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She's not as staid as he'd thought.

Positioning Sally on her back with her legs spread and her knees bent Bill moved between her legs. He kissed her upper thighs and slowly moved closer and closer to her wet pussy. His tongue explored her lips- bringing Sally's ass at least two inches off the bed with excitement. His left hand reached around her hip and he pushed her down and held her there. His mouth continued to pleasure her as she writhed with passion and uttered a variety of words, expletives, and noises.

As his mouth explored her pussy Bill's right hand reached up and toyed with her left nipple. After a bit he trailed his hand down her side and enjoyed feeling her hip. Gradually his hand caressed her ass along with her hip and then moved under her. It took some repositioning but Bill was finally able to bring two fingers to her pussy while his tongue neared her clit. As his fingers entered her he moved his tongue around her clit vigorously for the first time. The combined sensations brought Sally's excitement to the peak and her body was shattered by a massive orgasm- one that she later called her best ever. After 15 seconds of sexual paralysis Sally's body went virtually limp and she muttered a soft, "Wow."

The afternoon had to end soon after that as Bill had a dinner commitment with an Advisor. He watched with discomfort as Sally got dressed in her constrictive sleeve and dowdy clothes. He walked her home- marveling at the contrast between her two personas.

When Saturday evening finally arrived Bill was excited that the couples' sexual relationship was about to be consummated. She'd come a long way but this final step was obviously a big one. Once she surrendered her virginity he was confident they'd have sex routinely and the strange behavior of her past would be history. He'd still have to see her on campus in her staid librarian disguise for a few months but when they were away from campus she'd look and act like the sexy woman she was. He didn't want to get ahead of himself but he was also very intrigued by her apparent willingness to explore BDSM and other kink. Fucking her the first time was the first step.

Sally was looking forward to the evening as well. She knew her past behavior had been mentally unhealthy and was thrilled that it hadn't scared Bill away. She couldn't wait to wrap her legs around him and feel his cock buried in her. They were also likely to eventually try some kinky sex. She'd already done some on line searching for where to buy leather cuffs and nipple clamps. She hadn't purchased anything as it would have gone unused but that might change soon. Even though she was still a virgin she fantasized more about bondage and submissive, kinky sex than she did about the basics. Her secret thoughts were far ahead of her body's experience. She needed to get fucked the first time. Everything else would follow.

Bill loved the little black dress she wore. It wasn't super short but the fabric was thin and seemed to mold to her body. When he complemented her on the dress she beamed and said she'd wanted to look special for him. In her best sultry voice she added, "I bought a sexy black bra, panty and garter belt to give you an extra treat. I've never worn a garter belt and stockings before. I felt very wicked getting dressed and looking at myself in the mirror."

Bill smiled at the mental picture and thanked her.

Sally then added, "My lingerie is definitely an invitation to fuck. Ohhh, I can't believe I just said that word out loud to describe what I want you to do to me."

"I'm visualizing your body in your inviting lingerie and getting hard from the image. Hearing you use the 'F' word to describe what you want me to do made me twice as hard."

"I'm glad. I want you hard and myself wet; I think we're all set on both counts."

Bill paused and said, "Not to change the subject but thinking of you in a sexual context makes me also think of your anti-sexual school appearance. Are you really going to strap down your tits for the rest of the school year?"

"I have to.

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