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Kandy wants the four of them together again.


Erin kissed his cheek and said, "Thanks Jeff, this really means a lot to me. However I do have one question?"

Jeff then said, "Ok what is it?"

Erin said, "We can we get together with John and Kandy again? I am dying to have another fuck party."

Jeff then said, "Well, why don't you call Kandy and the two of you plan the next party." He continued fucking Erin until the both fell asleep exhausted.

The following day just after Jeff left for work, Erin called Kandy. She said, "I am dying to tell you how last night went. I went to bed before Jeff told him to join me in thirty-five minutes. I was wearing the red nightie and had the door open and every bedroom light on. I put on a little masturbation show for him. Oooh god Kandy, I have never seen his cock that hard. I even sucked his cock and swallowed his load. Thank you for helping me."

Kandy replied, "Well I am glad you had fun too. John and I had a great time too and I told him I wanted to meet with you two again."

Erin then said, "That is why I called. I told the same thing to Jeff, he said to call you, and the two of us can plan another "fuck party."

Kandy giggled and said, "Erin, if you are not busy, come over right now. We can start planning things. "

Erin almost shouted into the phone and said, "I be right their give me time to find my shoes."

Kandy told Erin goodbye. Then sat there thinking of what they could do next and felt, her nipples harden and her clit throb. Maybe they could all go down to the cabin, oh that will be so hot she thought.

Someone knocked on the door and Kandy walked over to the door to see who it was. She opened the door and said, "Come on in girlfriend, I will get you a cup of coffee. Then we can figure out what to do next."

The two of then sat at the kitchen table wondering what they could do next. Kandy made a suggestion to go to their cabin and maybe had a weekend of fucking.

Erin told her that would be a hot idea, but they could only do maybe one night as Jeff had a business trip the next week.

Kandy then said, "Well how about just a night at the cabin? We can meet make a picnic basket and even roast marshmellows over a campfire."

Erin replied, "Now that sounds like a lot of fun. I think it will be nice to get away from cooking for a while. Why don't we ask the men about it."

Kandy then said, "Ok, let's do. Do you have anything planned for next Saturday?"

Erin told her that was fine. They decided each couple would bring two sleeping bags and a change of clothing.

When John got home from work, Kandy told him of their plan. John then said, "Honey that is a great idea. So you are okay with me fucking Erin?"

Kandy replied, "It's okay with me, if you are not bothered by me fucking Jeff again. Ooooh god, I cannot wait."

Erin told Jeff of the plan and he could not wait to call John. When John answered the phone, Jeff said, "Well looks like we are going to your cabin next Saturday. How about we all meet here and we can take my SUV, that way no one will get hung up in traffic."

John replied, "That is a great idea Jeff. The women have a list of things to do. I will have the grocery store make up a picnic basket for us, no beer this time. I want to have all my faculties awake when I fuck Erin again."

Jeff then said, "Awww come on. I want one beer, make it a six pack then we wont get drunk."

John agreed and told Jeff that he would see them around three p.m. that Saturday as it takes two hours to get to the cabin.

Saturday came and Erin and Jeff were at John's house by one p.m. John looked at Kandy and said, "Well looks like we are not the only ones anxious.

The piled the stuff into the SUV and headed toward the cabin. John then said, "I think that it's cool enough for a fire and still warm enough to sleep outside. I am going to build a fire while the women set the table. Then we can set up the sleeping bags around the fire, open of course, so two people can share each one. God my dick is hard just thinking about things."

Jeff replied, "You're not the only one hot, hard and horny."

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