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With that, George pulled out and snickered as he looked at me, and said: "Come on Pete, stick that dick of yours in your wife's stretched pussy, that white married pussy that I have just fucked. See how it feels after it has just been fucked by a big black cock."

I couldn't wait to get in position to fuck my dick into that fresh fucked pussy. I could barely feel my dick touching parts of her pussy as I entered. As a matter of fact, it felt more like it just fell in. Never the less, it was so exciting that I sank my dick as deep as I could get it, and my body was pressed as tight to Jan as I could get it. I started pounding that fresh fucked pussy with the lust and excitement of a mad man. Jan started taunting me with things like: "How does my fresh fucked pussy feel? Doesn't it just swallow up your dick completely? I can hardly feel your dick fucking in and out of my pussy that has just been fucked by a big black cock, my lover's big black cock."

As she continued her taunting, George started getting into it too. He started by saying: "Yea Pete, your wife's pussy is now a black cock pussy, my black cock pussy. Does it feel wet? That is my cum in your wife's pussy that you feel. The harder you pound her the deeper you are sending my seed into her love hole."

During the time George was taunting me, Jan never let up in her taunting me, and even agreed with what George was saying, and adding to what he had just said by saying: "Yes, push George's seed deeper in my pussy, maybe it will find an egg and make me pregnant." Oh, wow, I was really getting into it fucking a very loose pussy, my wife's fresh fucked loose pussy that was full of a black man's seed that I could feel slick all around my dick and the both of them taunting me. About that time, I notice a change in my wife's actions, breathing, and her voice. She was getting into this, even though she could barely feel me fucking her. As a matter of fact, as I was rapidly approaching the point of no return, she started huffing and puffing, slurring her words as she was saying. "Yes, keep fucking me, keep fucking George's seed deep into me. Oh, yes, husband, fuck me pregnant with my lover's cum. Oh, yes, FUCK ME, MAKE ME PREGNANT WITH MY LOVERS CUM. OH, YESSS, I'M CUMMMIIING." At that point, I too erupted for the second time in an hour. Unbelievable, having two ejaculations within an hour of each other was not my norm, much less the fact that never before have I had such a powerful and intense ejaculations as both of those were.

After we finished, George poured each of us a glass of wine and told us to get comfortable, he would like to talk to us. We sat around on the edge of the bed facing George in the chair in front of us. He said: "First of all, Pete, I wish to thank you for sharing your beautiful sexy wife with me. She has meant a great deal to me over the last couple of trips that I have made to this area. And, you Jan, you are the hottest piece of ass that I can remember fucking. I just love your adventurous enthusiasm. I love the way you fuck, the way you cum, and the way you carry yourself and act in public. What I am about to say next is for both of you."

George went on to say that he was married and had a family in Richmond, VA.

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