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She was 'The One'. I was the one among many.

One was Sarah on a desk at the front of a lecture hall, her legs spread wide, a grin on her face and one finger beckoning towards the camera. In the foreground I could see that the seats were all occupied by black men! The next photo was of Sarah on her knees, face completely covered in sperm and a pint glass in her hands. It too was full to the brim with semen. A third picture showed her in the process of drinking the contents of the glass!

I jumped in my seat as I heard a door slam downstairs. She was back! I quickly closed everything up and moved away from the computer, trying to act as if nothing was on my mind. She immediately went to the computer as I sat on the sofa "reading" a magazine. After about five minutes, I noticed her bite her lip ... and then announce that she was going out in the evening with "a friend". I asked casually who it was and she said it was Cecily. I nodded and that was the end of that ... until I snuck out after her. She did indeed go to Cecily's flat. It was dark and I stood in the shadows across the street, watching, wondering how I'd got to this point.

A few minutes later, a group of black males approached Cecily's front door. As the portal opened, I saw Sarah there, greeting them with obvious joy ... and no clothes at all! Words were exchanged and, to my horror, one of the men reached down and thrust two fingers up into her pussy! Anyone could have seen them do this, but neither seemed to care. Granted, nobody else was about, but still... the man had four fingers in her now ... and now his whole fist was in there! My God, he was literally fisting my supposedly sweet girlfriend in public!

It didn't last long though as soon they all hurried inside. It was a quiet evening and I caught the words "desperate", "fuck" and "asshole" as Sarah ushered them in. I had to know what was happening, sneaking across the street. It was dark even here and I managed to find a place outside the front window where I could peek through small gap in the curtains.

Sarah was already getting fucked, sitting on the cock of one of the men and bouncing up and down. The others were smoking something, relaxing while Cecily and her flatmates sucked their huge cocks. I remained transfixed by the sight of my girlfriend's pussy being stretched so much by the enormous invader. To my shame, I felt myself becoming aroused at the sight. It was a thing of beauty, to be sure, and I couldn't help but admire her for being so easily able to take such a monster inside her.

And when a second man stood, cock erect, and moved to her, I knew what was coming. Still, I almost shook my head as the biggest cocks I'd ever seen both disappeared to the root into her stretched cunt. She was going wild now, obviously climaxing like crazy all over their dicks. It was amazing to watch, this fairly petite girl spread so much, stretched so much ... and yet handling it like a pro. Indeed, she was doing stuff I'd expect to see in some relatively extreme porn scene ... but this was reality, this was MY girlfriend. I wanted to marry this girl ... but now?

Strangely, I still felt my love for her was strong ... perhaps, bizarrely, stronger than before. I know, it makes no sense, but ... she was the One. I told you that earlier and I meant it. She really was... so she liked to fuck around ... maybe I wasn't adequate as a lover ... but I wouldn't give her up. I loved her and she loved me, right? Not sexually, perhaps ... but as a person, as a ... something.

The men were really hammering her now, her body flailing about like a ragdoll as they ruthlessly fucked her.

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