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A prize at the lottery.

The stakes went pretty high on this one and he ended richer by ten thousand bucks. He wondered if at the crucial moment, Fay was actively cuckolding him but he had no way to know!

The visit had lasted just a single hour as Rajeev and Fay were in the same hurry to return to the hotel. Rajeev had quite wisely transferred his luggage to the suite that Kyrhan had occupied and its luxury flabbergasted Fay. Rajeev must be a very important person to have such a palatial room at his disposal! From such a starting point, the conquest of Fay was soon complete. Rajeev sat on the edge of the bed and drew Fay to him. She obediently sat on his lap but Rajeev was more sophisticated than that, He made her lift her bottom up, bunched her skirt and helped her sit down with her butt in direct contact with his dhoti.

Rajeev then started to caress her knee, insisting on the backside that is so sensitive for most women. Then he slowly moved his hand along her thigh. The massage he gave to the inner side drew moans of ecstasy from Fay... He slowly reached further up and was rather surprised when he felt his fingers finding the rough touch of pubic hair. He was at the same time excited that Fay had offered him such a mark of her sexual interest but also disappointed he wouldn't have the opportunity of removing this symbolic item, the last barrier to her pussy. Rajeev hid his confusion by kissing her mouth passionately, shoving his tongue deep in her mouth. Fay was proud of the little surprise she had offered to Rajeev.

When they had arrived at the hotel, Fay had pretended she needed to go to the ladies' room. She had removed her knickers, used it to wipe her pussy of her love juices that had soaked her undies since she had been alone with Rajeev. She already knew what they would be doing soon! As a last erotic gesture, she had entered the men's toilets and had carefully arranged her fragrant knickers on the side of the table supporting the sink. The next man who would enter the toilets would discover her knickers, probably inhale them, drool about how these knickers had arrived there and either masturbate thinking of her or even better would join his wife or his girlfriend and would fuck her thinking to another girl!

Rajeev abandoned her pussy after having verified with a probing finger that she was deliciously dripping wet. He took out his finger and offered it to her lips. She eagerly took it in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. Rajeev cupped her breasts in his avid hands. He wasn't very surprised not to find any traces of a bra. This Fay was really a very hot wench! He started to unbutton her shirt, starting from the top to reveal her fantastic cleavage! Fay didn't try to stop him, of course! She pulled back her shoulders to help him take off her shirt and immediately after she pushed forward her breasts to offer them to his lust! Rajeev seemed to enjoy her firm breasts with their huge orbs. Her nipples were large and taut, a fine target for Rajeev's mouth. He started to suck her like a baby suckling from a bottle. His tongue was rolling around her nipple in a maddening twirl. Fay placed her hand behind his head and pressed him against her breasts!

Rajeev lifted his head to have a general view of the splendour of Fay's breasts. Few girls could be compared with her : Kira, certainly, probably Dee and her daughters, Leena, Swapna and Preeti! This girl was probably in the same league as most girls of Kyrhan's harem! He drew down the zipper of her skirt : damn with these obnoxious European clothes!

-Fay, you are meant to wear a saree! Look how it would have been easier to strip you down completely : you just pull at the embroidered part, the pallu and it uncoiled from around your body, like a marvellous gift unwrapping from its package, then just a knot to untie to remove the petticoat and a hook to remove your choli and you would have been naked in my arms.

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