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A night of incestual debauchery.

And what a moment! with Julie flat on her back, her perfect titties pointing upwards, Lisa clambered onto the bed between her spread legs and dipped her eager face into Julie's shaved, glistening slit. Already I could feel faint stirrings in my groin again despite the power of my orgasm. Lisa did not stay there for long though, giving only a few licks before kissing her way up her sisters stomach to take her breasts, one at a time, into her practised mouth.

The atmosphere was heavy with sexual energy and both sisters were completely caught up in it, Lisa pulled herself up so that she knelt on the bed straddling Julie's chest and after giving her sisters nipples a delicious tweak she manoeuvred herself around and gently lay herself down along the length of Julie's nubile body so that her own soaking pussy was right at Julie's face and that her head was hovering just over Julie's. It was surely the most divine sixty-nine imaginable and I grew stiffer with every second that passed.

There was a perfect symmetry to their coupling, they had done this before, knew to the nearest inch the others body how they fitted together. I was lying parallel to Julie with a great view but neither of my girls paid me any attention. What they did pay particular attention to was using their skilled and accomplished tongues to bring each other to the very verge of climaxing before changing their pattern to draw it out as long as possible. First they licked and probed hard, stabbing their tongues deep inside the other, then slow and gentle, barely touching the others clit before running their tongues the full length of their soaking wet slits while pushing their faces forward and creating as much motion as possible. It was truly a magnificent sight.

But they obviously did not want to cum at this point as after ten minutes of this glorious double face to pussy, sister on sister action they broke off, sweating and glowing with pleasure to look at me and check whether I was recovered sufficiently to be hard for them again, joyously my six inches were rock hard again and they again turned their ministrations back towards me. This time it was their hands on my cock, not their mouths and their soft touch was exquisite as they gently stroked me to further rigidity. Julie stayed upon her back, her legs akimbo and Lisa guided me to my knees and I easily slid between Julie's thighs to slip my length effortlessly inside her dripping wet pussy, as I started to fuck her Lisa clambered up the length of the bed to sit directly on top of her younger sisters' face. If that visage could not inspire me to give Julie the fucking of her life I could not imagine what could.

This time it was easier to hold off my ejaculation despite the unbelievable sensations of screwing this nubile young lovely while also getting an excellent vantage of her sister writhing atop her eager tongue. I was almost double their age but was more than fit enough to keep up with their exertions, my hard thrusts more than matching those of Julie, making sure that my cock was buried so deep within her soft folds and staining further inside her. After a few minutes of that Lisa spun around (I like to think that Julie's tongue was inside her as she did so) to face me and as she bounced and wriggled on her younger sisters face she played with her own big boobs as she faced me.

Hardly anything was spoken, no words were necessary.

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