do that?"

"Joe, I'm just... so fucking hot. Fuck decorum or... decency or whatever..." She had to shimmy, to wiggle just a little to slip the skirt off her hips and as it slipped down and exposed her ass and thighs to the slightly more bearable air of the elevator she breathed a sigh of relief.

She shuffled her feet, kicked the skirt six inches into the corner, covering her cigarettes. She reached back and, as gracefully as possible, extricated her bunched, sodden panties from her ass-crack. It was then, as she was straightening them out, her fingers still hooked into the thin, white fabric on either side, settling them decently back over her pert cheeks, that she heard him draw a quick, sharp breath.

Her senses were returning, and she realised this was... quite the show she was putting on for him. And now she was in her underwear with a near stranger, in a tiny, unbearably hot, humid little box.

Was that a problem? She wasn't sure.

"Are you okay?" She took another breath and she could almost taste the air. Thick, moist. It was nothing but body heat and perspiration that she was breathing in. She managed a smile.

"Um, sure. Shit, I'm fine, just worried about you."

"Was that, uh, too much?" She reached back and with no little false modesty, rested one hand on her right cheek, covering barely anything. "I feel... a lot better, sorry."

"What can I say? I'm only human." She heard the guy-ish shrug in his voice, and then the contrition, "I should've looked away, sorry." She heard it, but she was still facing forward, she couldn't see him. Twelve inches from him perhaps, she wondered how many inches he had that could... cover that distance.

Another thought like that! Her eyes went wide and she bit her lip to keep control. To stop herself from giggling.

"No, it's cool," she turned her head very slightly, looking at him out of the corner of her eye as he leaned back in the throbbing yellow neon light. "This is a crazy situation, you can't be... perfect."

"Uh," he half smiled, half frowned, "thanks."

She was still a little dizzy she realised, and when she leaned forwards, resting her head against the hot, horrible metal of the elevator, the whole room shifted. For a moment she thought it was going to drop, then she realised it was just in her head.

Fuck she was hot. She forgot about him for a moment and rearranged what little she was still wearing all over again. These goddamn bra-straps, and the clasp at the back biting into her. The bottom of the cups too - what was going on? And her panties they were... they were wet and still riding up every time she shifted her weight. And she couldn't stop shifting her weight because she couldn't sit down. Fuck this impossible shit! She reached back again and pulled the clinging, wet back of her panties away from her ass again.

That was better. She did it properly, hooking her fingers into the thigh of the panties on each side and pulling it back sharply, holding it away from her sweaty, smothered backside.

Holding it away like this, pulling the fabric of her panties away from her burning skin, felt so good. Oh god, she could almost feel air, moving across the round cheeks of her rear. She leaned forwards, resting on her head, and exposed her ass to the air of the elevator, to...

Oh shit. To Joe.

He hadn't ma

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