The morning after, fake boobs, and dorm mates.

"What the fuck was that, Audrey?"

"What? You don't like a little surprise ass play?" she quipped still laughing.

"Shit sis, that's a no fly zone. That entire area is off limits OK? Exit only."

"Looked like you enjoyed it to me. Besides, if you play with someone else's ass you should be prepared to expect the same."

"Are you talking about last week?" I asked. "You seemed to enjoy it."
"So did you, Lexi." she shot back playfully.

She was a little right. It was a little uncomfortable and strange, but whatever she did with her finger had an unprecedented effect. Still, it's not the point.

"OK, I get it. No more surprise ass play." I laughed. "I need a shower, I feel violated."

After I had showered I pulled off my breast forms and reapplied them. It had been a week and this was not the day for shit to go wrong. After they were firmly secure I finished getting ready. While Audrey went to work on herself, I went down to the motels laundromat to wash all of our dirty clothes. We weren't going to the dorm until the afternoon and I would rather have everything clean my first day. In between loads of wash I began slowly packing my stuff back into my car, assisted by Audrey after she was ready. Finally around noon everything was clean and packed away. The only things left in the room were Audrey's.

"There is definitely more stuff in there than before." I said. "It's doubled at least."

"Well what did you expect? We all don't wake up and look this great." she joked. "It takes hard work and the right accessories."

"Tell me about it." I said giving my breasts a squeeze.

We picked up some lunch at a place called Danny's Fish and Chips. We mostly kept to ourselves and ate quietly. We both knew that the final test was near. The culmination of our efforts would be severely tested. Not just once I moved in and met my dorm mates, but for the next few years. Or until I dropped out or happened to be kicked out. A trip out to the mall or dancing was one thing, I would be around these girls a lot. From now on I needed to buckle down and keep my shit together.

When we had gotten back into my car we sat for a while in the air conditioning, both of us lost in thought. Things to remember: Don't let your boobs fall off, don't let your wiener flop out, don't forget your voice, sleep on your back so you don't mess up your boobs while you sleep, where a tight sports bra to sleep just in case you roll over during your sleep, wear a pair of those cute sweat pants to bed so you can somewhat hide your morning wood, check your makeup frequently, under no circumstance sleep with anyone from school. That last one would be tough. The list was really a lot longer, but those were the highlights.

"You ready Lexi?" my sister asked.

"I don't know." I answered honestly. "But in the end it doesn't matter because it's time."

I sucked it up, checked my makeup in the mirror and made sure my boobs and cock were where they were supposed to be, and put the car into gear and made my way to Evens Hall.

Founded in 1947, Mayweather University made you feel like you were stepping back in time. Beautiful old buildings made of red brick and faced with white marble columns made you feel like you were taking a walk around a downtown city capitol. The buildings were all neatly placed around a grass quad large enough to play two games of football in tandem. The quad was broken up by cobblestone pathways and at the very center stood three flag poles with the country, state and another flag with the Mayweather coat of arms. Simply put, it was a sight to see. Even the new buildings, that were made to accommodate the growth, were made to reflect the old world craftsmanship.

After finding a space close to Evens Hall, we each grabbed a bag and made our way to find my new room.

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