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Rogue quickly got the message that she needed to stick with the script. Rolling her eyes, she huffed her way towards the taxi, shaking her fist at the couple who once again knocked her over. "This redo isn't fun!" she yelled out to whoever was listening. This was the time she expected Antonio to show up. This was his hero cue, but he wasn't there. She frowned, wondering if she should wait a little longer for his arrival.

Recalling his Silverado across the street, she looked in the gym's direction to see it missing. He wasn't there. How could it be that he wasn't there? She was following the schedule, but Antonio apparently wasn't a part of it. Confused, she hailed another cab, directing the driver to her job district. She stepped out, handing him his fare and watching the bustling people all about. Instead of fighting her way through the crowd and getting assaulted by the coffee punk, she went in the direction of grocery store in search of Grandma.

Queasiness hit her stomach causing her to double over. Once she righted her posture she found herself in front of her old workplace and frowned. Determined to get some answers, she once again turned in search of Grandma only to find herself back in the same spot. She went for it again, this time throwing up in the process, gripping her aching stomach as she began to dry heave.

"Grandma," she whispered, waiting for a response. "Grandma!" She set out on her mission to once again find her, this time dropping to her knees in pain. "GRANDMA!" Her painful scream echoed, quieting the noisy traffic and pedestrians. Time began to slow down and eventually stopped as the people parted and a woman began to approach her. It was Grandma. She was clothed in light colors and was wearing a jovial smile which enlarged the closer she approached Rogue.

"You're so stubborn, you know that?" she greeted, stroking Rogue's back lovingly.

"Grandma," Rogue wheezed, fighting a bout of nausea. "What did you do to me?"

"I'm giving you a redo, dear. Isn't that what you asked for yesterday? You figured it out so quickly, I was surprised that you had caught on." She touched Rogue's stomach and the nausea instantly ceased.

Grandma eyed her with concern. "This won't happen often, only when you want to go back or you must go back," she told her.

"What do you mean? Why is this happening? I don't understand," Rogue jumbled.

Grandma smiled, touching Rogues clothes to change her back into the beautiful maroon dress she had worn early that morning with tasteful wedges. She winked at her, chuckling when Rogue's eyes bulged out of her head in surprise. She looped their arms together and began to walk with her as she had done yesterday. "I know this a much to take in, but I'm what you modern day youth would call a fairy and I've decided to be your fairy godmother."

"A fairy?" Rogue asked skeptically. "Those are made up creatures my mom used to read about in my bedtime stories."

"Oh, we're very real. You're look at Priscilla von Trapp Countess of Inglewood, one of the very first, original fairies," Grandma told her. "But I prefer Grandma. I've lived many years and have seen many centuries, but it's been quite some time since I've seen a heart as pure as yours. Your naivety makes you an easy target for bullying." They stopped as Grandma looked up into Rogue's confused eyes.

"I'm here to watch over you, dear. I can't control your life or make you do things you don't want to, but what I can do is protect you and give you options that will lead you to a great destiny. In your future, I see countless generations. You are the one I have been searching for all these centuries."

"What? What do you mean?" Rogue asked, genuinely interested in Grandma's story. She found that Grandma had led her to a calm smoothie shack. They entered, sitting at the table and being served without having to order. Rogue looked at Grandma questioning and laughed as she merely blinked before taking a sip of her drink.

Grandma nodded her head towards the smoothie, "Try it," she told her. "You'll like it."

Rogue lifted the dri

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