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Baby girl brings her daddy a new toy.

It was cool in the room, and his nipples stood out. She couldn't help herself, she reached out and twisted one as she turned to walk away. He gasped slightly and then hurried to follow her, unable to see the smile on her face.

She led him downstairs to the lower level of the house, to a large bedroom. There was a high bed with bedposts that nearly reached the ceiling, a sofa, a dresser and plenty of floor space. A man was lounging on the sofa. He didn't move, but when he made eye contact with her, she walked over and knelt at his feet, looking up at him. He leaned forward and lifted her chin slightly with his hand, "What do you have here, my precious one?"

"Daddy, this is Seth," she said. "I brought him for you."

"Did you now?" he replied. "Well, let's have a look at him."

She rose and took his hand and let him lead her over to Seth, who was still standing at the door, looking down awkwardly. She knew this was a new situation for him. He didn't have any experience with men, except for that one drunken blowjob in college. She also knew how bad he wanted this to happen. Having his control of the situation taken away was the only way he would ever carry out this fantasy.

"Turn, boy, show me what my girl has brought me."

Seth stepped away from the wall and turned around. He looked up at her and was rewarded by a smile. She stepped forward and kissed him, lightly gripping his cock as she did. "You're doing so good." she whispered. Despite his nervousness, he started to get hard. She noticed immediately and looked back at Daddy. He nodded, and she dropped to her knees. Looking up at Seth, she ran her tongue over the head of his now fully erect cock before taking him in her mouth. She worked her lips down his shaft until he touched the back of her throat. She pulled back quickly, swirling her tongue over his head before taking his length back into her mouth. She knew she was good at this, and it was confirmed when his breath started to quicken and his hips started to move.

She knew by now how easy he was to control when he wanted to cum, so she decided now was the time to get him started. She stood and took him by the hand, leading him to a soft rug in the middle of the room. She pushed his shoulders down, gently, and he dropped down to his knees, looking up at her, waiting. Daddy approached her from behind and ran his hands down her sides, then lifted her short dress and pulled it over her head, leaving her standing there nude. He handed her a pair of black leather cuffs, which she bent down and placed on Seth's wrists, then pulled his hands behind his back and hooked them together.

Daddy stepped up in front of him. "Show me what you can do with a cock, boy." he said, as he unzipped his jeans in front of Seth's face.

She knelt beside Seth and ran her fingers through the back of his hair and over his shoulders. As Daddy brought his cock up to his mouth, he tried to shy away, but she leaned in close to his ear, gripped the back of his hair and said "open your mouth, suck it like I've been teaching you". He did as he was told, opening his mouth and taking the head of Daddy's huge cock between his lips. Her hand on his head was replaced by Daddy's larger, rougher hand. He closed his eyes and started to suck and lick and she could tell he was enjoying it. Still sitting beside him, she gripped his cock and started to stroke him, slowly, steadily. Daddy had both hands on his head now, fucking his mouth in earnest, heedless of his gags. His cock was throbbing in her hand.

Daddy pulled out of his mouth and moved around behind him. He was still catching his breath when she pushed his shoulders down to the floor. Strong hands pulled his hips up and started rubbing his cheeks. He gasped as she dripped lube over his ass and ran her finger across it, pushing in a few times to loosen him up.

"Wait, I..." Seth started, before a sharp slap from Daddy landed on his ass cheek. He stopped and bit his lip, bracing himself.

She watched as Daddy pressed the head

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