Powerful pirate meets a new wench and a new adventure.

Her mouth was open but she made no sound. She was so close, but she was afraid that if she came before him, he would be angry, or it would be over. So she kept going for almost an hour, until he pulled her down near his face by her hair and said, "Come, whore. Come for me." And she did. It was the wettest, longest, most intense orgasm she had ever had, and she screamed for almost a minute. After she was done, he pulled out of her, laid her down and put his cock in front of her face. He grabbed it with his hand and jerked it twice before spilling his seed all over her face. He groaned and smiled as she took her finger and scooped up every drop that didn't go into her mouth and then licked it off her finger.

He lay down next to her and they fell asleep. The captain thought, I'm really beginning to like this girl.

Chapter 2: The Other Whore and the Crew

The next morning the captain woke up to a warm sensation around his cock. He had been woken up this way enough times that he knew what was going on, and he just reveled in it. Within 15 minutes, he came and Betsy swallowed every last bit of it, choking on the last spurt. She looked up at him with that angelic smile, and for the first time in a long time, an honest, happy smile crept across the captain's face.

He got out of bed and dressed. He combed his beard and put his bandana on. He told Betsy to wear an outfit he had picked out for her the night before in town. It consisted of a black corset, see through in a couple places, including but not limited to her nipples, a thong, a garter belt with fishnet stockings, and a miniskirt that couldn't cover her ass if she pulled it down an inch and stood straight up all day. She played with her hair for a moment, gazing in the broken mirror that hung above the water basin in the captain's room, and then turned to smile at him.

He once again had his captain's face on, and didn't return the smile. They stepped out of the small door and up the stairs to the right to stand on the upper deck, where the wheel was. Eldric's brother, Eltoc, had been manning the wheel for the night, and they had already been out at sea for 6 hours now, they found out. They had gone west, just like the captain said to.

He took the wheel for a moment, gazing out towards the sea, feeling the wind blow his beard over his shoulder and the salt in the air dry his eyes. This was his place. That's when she heard a scream from below the deck. At first she couldn't tell whether it was a scream of pain or pleasure, but it was definitely female. Once she looked down and saw what was happening, she deduced that it was most likely a little bit of both. There was another woman, straddling one man laying down on the deck with his cock in her cunt, while another man knelt behind her, thrusting into her ass hole. All at once, the three of them came, and the men pulled their pants up and got back to work, while she lied there for a moment, smiling. She got up and pulled her ratty white dress down past her breasts where it rested somewhere a half an inch below her ass cheeks. The girl couldn't have been more than 19. She had long black hair, and a pair of dark brown eyes. Her tits were small, and her ass was not as big as Betsy's, but definitely worth mentioning.

"That one's Emma. She's the ship whore," The captain said, his voice raspier than she remembered. She figured it was another part of how he was on his ship, and not with his woman. "And you have to be just as good as her, little girl."

Betsy worried, just for an instant, that she might not be able to handle something like Emma just did. But if it meant being with the captain, she would do anything.

Suddenly, she felt a hand grab her ass and linger there.

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