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Fantasy or reality - sick day, just to play.

She was so relaxed and comfortable with Fred by her side. As she looked at him, he leaned over, kissed her lips gently and asked,

"Are you having a good day so far? You wouldn't do anything you didn't want to just to please me would you?"

She shook her head, kissed him again, and held her hand to his face informed him,

"It could have always been this way, if only...!"

They both knew this and their gaze was broken as the ferry hit the landing, engines fired and the cars left, driving through the picturesque little town, out and down onto the coast road.

The scenery Ginger marvelled at, never travelling here before, just another beautiful undiscovered place in our beautiful country.

The quaint little towns, houses and the view over the sea were amazing as they turned around some sharp twisty corners, Ginger giggled as she was thrown side to side, her breast becoming exposed as the car was slowing and turning into a car park.

Fred got out and put his money in the machine, took the ticket and stuck it to the screen, Ginger had already stepped out, was stretching as Fred grabbed the bag, a cylindrical little bag she had not seen before too, he took her hand leading her down some concrete steps and onto the shingle.

The sea crashing as the small waves fell and met the beach. Ginger smiled, a day at the beach with Fred, how relaxing, it seamed quiet for the amount of cars there. They walked for a while, the shingle hard to walk in, finally passing a piece of old wood standing up from ground. Fred placed the bags down, lifted his t shirt and lowered his shorts. Ginger stared on in amazement and asked,

"What are you doing?"

Fred leaned against the post, and asked,

"Don't you know what this is then?"

She shook her head as she wouldn't know. She had never even heard of Slapton. The signs stated the name as they approached but that was it, it meant nothing. She looked puzzled and had to ask,

"What does it mean?"

Fred smirked telling her,

"It's an unwritten law, but as you pass the marker you are onto the nudist beach!"

He explained that not everyone got naked, some topless, maybe only one partner was nudist, but that's the rules. He stood watching her reaction, her smile getting broader, her hands lifting behind, untying her top once more, throwing her arms in the air with her top dangling from her one hand and exclaimed,

"In that case, let them be free!"

Fred looked down at her bottoms, he had to control himself here and keep his erection under control. An erection would be frowned up on as they passed the general nudists, but would she remove her bottoms?

She looked down, breathed deeply and dared to ask,

"Do you mind if I keep them on for a while until I relax?"

Fred approached, asked if she thought he would mind? He watched as her hands as they went to slide them down, quickly stopping her and looking into her eyes, he told her he wouldn't!

Like he had said earlier that day, she had to be comfortable and wasn't to do anything to please just him. He held her body to his, arms falling around her too embrace her. She whispered,

"Thank you!"

Their lips met again and parted, Fred reached down, taking the bags over his shoulder as they walked hand in hand further along the shingle. People were now visible and getting closer.

Families flew their kites, some playing bat and ball, not a care in the world, many greeting them as they passed. Gingers eyes were amazed, cocks hung and swung around, different shapes and sizes, shaven, hairy, women just lying there spread open on display, men just wished her good morning and were not staring at her body as such, just a fleeting glance as they passed.

She grabbed Fred's hand tight and turned to him, telling him she was amazed, she was shocked at the shapes and sizes, the age range, no one giving a fuck as she chose to describe it.

"Why should they?"

Fred asked the question, but she already thought the same, why should anyone care what others think, they w

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