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Lucy is punished for her behaviour.

And then, ten minutes before the end of the college day, she hit upon an idea.

The final bell rang, the others left the college grounds along with the majority of the teachers (it was the first day back after all) and Little Lucy took herself off to the girls' toilets. Closing herself in one of the cubicles she listened carefully. She'd never stayed behind at college before and it was unearthly to hear nothing where there was usually a constant hustle and bustle.

She sat herself down on the toilet seat but didn't remove her underwear. She knew that there was only one way to break down the barriers he'd erected around himself. She lifted her pleated skirt around her waist and looked down at her cotton panties. She exhaled a deep sigh and relaxed after all the tension of the day.

A wet patch appeared on the front of her panties and quickly spread, the cotton becoming soaked with her pee. A stream of piss, filtered through the fabric, trickled out and into the toilet bowl to splash with a tinkling sound that echoed in the silence of the girls'. She felt her clit become warm as it always had done when she went to the toilet since that afternoon. She slipped a finger into the hem of her panties and touched herself gently as the stream of pee sprayed into the insides of them. Her mouth widened and a squeak sounded from her throat as her finger interrupted the stream and spread her waters onto the inside of her thighs.

Finally her pee trickled away and she was left, legs spread wide, sitting on the toilet seat, her panties and thighs wet. She didn't clean herself; that would defeat the point; she just got up, rearranged her skirt, flushed the toilet and left the cubicle. She looked at herself in the mirror and considered her reflection. To all intents and purposes she was a sweet, innocent girl, clad in the pristine white and black of her uniform. But through the thin cotton of her shirt it was possible to glimpse the deeper white of her bra and consider her ample breasts, and the water on her thighs, just visible beneath the length of her skirt, attested to how depraved this little girl truly was.

She left the girls' and made her way to Richard's classroom, the lubrication on her thighs increasing her excitement as her heels clicked down the corridor.

She knocked on his door and was relieved when she heard him call, "Enter," as it seemed like the college was abandoned. She stepped into his room and he swung round from his chair to regard her.

"Lucy..." he began but she shushed him and stepped up to his desk. She sat herself down on the edge and looked at him. This time she was confident. This time she was in control and she knew that she wouldn't lose him again.

"Thing is, SIR," she began, and exaggerated his title in her coquettish way, "I think that you need to make up for what you did to me. I was just a little girl, minding my own business, picking flowers, and you took me and corrupted me. And now I'm such a BAD little thing. I'm such a wicked little slut and maybe it's your responsibility to teach me a lesson."

She lifted her skirt and revealed her wet panties.

"Look," she told him, "I've wet myself because I'm such a dirty little girl. You're the teacher. I think it's about time you taught me a lesson."

She smiled at him and she saw lust curl his lip. Then, in a flash, his face was buried in her panties and she felt his tongue licking at the sodden cotton. Her pussy immediately began to moisten and prepare itself for his onslaught. She giggled at her achievement. But then he withdrew his mouth and stood up.

"Turn over," his voice croaked and he cast the papers on his desk to the floor.

She obliged and lay herself face down across his teachers' desk.

"Pull up your skirt."

She took hold of the black pleated skirt and pulled it up over her backside. He opened a draw and from it withdrew a long, thin cane.

"You're right, perhaps I do need to correct my mistake," he said and her excitement reached new levels as she realised what he was about

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