What is to happen next?

The bright dresses made her squint a bit, she was the only one there wearing dark colors, but it made her stand out and she knew it would draw attention. Even though she was excited she was also very nervous.

Syra had never tried to stand out before yet here she was doing this to try and get the man she loved to admit that he loved her too. She hoped Dominic would admit it, if not she had a feeling that she would have to kill someone. At least she had Lucian to help her with this, otherwise she would have no strength to carry through with her plan. Granted they had revised it, no sex, both Lucian and her looked at each other like future brother and sister, so sex was no able to happen. But that didn't mean that anything else wasn't going to happen.

Syra glanced over the crowd her heart slamming in her chest. Dominic was dancing with the woman from before, the woman's red dress fell around her gently, the back cut out. Syra looked at Lucian and he smiled leading her onto the dance floor as the music turned to a more modern twist. It was what was considered techno, yet it had a hard rock beat. The music was perfect for dancing however one wished, and ballroom dancing was not what she had in mind.

Lucian looked down at the head of his hopeful future sister in law as she started to dance and in a way he wished he would have met her before Dominic did. He was sure that if he had then it would be him she tried to impress, but he was glad it was his brother too. Dominic had to forget about the past and Lucian knew this woman would be the one to do it.

Dominic had noticed Syra as soon as she had entered the room, so had every other man there. Her outfit was dark yet it suited her features in a way that the bright gowns never did with the other woman. When Lucian had led her onto the dance floor and she had started swaying to the music, he felt his stomach clench. She looked like a dark muse, her body moving perfectly to the music speeding and slowing on cue. She made ever man in here have a fantasy that set his vampire half on edge. His dance partner Tonya smiled at him and leaned close to whisper to him.

"Why do you watch her so close? One so young can never do for you what I can, forget the little one and stay with me."

Lucian held Syra closer as he felt the anger lance through her. In turn he leaned and whispered into her ear.

"Don't let her get to you. Feel the music; let it become your blood and breath. Let it take over you, don't be stiff." He said

Syra nodded her head and closed her eyes, focusing on only the music, letting the rhythm and beats flood her. Even as the song melded into another her body and mind followed it. She felt power run through her, and she allowed her body to speak for itself. She felt Lucian's hands on her hips as he moved with her, the dance moving from stiff to relaxed and sultry. She opened her eyes and met Dominic's stunned brown ones and she smiled lazily.

Dominic felt a jolt run through his body as he watched his brother talk to Syra. Immediately he noticed the shift in her, instead of being blatantly sexy, her movements were free and open, making them all the hotter. He knew the other men were watching her and like them, he no longer cared for his dance partner but wanted to dance with Syra.

When her eyelids flicked open he felt as if he had been punched in the gut. Her eyes held a sleepy, sexy, bedroom look that made him want to take her there on the floor. But he couldn't, he would not risk caring for her and having her turn crazy. Yet the way she moved her hips against Lucian made Dominic grind his teeth. The look on his brother's face was close to pleasure and his fangs were lengthening telling him just what Syra's dancing did to him.

Dominic watched his brother's head lower and held his breath when Lucian's fangs grazed her neck. He silently and unknowingly beg Syra to not tilt her, not to let his brother bite her right over his mark.

Syra saw the look in Dominic's eyes but didn't care.

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