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Lusty female dragon takes advantage of a virgin male.

Sarina lay beneath a blanket on her sleeping mat.....a blanket!? What dragon ever needed human coverings?

"Hey there sweetie. I hope you found the place okay."

Sarina's voice brought him back to reality for a moment and had to order his thoughts before saying anything back.

"I...yeah I found it okay. I think you misguided me though I could've flown straight here instead of all the turns."

Sarina giggled.

"Well it was either that, or my father and his party kill you. There is a certain path that my father will allow, like a password."

"Well thank the gods I got it right."

"I'll have some thanking of my own shortly. Come in bed with me, we're going to have fun."

Used to sleeping on dirt or rock, laying down on a padded mat almost put him to sleep right there.

"Roll this way sweetie."

Sarina's voice was so soothing he'd do anything for her. Something felt off though.....

"There, now hold tight."

He was about to ask "for what" till he felt metal clasping around his forepaws, and hind paws. Opening all four legs leaving his underside completely exposed. The only thing that wasn't latched down was his tail and head. Wings....well he was on his back what good were wings now?

Gareth pulled at the restraints, they moved enough to cause a clinking sound but nothing more, he was trapped and held. His heart beat in his throat but he still fought to maybe try a confident look.

"What you have in mind? Hehe.....I thought we were going to have fun?"

Sarina gave him a mischievous look that sent chills into Gareth's wings.

"Oh we're going to have fun don't worry, you just sit back and enjoy it. Not like you have a choice now, besides that I'm your first to mate huh?"

Gulping hard he nodded.

"Good, then you certainly wont forget this. You'll learn what it really means to get mated, because you're all mine now till I say otherwise."

She started stroking his groin with a fore-paw, not hesitating the slightest going right for the goods. Gareth couldn't help himself and felt pressure building in his groin again, and his lips spread apart as his member began to slide out. Gareth watched in fascination as she expertly massaged his growing member. Sheer pleasure coursing along his length having never felt anything like this before.

"Whatever you....oh gods....whatever you say."

Sarina stopped suddenly, realizing he was getting close to cumming already. Slightly annoyed but pleased that he was so easy to pleasure. This certainly was going to be fun.

"Good, because I'm going to take you as mine."

Sarina then dipped her snout to his member and licked along his length nice and slowly causing another gasp of pleasure from him. She didn't stop at his base though, the warm wetness continued towards his tail-hole. To his disbelief and dismay she started licking him there.

"I don't know what you're doing but please don......"

In his mid-protest Sarina slid her forked tongue into Gareth's tail-hole. His tail immediately stopped swaying and his body went stiff at the intrusion, the strangest sensation filling him in his rear flicking in every direction making him clinch on her tongue. She watched him attentively making sure to find that spot inside and rubbing it with her tongue, watching as he laid his head back gasping in new pleasure. She relentlessly rubbed that spot till his hole started squeezing her tongue again, telling her he was on the verge of cumming again. Satisfied she pulled out leaving Gareth gasping for air and staring back at her begging for more.

"Why....di...did you stop?"

With a chuckle she made sure he knew his place.

"Because you are mine, and I wont have you cum till I want you to. Now I'll take you as mine, you're my female now.

She then got up and the blanket slid off her scale and wing, an odd harness was fastened to her hindquarters and Gareth could only imagine what it was for till she mounted him from above. Looking down between them he saw a dark blue.....cock facing his rear.

"Hey! I thought you were female!?"

Sarina chuckled before pressing it at his hole sliding slowly in

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