Ben and Streeks' fucked up saga continues.


"The Mia Bolton, wow. She's a bit of a legend around here. so are you Sergeant, after New Heidi and Verona."

"Well stuff like that tends to get blown up out of proportion. Mia is an awesome fighter though, you could learn a lot from her."

"Yeah, I will. See you later Sergeant. Good luck."

"Yeah, see ya Kira."

Streek was a little apprehensious about having Mia train his student. He remembered how she trained him, throwing him in the deep end against dangerous holobots. She can be pretty intense, but that might be good for Kira, ...if it doesn't kill her.


Around Twelve hundred hours SGT, Streek was back inside the Hornet, running all the pre-flight checks. The cockpit still smelt like marijuana smoke and sex. "You ready to go there bonehead?" came Bernies' voice over the comm.

"Ready when you are Blondie."

"Ivan Drago to control, requesting clearance for departure."

"Hornet One to control," added Streek, "Requesting clearance for departure."

"Clearance granted." said Rolley over the comm. "Good luck out there Bernie and Streek."

The flat, curved form of the Ivan Drago, lifted off from the steel floor of the spacious landing bay and turned on the spot. The thrusters on each sloped wing powered up and it smoothly flew out through the atmospheric shields and into space. Moments later the red and white, spearhead shaped fighter did the same, flying out behind it.

The two spacecraft zoomed off, leaving the Sunnydale base. They flew by the moon their base was orbiting. It's surface was half pale white and half dark, and not from the shadow. It's dual-tone surface had it nicknamed 'Yin-Yang' by the Resistance members.

They flew past LIS-542, the huge peach, brown and white gas giant with the large shining ring system. Streek smiled as he looked down at the rings, remembering what they got up to in there. "It's still beautiful." said Bernie over the comm.

"Almost as beautiful as you." said Streek.

"Barf, It's just a big ball of gas." came Bens' voice.

"You are! Get ready to dock with us when we're clear of its gravity well Streek."

"Aye Captain."

Soon they were out in space, with the gas giant and its' moons far behind them. Streek slowly approached the Ivan Drago from behind. He lightly manipulated the controls as the Hornet moved into its' tight slot underneath. He realised he was coming in on an angle and overcorrected, the Hornet scraped loudly along the side.

"Hey go easy!" said Bernie over the comm.

"Just feeling my way in."

"My Baby doesn't like it rough. You haven't been practicing this have you? Just been spending all your time on combat scenarios."

The Hornet eased into place and the clamps grabbed it and pulled the fighter up into the underside of the starship. Streek powered the Hornet down and opened the canopy. He climbed out of the cockpit and up the short ladder to the hatch above him.

The hatch opened up and Ben-Two offered his hand. Streek grabbed it and was helped up into the ships corridor. "Welcome aboard the Drago Sergeant."

"Thanks Sergeant." Like Bernie, he was a clone of his best friend since high-school, Ben Anders. He was wearing a brown jumpsuit with a 2 printed on the chest so that he could be told apart from his identical clone.

"How's the Hornet flying?"

"Fine, very smoothly."

"Any chance I can take her out for a spin some time? Y'know since I saved your life with it and all."

"Maybe. If the opportunity comes up."

"I've shot down six other craft with it, including the Cthulhu. How many have you shot down?"

"Sixty four."

"I'm not talking about Sim-fighters dickhead."

"I'll rack a score up soon enough."

"Ha! If you don't slam it into an iceberg first."

"Bernie told you about that?"

"No secrets between clones." said Ben-Two laughing as he walked off down the corridor.

Streek entered the cockpit. Bernie was sitting in the Captains chair, he bent down and kissed her on the cheek, "Hey Baby."

"That's 'Hey Captain Baby' while we're in the cockpit."

Streek sat down in the chair next to her and gave her a mock salute, "Aye Captain.

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