Gwen allows herself to relax and enjoy.

She was on edge, the feeling of her abdomen swelling out and the sensations of having Kona's soft lips around her cock both working to send her towards her climax. Her moans became louder as she neared release.

Kona looked up, trying meet Gwen's eyes. It was impossible however, the sheer mass of the redhead's middle engulfing her vision, an exaggerated view of what she would become. Moving her hands, she placed them lightly on the giant dicked Futa's leg, gradually moving up teasingly. Her fingers trailed gently over Gwen's thigh, before cupping her balls, the large orbs churning with seed. The redhead moaned at the touch.

Recalling what she had done earlier, Kona moved her other hand up as well. She kept one on the balls, caressing them and feeling the thick, potent cum inside. The other moved behind them, the tips lightly trailing over Gwen's pussy. The redhead gasped at the touch, but didn't say anything as Kona pushed two of her comparatively small fingers inside, curling them just right to set Gwen's orgasm off. The massive cock thickened even more as it sent the first of many gushes of cum directly into Kona's stomach.

Allie stepped back to aim the camera at her friend's stomach. It bloated out at a steady pace, rapidly going from a slim abdomen, to a pudgy middle, before she looked to be six month pregnant. All of which occurred within mere moments, and from just one spurt. Where Gwen stored the sheer amount of cum was beyond either Allie or Kona, though neither cared as the redhead's orgasm persisted. Gush after thick, swelling gush poured into the petite Futa.

By the time all was done, Kona was massive. She didn't hold a candle to Gwen's gravid form, but she looked ready to drop quadruplets at any moment, and yet neither she, nor the redhead's skin looked strained in the slightest. Allie was left speechless at the sight, a rarity with her. Kona moved to lean against Gwen's side, the pair breathing heavily, each breath deep and causing their stomachs to bulge out bigger than normal. The blonde recovered enough to say:

"Holy crap."

"You already said that." Gwen pointed out, smiling lazily. Her cock was laying on the floor, its head dripping the remnants of her orgasm onto the floor.

"You gotta get more creative, Allie." Kona added, sighing as she rested against the bigger Futa. The redhead smiled down at her, feeling almost like a mother with how small Kona looked, particularly with a stomach almost as big as she was. Allie rolled her eyes at them.

"What else could I say to this?" She asked, grinning as she waved at the two of them. Gwen shrugged and leaned her head on Kona's, who rested hers on the redhead's shoulder.

"You got a point there." The white haired Futa said, "Oh god, I can't believe I just said that." She added with a small giggle. The three of them sat down and relaxed in the aftermath of what they'd done.

"Hey, Red?" Allie began. Gwen looked at her, raising an eyebrow in response, "What the heck happened back there? One moment you're acting like your normal self and the next, well, let's just say it was pretty incredible." She asked, leaning forward. The redhead simply shrugged.

"I don't know, honestly. I think I just realised you were right, Allie. I needed to let loose and I did. Gotta say, I feel pretty damn good right now." She said, stretching out with a happy sigh. Kona pulled away from her and looked her up and down.

"You look better too, like a weight's gone or something." She noted, making Gwen chuckle.

"Really? I'd say I've put on a lot of weight." She laughed, patting her stomach for emphasis. Allie and Kona joined her, giggling at the dumb joke. As they sat around, none of them want to move for the moment, Allie noticed something about Gwen.

"Hey, Red, is your belly shrinking?" She asked, squinting to try and tell. Gwen raised her eyebrows and looked down at herself. Kona did so too, watching intently. For a moment, neither of them saw anything, but Gwen soon noticed that more of the floor was becoming visible again.

"Whoa, I-I really am.

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